School Pins?

  1. Does anyone still wear their school pin? Or is the pin just a throw back to an earlier age?
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  3. by   sirI
    Quote from 1Tulip
    Does anyone still wear their school pin? Or is the pin just a throw back to an earlier age?
    Hello, 1Tulip,

    I do. Everyday I work the clinic.
  4. by   nurturing_angel
    I have a school pin but I do not wear it anymore. I am very proud of it and do not want to see it lost. I attended a small private college and it is no longer in existance being swallowed up by a large university. I would not be able to replace it so it remains boxed up and put into my safe deposit box.

  5. by   jetsetter
    wear mine on my badge every day!
    I earned it!!!
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I had a duplicate made of my original one that i wear everyday.
  7. by   Daytonite
    I absolutely do! I am very proud of my pin. It's 14 carat gold and a beautiful green, my school's color. I figured out a long time ago how to attach it to my name badge just below where I clip it onto my uniform. When I was a new grad many years ago this is how we identified what school of nursing we came from after we no longer wore caps. Our caps also had distinctive stripes identifying our school of nursing. This way, you can always identify a "sister" from your school and you have an immediate "friend" to share conversation with.

    Actually, you can replace your school pins if lost or you want a duplicate. You need to contact the company who made it or be able to show a manufacturer a picture of the one you have so they can create it for you. Balfour was the company who did our pins and I had the one from my original school of nursing replaced.
  8. by   Fiona59
    My school pin is just plain huge and ugly (pewter with blue and white enamael work). My pin issued by my licensing body is much better, sterling silver with dusty rose enamel work enscribed with my license number. (We jokingly refer to them as our $10K pins as that's how much we spent on our education).

    I wear the silver one, the school pin looks too much like their corporate logo!
  9. by   KatieBell
    I loved my nursing school pin and I graduated in 2000!!! I say loved because mine came with a pin guard (nightengale lamp) and first the pin guard got broken and then my pin got washed one too many times so now it sits in a box. I could get a new one, but...I guess now I am spending money of tuition again....:roll
  10. by   babynurselsa
    I wore mine on my ID badge until my purse got stolen with my ID in it.
    I would love to replace it there has just always been more pressing things to buy.
  11. by   1Tulip
    I'm thinking about wearing mine on the collar of the shirt I wear under my scrubs. That way, at least, it won't get ground up in the hospital laundry.

    I'll call alumni affairs at UT and see how to get a duplicate... just in case.
  12. by   RN4NICU
    I wear mine on my badge.
  13. by   spidermonkey
    I am very proud of my pin, it's beautiful. I wore it when I first got out of school-- back in the dark ages when white uniforms & caps were in vogue. I lost it & ordered a new one, and haven't worn it since I work in an area where we all change into scrubs. It's in my jewelry box. Most of us don't wear the school pins, I don't b/c if I lost it once.......I've sent my name badge thru the laundry more than once! So it's where I know it's safe.
  14. by   grimmy
    [font="book antiqua"]i wear mine on my name badge everyday. since its not on my clothes there's little chance that it'll wind up in the laundry, and besides, on my badge, many more people tend to see it. it is lovely: gold and purple, my school colors.