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  1. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

    I think this is Fire Arms 101 when you take your class for your permit. Don't ask, don't tell. I've been reading debates at Allnurses.com about whether assaulting a nurse should be a different level of crime, whether nurses are somehow "special" c...
  2. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

    Our hospital has 800 beds. A new section was built and is slowly being moved into. So figure there are maybe 500 active beds. Between ICU and the other units, maybe there are 4 patients per nurse. (Probably closer to 3:1, but the math is easier w...
  3. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

    I went to the crime statistics. There have been two thefts on streets adjacent to the hospital, almost on the campus, in the last 6 weeks.
  4. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

  5. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

    Anything like that would be helpful. Maybe I can get the suppliers to come by and give us some demonstrations and/or answer questions.
  6. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

    Yes I agree. The thugs know when the victims are going to be there. That gives them an advantage. The thug knows we're mostly female. Finally, the image of nurses has been sexualized, especially in pornography. That's why I mentioned Suzies XXX ...
  7. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

    Presumably, our danger is diminished once inside the hospital. (I am not so sure, since there is no attempt to screen people in the halls and all entrances to the place are wide open except at night, when they are locked, but not guarded.) A pistol...
  8. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

    Bless you. I know that concealed carry is a hot potato on this website and many others. My question to those who object to exercising their 2nd amendment freedom is simply... given this situation in which my fellow employees and I find ourselves, w...
  9. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

    I didn't put this on my original post. But the administrator and "Safety" officer simultaneously had convulsions when a nurse asked about concealed carry permits. After they recovered, they informed us that the campus is strictly a "gun free zone" ...
  10. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

    We are SEIU. So far they have been incredibly uninterested. Some nurses who believe in and work with the union may try to get them to notice the problem. We'll see. But mostly, lights are not part of our contract.
  11. Criminal Assault due to "criminal neglect"?

    We are trying to work on a team approach for going to our cars. This does not work as well upon arrival which is also (at this time of year) in the dark. So... it is more than likely we will at some point be walking alone in the dark to work. Our u...
  12. The place where I work is instituting a new parking policy. To get to the lot where we are to park, we have to exit the rear of the hospital, go past a row of big dumpsters, past a lot full of vans and fleet vehicles, cross a main down-town street, e...
  13. Rising Above It All.....

    Look... #1) Life is short... too short to hate your work. #2) Some units s*ck because they have snarky, back-biting, catty, clique-y people working there. #3) I have worked on those types of units, and on great units with fabulous team spirit. #4) I'...
  14. It is so unfair and unjust. If they happen to ask you something and you say "I don't know"... in our hospital, you can pack your bag and leave. BUT THAT's NOT ALL!!! They are going to go into our patient's rooms and ask them... Did your nurse in...
  15. The problem with our current set up down here is that the government doesn't go to the trouble of determining the standards and enforcing them. They contract out their responsibility to this agency that has to prove they matter by finding "dangerous...