1. How much do you make ??
    Rn w/ B.S. degree do you "clean" after patinets?
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    In GA, it varies. Me, with 15 yrs experience, I just got a raise in my OP Hemo clinic to $23.38/hr. Took over 10 years to break the $15/hr mark. Have seen some area hospitals paying around that. I'm not a BSN, it doesn't really matter around here WHAT degree you have, only what LICENSE - but in the hospitals EVERYBODY cleans up after the patients - including the head-to-toe messes (and I know you know what I'm talking about). College degree notwithstanding, a nurse provides care to patients and that's just part of bedside nursing care. I can't stand working with nurses who refuse to get their hands dirty. They should move on to another field altogether. Patient care IS messy.
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    I'm still in school, but the hospitals near me start new grads at about $16hr for day shift, but there are shift differentials for evening and night shift..

    And yeah RNs with a Bachelors clean their patients, RNs with an ADN clean their patients, Diploma RNs clean their patients... I think when a RN or LPN get to the point where they think they are TOO good to clean up their patients they need to find a new job.

    Suzie I hope you don't pick nursing just because you need a major... It isn't like most majors, courses are set up different and you must be dedicated to studying. It just seems like from several of your posts that you are just trying to find something to major in, so you can be done in 4yrs. If nursing is something you really want then go for it....
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    AngelSusie what year are you in school?

    Salary varies geographically.
    Yes nurses ADN, BSN, LPN all clean up patients.
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    Nursing gets literal BS, corporate has figurative BS. I'll take the literal
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    Originally posted by KristinWW
    Nursing gets literal BS, corporate has figurative BS. I'll take the literal
    Smell is a little worse but so would I. Nursing BS seems much easier to clean up!!
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    Not even going to touch this one................
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    Oh, dear. Suzie, why don't you do a search on this board for the keywords "salary" or "pay". Or check out While you are at it, search for a job description of a nurse. Please do your research and then if you have any more specific questions we would be happy to answer them.
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    Been giving personal comfort, better known as incontinence care for past 30 years as NA, LPN or BSN. Easier now--- no more red rubber sheet, cloth diapers and large safety pins to prick my fingers. Love those Depends and adult pull-ups.

    Can have some of the best, most revealing conversations while looking at and caring for a persons buttocks
    $37.00 per diem homecare visit weekday, $40.00/visit WE

    Just hope someone will return the favor when I'm sick or old.
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    I do know about nursing.
    I am here to ask questions to "real" nurses.
    I hear different stories from websites.
    I'm going to get my BS in nursing in 4-year college and then going to study more to become a CRNA. Then, become a professor or something. Honestly, I am 50/50 on nursing career. I hear more negative sides about nursing. I wonder why nursing is "suffering" from shortage. Anyway, the main reason why I would like to become a nurse is ... I do not think I could spend 10 yrs to become a MD.... although money and reputation is good. It is great to have MD next to your name on business card!
    Anyway,,,, some hospitals do offer nurse assistants to clean after the patients...
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    Originally posted by angelsuzie
    Anyway,,,, some hospitals do offer nurse assistants to clean after the patients... [/B]

    Well that is very true.. But you can't always depend on the assistant to do that... If you walk in a room and someone has had an accident are you gonna go out and hunt down the assistant every time??
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    Most nurses aren't concerned about getting down and dirty cleaning up patients. Nusing assitants are not always available to help you. Really think you need to shadow a nurse at a hospital to see what nursing is REALLY like before you extend time and money becoming one.

    Nurses think and act differently than the medical model. A person with long term illness tends to know WHO to call on for advice when their sick: AN RN.

    My name and credentials look good on my business card too---from the days when I was a staff nurse. Feel we could improve our image a lot if the Primary RN handed her business card to a patient upon admission. Some hospitals have their RN management team give out business card as part of greeting patients to improve satisfaction scores.

    In one home health agency I worked in that provided business cards, we got more patients returning to our agency utilizing them. We've reinsituted them in my agency now.