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  1. babs_rn

    I dont want to do this anymore!!!

    It concerns me that so many nurses need antianxiety or antidepressant medication just to get through what nursing demands of us. THAT should be the wakeup call to the employers...but it's not. Warm body, that's all they want. I don't have any advice ...
  2. As soon as they changed the "age of consent" law in this state from 15 to 16, aunt (and guardian) of soon-to-be-16 yr old (birthday in two weeks) brings the girl in, c/o "She had sex." Pressed statutory rape charges against the 19 yr old boyfriend, w...
  3. babs_rn

    Should a 'old dog' change?

    Just my 2 cents' ... but I think it just has to do with the old phrase, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." I'm not sure what's annoying about that...I've been around a good while myself...but always learned new tricks. I think if someone makes ...
  4. babs_rn

    Nancy Nurse Speed Javier

    Yeah I had to wonder about this too. The "walk time" would have to assume a constant walking distance per shift among all nurses in all facilities at all times for this thing to ring true, and that distance is not mentioned ---at least that I could f...
  5. babs_rn

    Wearing scrubs in public...

    Personally I think "Marilyn" of the "Ask Marilyn" column should just keep her mouth shut about things she doesn't know anything about.
  6. babs_rn

    What is it like working for Divata Dialysis?

    I have to agree with you on that point. It is, more often than not, a matter of the individual center/clinic and the regional administration. I recently walked into a center that has had..mistakes made by staff due to lack of education, mistakes made...
  7. babs_rn

    Noncompliance a factor in transplant evaluation?

    Our various transplant centers will automatically disqualify a chronically noncompliant patient. No sense wasting a perfectly good kidney on someone who won't take care of it.
  8. babs_rn

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    Umm...don't forget... You know you're an ER nurse when you really wish they'd put an Ativan or Valium saltlick out in the ER waiting room! Babs
  9. babs_rn

    Expected salary for new dialysis RN-with no experience

    I work for a Davita facility and I was paid according to my actual years of nursing experience. And they trained me - including two separate weeks of classroom theory training. I think they realize that you're not going to get good quality nurses (a...
  10. babs_rn

    What Freaks You Out?

    ANYTHING that comes out of the head (or is supposed to) - eyes, vomit, respiratory secretions...but I can handle discussion of anything over lunch except BUGS!! GEEZ, don't make me go in your ear to get out that roach that crawled in there while you...
  11. babs_rn

    Ex-jail nurse sues healthcare company

    Interesting - I worked for Prison Health Services myself when they won a contract with the Georgia Department of Corrections. They seemed utterly clueless about what they were taking on. I remember their motto: "Client first, always" - though the "cl...
  12. babs_rn


    While I generally do not agree with the idea of ACTIVELY hastening one's own death with physician-assisted (or any other kind of) suicide, I do believe in being allowed to refuse treatment and to die naturally and I do not have a problem with keeping...
  13. babs_rn

    Back to the Hospital...

    Good luck on your ortho/med-surg floor. You'll need it. Make absolutely SURE that your manager supports you in your efforts to continue your education and to work around your schedule. Experience has shown me that most nurses are not truly supportive...
  14. babs_rn

    Recommended reading?

    Ah, 8 weeks into it, 2 more weeks left in orientation. I don't see ever setting foot in a hospital again!!! Very hard work, yes. But also very rewarding, with an incredible company, and I get to go back to school!!!! What more could I ask for?