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  1. FutureRNMichael

    Questions for RN's

    Hello hello! I used to post on allnurses years back when I first considered nursing. Now I have an offer and plan on (finally) making the jump to be an RN. I've worked as a Psych Tech/CNA since I graduated high school about 5 years ago. I work for a large government agency, DHS, which has recently began offering the current staff a chance to enter a 1.5 year program to obtain a 2 year RN degree. They pay for all of your RN program but you must work for them about 2 years afterwards. The good is... I will only have to take out loans on the pre-reqs. I have a guaranteed job right away at a decent salary w/ great benefits. Many friends have tried for several years to get into an RN program here in the Portland metro area - the programs here are stuffed full for years in advance. This program provides a direct entry. The bad is... I'm stuck in Psych for awhile (I like Psych but not great for acquiring RN medical skills). I'm a little concerned about graduating then being stuck in Psych nursing for my first two + years post graduation. I'd like to explore many areas of nursing, ICU/ER/NICU/Surgery especially, so will this two years in Psych set me back much? How hard will it be, logistically, to go back to school for a BSN then Masters? Not for sure I will have to motivation to do this but it is a thought. Lastly, would you consider this program a good deal? Should I go for it? Thanks for your time! :bowingpur
  2. FutureRNMichael


    I work inpatient adult Psych... We have had two patients die from pulmonary embelisms within the past year. I don't have a medical backround, just Psych so... Is there is a correlation between the inactivity, psych medication and pulmonary emblisms on a long term inpatient unit?
  3. FutureRNMichael

    No Luck for Me :(

    i heard pcc accepted 40 or 50 people this year from 900 applicants... not the greatest ratio.
  4. FutureRNMichael

    My experience

    Thank you both for sharing. It is nice to hear the reasons why a person might cut. I have been interested in a young lady from school who cuts and it really saddens me to see her do that to herself. She is such a bright, beautiful women. I doubt she knows but I have seen cuts on her arms/wrists. Either way, maybe it is best not to become more than friends when she is working through this particular problem... I don't know?
  5. FutureRNMichael

    Information on Neuropsychiatry

    I'll third that request!
  6. FutureRNMichael

    What do you do if a patient strikes?

    Most likely place to recieve the type of training mentioned in this thread is by a employer before starting in your position. If you ever work in Psych, you will go through a course by the employer consisting of containing a patient, keeping other patients, yourself and other staff safe. I have worked in Psych for several years now, with the most chronically ill indviduals in my state and have never been attacked to the point where I felt in serious danger. If you form a bond and treat patients with respect your almost always likely to be the last person they attack. Most patients will always attack the staff who treats them undignified or direspectful and/or has no rapport with them first and foremost. Just make sure you do not ever find yourself in such a position. Your best bet is to analyze and recognize a person who might be one to cause you harm and keep a safe distance at all times as best possible, never get the patient between you and the exit/door and most of all get the heck away!! Escaping is always best because you are not risking harm to yourself or your job by HAVING to defend yourself. Yes, it is a disgrace to be fired for defending yourself, in most cases. However, some nurses I have know used excessive force to threat they faced and we're fired, rightly so.
  7. FutureRNMichael

    book reccomendations for new psych nurse

    Wow, thanks for the links! I've been watching some of the grand rounds tonight, good stuff!!
  8. FutureRNMichael

    State Facility or Hospital Ward?

    mom's are always right (i work in a state hospital)
  9. FutureRNMichael

    Looking for subject to write my Dissertation on

    Wow... Deep stuff. Please do post your final copy, if you don't mind sharing with all of us!
  10. FutureRNMichael

    Sanctuary Model/ Recovery Model

    Has anyone in Psych Nursing been introduced to this relatively new topic yet? It's a new thing, from what I hear anyway. Talks of changing attitudes amongst psychiatric hospital staff and clients/consumers (their new term for patients) as far as the age's and age's old attitudes go in Psych. Introducing a new kind of enviorment on inpatient units of self/consumer policing units, frequent comunitty meetings to implement this and let clients tell others how they felt when so and so tore up the ward and went into restraints, getting completly rid of restraint rooms, no more forcing people to take meds as it gives them the wrong ideas...etc,etc... I recently attended two seminars on the topic. One small and one large(500 people from all over the west coast). A small-ish acute care ward of 25 or so adult clients in Salem, Oregon has implemented the model and had great success. No restraints and only one or two seclusion's in 1+ years. Only a year or two after the intial implementation of the Sanctuary model. If your interested in more about the topic, you can read: Sanctuary Model by Sandra Bloom or just ask and I can scan/email you copys of the paperwork given out at the seminar. EDIT: Found a few links which might be of interest: (http://www.sanctuaryweb.com/main/Sanctuary%20model.htm) (http://www.sanctuaryweb.com/main/sanctuary_senior_faculty.htm)
  11. FutureRNMichael

    Looking for subject to write my Dissertation on

    I'll throw a few ideas out but I apologize if they are not 'deep' enough to write 10,000 words about. Just some interesting things I've found while in Psych. Dual Diagnosis, How one issue affects the other, how you would approach treating such a patient, what area would you focus on first or would you focus on both first..etc Undiagnosed childhood disorders being mis-diagnosed later in life. Strong aspergers tendency as a child/teen later diagnosed as OCD. Mainly, what have your favorite topics/case studys in mental health been thus far? Find one you really love and write about it!
  12. FutureRNMichael

    Civil Commit to Forensics?

    Thanks for the response. I totally agree!! Anyone else with additional info on this topic?
  13. FutureRNMichael

    Civil Commit to Forensics?

    Looking for some info(For my own personal use) regarding the status of civilally commited patients who commit crimes in the hospital. There is a patient who has assualted several nurses and they are looking into pressing legal charges against this patient. The patient is on a civil commit on a regular adult psych ward within the state hospital system which also runs the forensic program. What are the chances of the charges coming to light and the patient being sent from a adult unit to a forensic wardwithin the same system? What do you, as an RN, feel about a RN pressing charges against a patient? Not to give too much detail but the patient is Borderline and not 'psychotic'. Thus the reason they feel the need to have the patient face up for what they are doing. Any information would be great!
  14. FutureRNMichael

    scary looking nursing home

    Where do you find the surveys online??
  15. FutureRNMichael

    psych aide duties

    Well, out and out assaults, I have never seen(in 6 or so months). I work with some of the sicker people in the state and rarely hear of such happening. If you build their trust and listen to what they have to say, you should be ok. I have seen cases where a Patient has built up to going after a staff person. For instanse, one patient did not want to be discharged-refused to in fact-but the social workers kept working on finding a placement for this Patient. The patient mentioned several times of assualtive behaviors he was going to do if they kept working towards his D/c. And he did end up inadvertently hurting a tech. But the build up was long and drawn out. My point being, there is usually a way to intervene a problem before it happens. If for nothing else, your own sake. Keep your eyes and ears open. You should do great. All in all, techs-whether degreed or not-learn 99.999% of the skills on-job. Just curious, what type of facilitys have you interviewed at? Residential,Private hospital or a state run facility? Best of luck. You will be building great skills for whatever field you decide to go into to. Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk further. EDIT: Found a great thread for you to read through, if you haven't already. Great De-esclating tips: https://allnurses.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8896
  16. FutureRNMichael

    Financial "Aide" my Backside!

    So I got back financial aid information from the school I am applying to after completing my FASA worksheet... Being 20 years old, My parents income is used to decide what I am eligble for. There expected contribution is $11,000 per year. In actuality, they will not be contributing a penny towards my schooling. Thus, I am not eligble for any financial aid and seemingly very little in Stafford loans. I understand this type situation is very common but it's still very frustrating. Living on my own and not making enough to pay for a full term of school makes it impossible to even go to school. Right now I am taking pre-reqs' ie math,writing,science... I'd prefer not to start taking out loans so early in my education. I would get into how screwed up America is when it comes to schooling - at all levels - but I'll try to be PC here. Although, lots of program in Europe and other overseas area and mostly FREE or cost little. How is this yet we charge 1/3 of a persons monthly income for a single class at a stinking community college. There isn't nothing community about those prices!! I digress...How does one go about finding more rescources to tap into for a person in my situation?? Is there alternatives? I am a very smart person (haha, not to sound shady), have done very well in the little college courses I have taken and am interested in healthcare particularly nursing. There has to be other ways to get money for school.