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i'm going to keep this nice and polite i promise mods!:) i'm just hoping that one of the smart student/new nurse posters can answer this. i know that we have quite a few people on here that... Read More

  1. by   CHATSDALE
    you are right about experience being the most valuable tool

    yu get tell when a patient if going down hill by smell, touch etc because you have seen the same look in another patient's eyes..this you cannot get from a book or lecture

    but be patient...these new nurses can learn and they may have some new knowledge that you have not heard of yet...we all have a place in this professon
  2. by   Jo Dirt
    It's the worst in nursing school. I remember sitting in class and there were a few hens who would constantly comment on what they saw a nurse do during clinicals and what a horrible sloppy nurse that person was and how they would NEVER do such a thing, they couldn't believe how some of these nurses made it through school, blah blah blah...
    It really got on my nerves.
  3. by   natrgrrl
    Some people just have a general lack of respect. They think that if they have something to say, everyone else wants to hear them and will agree with whatever they say.
  4. by   PANurseRN1
    I give those posts exactly the consideration they merit...a little. I take a lot more stock in what people who have a license and have been in the trenches have to say.
  5. by   CritterLover
    in general, i don't mind the non-nurses participating in threads so much. i find that their perspective usually gives me something to think about. and how else are they going to learn that there really is more than one way to do something? often, nursing school only teaches their way. other ways arn't necessarily wrong, just different. or, maybe it is wrong, and not just different. there are enough experienced, practicing nurses on this board that can chime in.

    plus, the "nursing school way" is often the most current (per research), and it can help us all to update our practices, since most of us don't have time to read the journals.

    one exception: i really really really wish they would keep their admonishments out of the vent threads. that is aggrivating. the vent threads need to be respected for what they are.

    if you will notice, however, it isn't just the new nurses/nursing students that are peeing in our cornflakes.

    it seems as though anyone (including other, practicing nurses) who has ever had a bad experince in their medical care will chime in and tell us about it when we vent about our shift. bad care happens. there are bad practitioners out there.

    i have more to say, but i really think i am going to stop here.
  6. by   Batman24
    I am not a nurse yet. I am only 17 credits into my program. I originally came here because I was looking for info on the NLN, NET, etc. I also needed to learn about online classes and things of that sort so the Student Nursing Forum has been a wonderful tool for me.

    I read a lot of other threads in the general forum and in the specialty forums to learn. I never thought I would want to work in the ER, but I have found the nurses in that forum very smart and very funny. It opened my eyes. On the flip side I know that I could never do Burn Nursing as it just isn't my calling. It's been very educational.

    As a hopefully soon-to-be nursing student I know my place. I know nothing, zip, zilch, nadda and need to learn before opening my mouth. There is a big difference between learning it in school and then applying it in the real world. I would say that since reading here I have also seen a few of the nurses be very hard on other nurses. That upsets me as it seems like a competition when everyone should be on the same side. It seems it is the same few which is par for the course in life. There are a few bad apples in every crowd.

    I have also learned how much nurses really do. As a lay person you just don't realize how smart, educated and trained nurses really are. I have also seen how much nurses care. I have often felt it was nurses that kept things running and I see now that is very much true.
  7. by   Batman24
    I forgot...a few times I have been a little scared of starting a nursing carer after reading here. It seems some of you really work for awful people and terrible establishments. I know that can be true of all professions, but it is harder when it is the nursing community because your patients suffer with you.

    Seeing others work short staffed, tons of OT, fighting for their days off, not making enough money, being treated as slaves, etc. is a tough read. It has also shown me when to say no and when to not even answer my phone. I will be a better nurse for all of this one day.
  8. by   Kinky Slinky RN
    I am a new RN, and it irritates me when I see/hear other students do that too... I know I don't know anything about anything when it comes to nursing... I am MORE than fully aware of that... I get so irritated when I hear other students complain about a nurses technique... I agree that no student or new RN should judge another RN until they have the same amount of experience under their belt... oh, and I am starting at a busy ER so if any of you have any advice, PLEASE let me know :chuckle
  9. by   donsterRN
    The title of this thread caught my eye. I think the OP raises some interesting points.

    As a student, I obviously do not have a lot of clinical information to share. I would also hope that I am not one of the non-nurse posters being referred to. I come here because these forums are filled with wonderful humans who have taken the time to teach me and encourage me and to kick me in the butt when I've needed it. I've made some friends, and I look to all of you as role models and inspiration. I hope to always be learning, and I pray if I ever come across as someone who knows everything, that someone will take me down a peg or 50. I truly am in awe of all of you.
  10. by   canoehead
    i totally agree that nonnurses and students bring a fresh perspective. welcome, folks, and feel free to chime in. my only pet peeve and request is that you

    respect the vent

    because i am not perfect, and i am not saintly, and if i don't tell someone what just happened i think the top of my head might blow off.

    doesn't anyone take psych class anymore?
  11. by   Cattitude
    Quote from Don3218
    . I hope to always be learning, .
    That right there, makes all the difference in the world. I, too hope to always be learning, in nursing and in life

    Btw, love your siggy, having 3 felines of my own and a fan of Mr.Herriot. Now HIS job was hard.
  12. by   Sheri257
    I'm a new grad who's about to take the NCLEX. But I have noticed some pretty disrespectful posts from my fellow students. I don't know much but, at least I worked enough during school to get an idea of how tough the job is.

    Sometimes I think it's also because the teachers actually encourage this. One of them wanted us to report "wrong" things that floor nurses did during clinicals ... which, I thought was absolutely ridiculous. The instructor was going to report these supposed violations to the charge nurse. It was unbelievable.

    Needless to say, I never participated in that ridiculous exercise.

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  13. by   Works2xs
    Yes, folks get on here to vent. However, there are many "vent" threads that are humansituations that just happen to occur in a nurse setting. Even though the setting brings a definite context, it doesn't necessarily lock every other point of view out. For example, I'm sure there are scads of folks who take their "vent" home and discuss it with a significant other, who just might not also be a nurse. In my experience, that "unqualified" person can sometimes provide a moment of needed clarity.

    Yes, it's irritating when someone chimes in with some high-horse sounding retort. But before breaking out a can of whoop-arse on some newbie, remember that it's just as irritating to be told your opinion doesn't count by some experienced person using an equal dose of sanctimony in their response. Experience can be a double-edged sword. The longer you are in a particular setting, the narrower your worldview becomes. Someone else mentioned "perspective" brought by others. Often times, that's just what is missing from the "venters" post.