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  1. Cattitude


    Oh it's ok. I don't have anything that interferes with my immunity thank goodness.
  2. Cattitude

    Preschooler out by ambulance the other day

    So glad for the tot!
  3. Cattitude

    Got thanked by EMS/Police and Mom!

    And now with Old Dude's post, my validation is complete! Thanks for the laughs guys. May the next 8 days fly by!
  4. Cattitude

    Got thanked by EMS/Police and Mom!

    Had to give Epi yesterday to a highly allergic child. Minutes after ingestion, stomach pain and extremity itching. I know the student well and gave Epi within 5 -6 minutes of sx's. EMS and police actually thanked me for being so quick. EMS said they usually arrive to see a kid further into distress. This child is an ANA kid for sure as is her brother. Thankfully she's okay and mom came to me this morning saying she is grateful her child has such a good nurse. It's nice to get a compliment instead of complaint once in a while.
  5. Cattitude

    buying supplies with your own money

    I work in a city with very fluctuating socioeconomic issues but overall low income school district. Over 40 schools and some have WAY better PTAs therefore nurses can request items that usually get approved. My PTA is almost non existent. I have no budget but we get very basic supplies like bandaids, H2O2, caladryl. We do hav an Epi and Narcan, manual BP cuff, Oral and temporal thermometers. I get assistance from kind teachers, my principal bought some nit combs because MUTANT ninja lice really are that bad I am putting aside paperwork to comb heads. I am a single parent trying to juggle 2 part time/per diem gigs in addition to this. I cannot afford to spare much but my son's outgrown clothes, occasional dollar store bag of peppermimts. I'm going to look into donorchoose because that would be great. A magic wand to cure all imaginary ails would be fantastic to have!
  6. Cattitude

    I can't take much more

    FYI, I am printing these all out and posting in my office, hehehehehe
  7. Cattitude

    Help me with Health Office Protocols

    I love it but this would never fly at my school. Teachers do not want to triage(ugh) or even ask the LD what's wrong?!!?? I seriously get kids that don't have a thing wrong but tell me their teacher sent them because they looked sleepy/hot/sick, etc.
  8. Cattitude

    I can't take much more

    I sent these to my NP boss, he loved it. Now to get the 2nd graders to stop playing with these damn lice, sigh....
  9. Cattitude

    I can't take much more

    Love it! Thank you. Here's my response to my supervisor (medical). Thanks you, however (insert long sigh, lol) I know all of this and have done my best to communicate same to students and staff. At this point we may need prn xanax orders for all staff. Just for the next 2 days. That's reasonable right? Ok seriously, we are xxxxx and hoping with all of our Grinchy hearts that these Mutant Ninja Lice do die over break. Then we must depend on PARENTS to take care of it at home so we don't ring in the New Year with Pediculosis Capitus holding us hostage. I'm so desperate that I'm willing to do work on one of the worst cases. What are the chances I can get a nit comb for my office? If it's cheap enough I'll buy it but if any are available that would be great. Thank you Norris--smooches!!! Happy Holidays Name- Super lice novice turned expert
  10. Cattitude

    Holiday Bonus

    From my school some kind angel left a Russell Stover chocolate bar in all of our mailboxes. From my high profit hospital? Nothing. In 15 years we've gotten a holiday bonus once. It was a $100 Visa gift card, shocked us all.
  11. Cattitude

    What's the biggest challenge being a school nurse?

    ruby summed it up. Parents irk the crap out of me. Some teachers drive me nuts with inane stuff. Some really are awesome. But parent, sheesh I could write a 10 page paper about the nonsense they pull.
  12. Cattitude

    I can't take much more

    Exactly what mom said! And I'm walking to the 2nd grade class now to lecture on proper lice handling behavior. I'm sure they will all sit up straight and listen attentively, bahahahaha.
  13. Cattitude

    I can't take much more

    Now this reminds me of my previous prison work days. And also my recent trash TV indulgence, Love after Lockup, ha!
  14. Cattitude

    I can't take much more

    Yaaaasssss! Please Davey Do!!!!
  15. Cattitude

    Those parents who believe everything their kids say

    My own son is an allergy kid, severely allergic to tree nuts. A few months ago his Dad "forgot" and hugged him hours after he ate mixed nuts. The minute transfer of oils/dust in my ex's beard touched my son's face. He broke out in huge welts on his face, itchy and awful Luckily no progression into respiratory. But I digress. I taught my son at age 5 how to use the epi pen. He's a master now at age 10. He knows to stay away from any tree nuts and has been great. Last school year I taught a 4th and 2nd grader how to do their own epi pens. Of course they shouldn't be alone but I want them to be self sufficient because most adults don't know how to properly use the epi pen. They also don't know my mantra, "the epip pen will not save a life. It buys the ANA kid time for the ambulance to arrive". My kid and kids at school all know this. They can repeat it on demand, lol. So being educated and self sufficient are huge in my toolbox. Just my 25 cents!