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  1. natrgrrl

    question about giving meds thru PEJ tube

    There are lots of different opinions but ultimately the right answer is to follow policy (IMHO). Our policy is to separate each med and flush with 30cc between each different med given. That can be extremely time consuming considering how long it takes for J tube to empty by gravity, which is also our policy. I agree with these policies.
  2. natrgrrl

    How Many Residents Do You Care For On Your Unit?

    We have 6 units with approx 20 residents to each unit. 1 nurse and 1-2 CNA's per unit for days and eves.
  3. natrgrrl

    Nursing job a sure bet? Think again according to ABC news

    So what are the new grads doing? RNs can work in hospitals, clinics, LTC, and MD offices. What else is there? I have thought about applying at daycare centers. That would be an interesting place to work while waiting for an RN position. Anyone else have a creative job idea? I love being a nurse, though, and I will continue to be patient. My job is out there somewhere.
  4. natrgrrl

    Considering L&D Position: Interview Advice

    I had an interview a few days ago for L&D. There were no scenario questions. But I have had other RN interviews that did ask those questions. Most of the questions asked were about out how I deal with stress and problems with others, do I like nursing and why. And of course what about me will make a good L&D nurse. I wouldn't hold back saying that you have children but being a pt doesn't give much info on your nursing skills or ability. I don't know how things work where you live but out here L&D jobs are few and far between. And if you don't have some experience... Good luck to you. My advice is that you can't really go wrong in over-preparing.
  5. natrgrrl

    Post here about your new grad hiring woes....

    I have the same story as so many other new grads. I started applying for jobs in march, graduated in may. Still no hospital job. BUT...I got a job as an LPN in a nursing home the summer before I graduated with my Associate Degree. It is not my ideal job but it is a good job and I like it and I am so very happy to have a nursing job while I wait for a hospital job. The pay is not good. I have applied for approximately 100+ jobs and got 1 interview. Recently I got a call about an on call home health nurse position. I would be so so so happy to have that job but I am not holding my breath for an interview to happen. Every time I think I am going to give up and go back to school for something else I get a little shimmer of hope from somewhere. It's not that I don't have patience but I do have loans to pay and kids to provide for.