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i have a question as nurses when should it be a "you should know better because your a medical professional" or if it is just living out lives? see i often wonder if my hobby is one of... Read More

  1. by   jett01
    I'm off work now recovering from a torn ACL and meniscus suffered while playing softball. I also like to hunt - a 1200 acre parcel about an hour from where I live. I like to hunt alone usually. In 30 plus years I've had a few falls and other close calls that could have been bad. Guess somebody's looking after me.
  2. by   karenG life to to full........... we've an idea of whats round the corner!! I fence epee and sabre, sail, and am desperate to paraglide!! also go hill walking. I've tried loads of other stuff......

    oh and I cant spell either but then I'm Scottish and its not my spelling that is at fault.. more that you americans have adapted the language!!!! I mean........ colour has a U in it!!!

  3. by   loerith

    Isnt golf the only sport that is:

    1) more stressful than nursing
    2) you get worse rather than better with time?


    Peace and Love,
  4. by   Farkinott
    Quote from Used and abused
    Lets look at the facts; Spell check and all may be wonderful online but when you are charting, the computers rarely, if ever, have spell check and there is absolutely little time to look up spelling. It is a fast paced world out there, takes all you can do to get through most shifts. Papers in college are one thing; doing charting is another. Professionalism is necessary as you could find yourself in court someday defending your charting. This is not meant to be a "pick on someone day" or even to be a rough crowd statement. I am plainly speaking the truth in black and white. Handwriting, spelling, grammar etc. are all important in communicating to the doctors and other nurses. Poor spelling does reflect on intelligence and education. Those are the facts.
    Boo again!
  5. by   teeituptom
    Quote from loerith

    Isnt golf the only sport that is:

    1) more stressful than nursing
    2) you get worse rather than better with time?


    Peace and Love,

    I find it the best stress reliever of all time for me

    and my game is always good

    have my handicap down to a 3 now
  6. by   Dayray
    Riding horses is a great hobby don't give it up. I'd like to see a comparison of the % of people hurt riding horses Vs riding in cars. Driving cars is very dangerous but most of us aren't about to quit that.

    As for the person writing about spelling (((((BOO!!!)))). I'm not sure what it is that makes people think that spelling is an indicator of intelligence or professionalism. This a a subject that tics me off to no end.

    You see I can't spell never have been able to and never will. Yet you know what though ??? I went to a school for the gifted and I took college courses in Trig, computer science, biology and political science from the 3rd grade on. Yet I guess I'm stupid or ill prepared because my mind works differently from yours and spelling is a challenge to me??

    I guess if it makes you feel smarter then me you can rag on me and others for spelling. But to the rest of us you only show your insecurity and we all pity you.......................
  7. by   Gator,SN
    Farkinott STOP!!!!!! Your cracking me up!
  8. by   Amylcd
    I agree that the spelling comment was a bit harsh. When chatting online my hands go faster than my mind :chuckle (i am the typo queen!)

    To the OP, there is a risk with everything. I know these chips aren't exactly nutritious... but I'll eat them anyway!
  9. by   NursesRmofun
    Quote from mandarellas
    I'm with you. This can be a rough crowd.
    If you think it is rough here, try some other sites!
    They attack you if they disagree with you and leave scars! LOL :chuckle
  10. by   debx
    As nurses, we all know that life can be short. So we should make the best of it. I scuba dive as well as ride motorcycles. I take all the safety precautions that I can. I wear a helmet and I dive within my dive tables. But, I'm going to enjoy life!
  11. by   NurseChick04
    Have you ever heard the term "Nurses eat their young?". LOL..I feel sorry for you when you get out of school into the nursing field. With that attitude of yours you will be gobbled up in no time!

    Quote from wannabee
    As far as hobbies go, I say "to each his own."

    BUT, as far as you joining the profession, I suggest you take a refresher course in grammar and spelling before you apply to nursing school. Didn't you just graduate from high school? How can your grammar be that bad when you just got out of school? Just how many concussions have you had?

    I'm sorry to be so mean, but I am applying to nursing school late in life and I am very nervous about getting into school. It makes me sick to know that people who can't even speak or write their OWN language could be accepted.
  12. by   mauser
    I am 47 and a student. I don't feel I am "starting late." I am starting when I chose to start.

    Okay, my turn. I ride horse, hike with my GS dog, hunt - both rifle and bow. For stupid, try sitting in a 2 x 2 tree stand 15 feet off the ground in heavy wind and rain for hours - alone in the wilderness. Duh! (hey, but I got my bear). And scuba dive. The scariest thing I do is allow my 17 year old daughter to ride dirt bike and play rugby!

    My question to skydivers - what if you change your mind? At least scuba diving, if I feel uncomfortable with the dive, I can go back up. What do you do after you jump? Sorry, changed my mind?????
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    LOL @ mauser...don't think you can change your mind there! LOL! It would be nice if you could...I might actually try it then.