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  1. Speechie

    Health careers besides nursings

    Physical Therapist now requires a doctorate- it's a professional doctorate so not quite as long as a PhD but still at least 6 years for most people.
  2. Speechie

    Uniforms and your appearance

    We are an Eden facility; we are encouraged to wear street clothes instead of uniforms or scrubs. The hope is that we reflect a less institutional, more homelike environment. That said, however, there are still standards of good taste and appropriateness. Well-kept jeans, khakis, or capris, with a logo shirt for the facility, present well.
  3. Speechie

    Funniest thing a confused pt. has told you...

    We had a very sweet resident who walked up to my friend and carefully read her namebadge, which was pinned on her blouse. "Jean" he said. "Yep" Jean replied. "What do you call the other one?" he asked, shifting his gaze to her other breast. He was quite sincere and Jean and I still laugh about it 20 years later.
  4. Speechie

    Allnurses Hospital

    Can i be your speech therapist? i'd love working for all nurses :) right now i report to a nurse that i REALLY respect and like... i could probably recruit your whole rehab department :)
  5. Speechie

    New nurse-rough start

    First, I'm not a nurse... but I am a therapist and I am sorry they're getting on your case for not having patients ready at their appointment times. I'm sure each of them gets behind schedule from time to time (I know I do) and I would hope that they would understand! That said, you might be able to capitalize on the therapists' availability. I know I have worked WITH nursing on med-related issues- as a speech therapist I often try to help people learn the cognitive skills to become more independent with their medications... I LOVE it when the nurses come to therapy and admin the meds with me- I make it a therapy activity and it benefits both of us, since the nurse can then follow through with the strategies I'm teaching! It might not work with PT and OT, but check in with your speech path and see if you can work cooperatively... it might make it easier on you! Take care of yourself- we need good Rehab nurses!!!
  6. Speechie

    Ideas to get our residents active and moving

    another person that might be happy to come in is your local Avon or Mary Kay lady... often they'll do makeovers or just apply a pretty face- they're not all about making the sale- we have 2 wonderful ladies that come to one of our SNF's and do make-up, nails, and they don't even bring the sales "stuff". might be able to do that more often than haircuts ) if the residents are pretty high-level, cognitively, a book club can be fun. cooking activities are great, too. i guess just think about what you'd like to do, yourself!
  7. Speechie

    Anyone here drink a can of soda a day?

    i read the article on the 24th, and decided to try to give up my 6-8 diet pepsi's per day habit. it's been three days now (whoopee, right?) and i have found myself without my 2pm m&m cravings. i drink my coffee black, so that drives off the caffeine withdrawl headaches. maybe coincidence, but it works for me :) speechie
  8. Speechie

    Need info about OT & ST Nurse's role

    Hi. i'm a speech path in long-term care and most of my practice is with people who have had strokes. You're really off on the right foot, thinking about alternative communication strategies. Tazzi's right; if your lady can write, that's the most natural strategy. If she can't, you may need to go to a communication board. Spelling (using a board with the alphabet) is the method that allows the "speaker" the most flexibility, but it can be impossible for the person who has aphasia (loss of the language code system). In that case, you may want to move on to a picture board. There is a hierarchy of abstraction in pictures that can be important with aphasic patients. Line drawings are the most abstract, thus can be the most difficult to comprehend. Most commercial communication boards use line drawings. If the person can't understand that, you can try color drawings or even photographs. The more closely the picture resembles the actual item, the more likely a lower-functioning individual will be able to use it functionally. The other thing to think about is how many items will be on a page. Some people can look at a paper with thirty pictures on it and pick out the one they want to "say"... others are limited to 4 or even 3 choices. Please let us know how you are doing :) speechie
  9. Speechie

    St Elias in Anchorage

    St Elias is a Long Term Acute Care Hospital in mid-town Anchorage. It was opened just a few months ago, and is building census right now. It's a beautiful facility! I just hired on as a PRN Speech Path there.
  10. Speechie

    Meal assists, tips, tricks and howto's.

    i just love you guys!!! i am the speech therapist for a 224 bed LTC and i've recommended most of the things you've suggested at one time or another! another one for the list... if you have a resident with hemiparesis, try assisting him or her from the WEAK side. that way, when she turns her head to look at you or receive her spoonful, she's spreading out and using her STRONG SIDE muscles and shortening her weak side muscles. This, especially when paired with a chin tuck, can keep residents off thickened liquids and eating and drinking more normal textures, and you don't have to keep verbally cueing "turn your head to the Left, Mrs. X". She will naturally look to the side where you are, to stay engaged with your sparkling self :). one of the best parts of my day is going to the dining room and helping pass trays and assisting residents to eat. i get to be around the nurses and nursing assistants! speechie :)
  11. Speechie

    Nursing in Alaska

    Hi from Alaska- There are 3 main hospitals in Anchorage- the Native Medical Center, which is run by a tribal consortium, Providence Alaska Medical Center, a Catholic not-for-profit, and Alaska Regional, which I believe is a Columbia/HCA facility. There are other hospitals across the state; many associated with the AK Native system, several associated with Providence, and I believe the Fairbanks hospital is run by a Lutheran not-for-profit? I'm not a nurse, but i work in long term care with LOTS of wonderful nurses. Lots of people used to come to Alaska because the salaries were so good... but that's not really the case any more. The cost of living has really levelled out, and if you live in one of the major cities it isn't as expensive as living in LA or Boston or any one of many high-rent districts across the country. It IS expensive, however, to live in "the bush", and salaries generally reflect that. People should come to Alaska because it's a beautiful place, a great place to raise a family, and filled with really nice, down-to-earth people. BUT- be prepared to freeze your ears off :) right now it's -15 here outside my little office. Peace- speechie
  12. Speechie

    Nursing Home Snacks

    we are a large facility, and there are 5 "kitchenettes" with a fridge, microwave, coffeemaker, and toaster... there's always yogurt, pudding, applesauce in the fridge and juice, milk, and coffee ready... haven't heard any complaints about the snacks! now the meals sometimes...
  13. Speechie

    more than RN?

    In our health system (hospitals, NH's, home health) the RN's and OT's salary range is the same.
  14. Speechie

    Deaf Parent Concern

    You know, even if he does lose more hearing as he ages, the odds are he won't need to learn to sign unless he decides to join the deaf community. i've worked as a speech pathologist for 23 years, and i've seen many folks who have gradually lost their hearing. Generally, if a person has developed good lipreading skills over the years, as your bf has done, he will not need sign language to "hear" you. i do recommend signing with babes as a general rule, because it's wonderful for language development in general... and it's certainly not a bad idea to include your whole family. but, in a hearing world (which is the one your bf has been successful in so far) sign language will be a benefit, not a necessity. good luck in whatever you decide to do!
  15. Speechie

    Need ideas: Ideal Nursing Home

    Lots of you advocated for PT/OT availability... please don't forget about Speech! Since returning to LTC, i've been able to help with getting 6 people off of tube feedings (in 2 months) and back to eating by mouth. i've been able to help nursing to understand what dysarthric residents are asking for, and make life much more pleasant for both the nurse who isn't getting bugged all the time for some incomprehensible request, and for the resident who finally got the point across! i absolutely love LTC- and love working with the nurses and CNA's in my facility. thanks for listening- your speechie
  16. Speechie

    Personnal lives or reckless?

    Some of the smartest people i work with spell "speech" as "speach" (who also happen to be neurologists and other physicians). I just go ahead and do my thing! Risk??? this time of year my biggest risk is getting hit on the head with a stray soccer ball as i sit on the sidelines :) peace