Pay day and Mandatory Staff Meetings/Inservices

  1. good afternoon!

    i was wondering how you as an individual felt about not being able to get your pay check unless you attent a mandatory meeting/inservice. you are a penalizied by a verbal warning first and so forth if you do not attend.

    i do understand that some would not attend most meetings/inservices without some stipulations, but, i don't feel it is right when it comes to one's pay check being the driving force to attend.

    how is it where you work regarding pay day and mandatory meetings?

    any thoughts/comments.
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  3. by   Tweety
    That is a very immature tactic. You work you should get paid and they shouldn't dangle your paycheck in front of you like that. Poor management in my opinion.

    Whether they want to give you warnings, written and otherwise for not attending mandatory meetings is another thing, but to hold your paycheck is unreasonable.
  4. by   KevinN
    I don't know if your job offers it but what about getting direct deposit?

  5. by   live4today
    What a dirty trick.....and it should be UNLAWFUL if it isn't! No one has the right to hold an employee's paycheck for stuff like that! Shame on those in charge for doing that! Have you tried reporting that behavior to a lawyer who defends employees in situations like that?
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    would not work where I am deposit is not only available, it is mandatory. I think this stinks.
  7. by   LauraF, RN
    I just returned to my old place of employment. It is LTC facility. Pay days are on friday. But, they have mandatory meetings on Thursday, if you attend you get your pay check, if you don't you have to wait till friday. To my knowledge they don't write you up but you have to wait till payday to get your check. No biggie to me. But I knew they did this before I came back to work for them.
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    kevin, i have worked at a facility that had a mandatory direct deposit and although i didn't mind, i would have liked to had a choice to choose from.
  9. by   ceecel.dee
    I think that is a policy that cries out for a challenge!
  10. by   azgirl
    They have that where I work too. Sometimes paychecks get missplaced until Sunday night if you don't go to Friday's meeting. I have direct deposit but would like to have my stub.
  11. by   Berta
    Are these mandatory meeting every week? What type of info is covered? Also, if they fall on your time off are you paid for attending? I don't beleive that any business has the right to withhold your paycheck for not attending a meeting. I'd certainly check with my local dept. of labor.
  12. by   Gomer
    I suggest everyone check the wage and hour laws of your own state. You should be able to find the number in your phone directory under "government" or "state government" by checking Dept. of Labor/Wage and Hour Division.

    In California (and I know we have famous for our strange labor laws) pay is required either by direct deposit (and you must also get a paysub if you elect this option) or by check on the designated pay day (the employer decides on which day). Pay may not be held as blackmail to attend a meeting. Also, for your information when you quit a job and give notice or if you are fired you must receive your final paycheck within 24 hours and that paycheck must include any unpaid accrued PTO time.
  13. by   Nurse Ratched
    I had forgotten until I read this thread that the admin of the nursing home I worked in for several years used to do this. People who didn't attend had to read the inservice, watch the video, whatever, when they came in to pick up their checks.

    Thought it was an immature and illegal way to deal with professionals then, and still do now. It was in a small town and no one bucked it altho I'm sure it wouldn't have stood up to a challenge.
  14. by   purplemania
    I am not sure it is legal to hold a paycheck that is rightfully due someone. Mandatory meetings can be addressed in other ways, such as annual evaluations. As for direct deposit - save the facility a LOT of money so is a good business deal and I appreciate not having to wonder if my $ is there--it is, whether I am in town or not. Thank goodness for ATM's