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So, with nurses week coming up, I was fondly remembering all the neat swag my employer has offered me as a token of their appreciation. Over the last four years as a nurse I have received - A... Read More

  1. by   deespoohbear
    We usually get some kind of treat like cookies from the kitchen (how special) or the stupid trinket things. Now, on doctor's day there is a full sized newspaper ad taken out recognizing our physicians. We work at a small hospital, so all the docs get recognized. Oh, then one year during the 4th of July fireworks for our town the whole EMS crew was recognized in a ceremony. They also had a two page layout in the paper about how hard they work, the long hours, yadda, yadda. I just about boiled over on that one. Like a few other posters said, Nurses week gets magically turned into "health care appreciation week."

    I guess what I would really want is a genuine heart felt thank you from the administration who has no clue of what we do. When people are made to feel appreciated for the work they do, morale usually goes up. Interesting thread.
  2. by   shay
    I get the usual trinkets. Yay.

    Someone asked what nurses would LIKE for admin. to give us, I have a some gratis PTO for all the nurses and having people in that week to do gratis chair massages on every shift for the nurses.

    'Course, then again, that's not politically correct, as it isn't INCLUSIVE of the folks who AREN'T nurses..............sigh.
  3. by   bestblondRN
    Originally posted by susanmary
    To name a few -- plastic travel coffee mugs, insulated lunch totes, canvas totes (all with hospital's logo.) I do not expect a gift from my employer for nurse's week. What I would appreciate is adequate staffing, being able to sit down for a break AND lunch, the ability to take "earned time" and not float to another unit. Administration states how valuable nurses are... yadda-yadda. They certainly talk the talk. If only they would walk the walk. I can afford to buy my own coffee mugs, totes, etc. What I CAN'T buy is better working conditions -- THAT would be the ultimate nurse's week gift. THAT is what we deserve. Period.

    Good thoughts are being sent to all.

  4. by   NancyRN
    Last year we got a cookie tray. It was delivered in the morning, I'm assuming, because by the time I came to work on the evening shift, there were just a few broken cookies left. Gobbled on the run, no doubt, by nurses who didn't get lunch...
  5. by   TopazStone
    Hmmm, guess I have been lucky. I can't remenber last year's gift, but the year before we got the clipboards that open up to hold papers, files, pens, etc. and a little daily planner (not the one with the company logo). The admin at that time also laughed and said maybe this would help us get organized. They turned out to be useful and didn't break either.
  6. by   canoehead
    The managers and sups are bringing food for a potluck type lunch for nurses in addition to the money the hospital supplied for gift certificates.

    The amount we spend is limited by the fact that most every dept has "their " week and the hospital forbids spending more than what everyone else has for fear of offending someone.

    But the food brought in from home doesn't count...and of course we'll make a point of relieving everyone for a good break.
  7. by   NICU_Nurse
    Our hospital is poor as dirt, so was I ever surprised to read the newsletter mentioning 'Hospital Employee Appreciation Week' as they call it. For working supremely understaffed (as it seems our entire employee population has decided to quit all at once), we get a coupon that is worth a free cookie from the cafeteria on Monday from 8-10 am, a free bag of potato chips on Wednesday from 11-1, and a free bag of popcorn on Friday from 2-4. I work night shift, and since the cafeteria is closed, on Tuesday and Thursday nights each unit instead will get a box of doughnuts to share. Wahoo. :>P
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  8. by   dawngloves
    I have politely declined my share of pens, coffee mugs, water bottles and ugly tee shirts over the years. Leaves more for the ancillary staff to fight over. I don't need anymore clutter.
    What I do need is for administration to spend "Nurses Week" in the trenches with me. Get on the unit! Give me a hand! Pitch in! Forget all the stupid meetings and paper work for just one week and get your hands dirty!
    That, I'll remember. That, I appreciate more than any gee gaw. Maybe you'll get something out of it too.
  9. by   pauls-gal
    At the hospital I work at we will be treated to dry cake and coffee. However, my immediate supervisor just took all of us out to a 5 coarse Italian dinner, which was fabulous. I also got a $25.00 gas card and $10.00 Bath and Body works certificate. As I have said before, MY BOSS IS THE GREATEST!!!!!!!
  10. by   lgcv
    I was quite fond of the christmas token to employees one year... A christmas bulb with the hospital logo on it.
  11. by   grandma rn38
    looking for nurses gifts go to, and then to nursing.
  12. by   MPHkatie
    actually, I have always done alright, got a very nice fanny pack made of canvas (oh no, that was for Emergency RN's week, and I heard the ED attendings put out for those) From the hospitals, t shirts, pens, a calander or sorts. This year, I noted that the secretaries - unit coordinators whatever they are called, all got verrrrry nice tote bags for secretaries days- and of course no one else did, so i am curious to see what they will had out to the RN's we just CUT 1,000 jobs, so it better not be too nice.
  13. by   zumalong
    Let's see in 1988 I received a key chain that said happy nurses day.

    In 1989 I was given a tote bag that had handles that held up until I put my car keys with the key chain inside of it.

    In the 90's we had to conserve money so I didn't get much more than a free ice cream from the cafeteria (they only serve one the 2nd full moon of the 7th month in a leap year and then only on the night shift when the cafe is not open.

    In 2000 I acquired a pen (taken from stash for the PA's and NP's)

    In 2001 I was given a bar of dial soap. (extras on the linen carts)

    This year--I am not sure--But I am looking forward to it. I'm hoping for some surgical tape. :spin: