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  1. It happens to me a lot and as the only scheduled nurse, I can't avoid caring for them. I do inform my supervisor and reassure the person that everything is confidential and will remain so. I do have the option of trading sites with another nurse but ...
  2. TopazStone

    How does a psych career affect the psych nurses?

    Thank you for writing this post. I am pretty sure I am reaching burnout levels as a psych nurse. I can still feel empathy for the patients who are in a psychotic break and I have a soft spot for the young adults who are entering the system for the f...
  3. TopazStone

    Phobias anyone???

    Spiders, heights and creepy old dolls. I guess when I was around 3, I bounced down to my grandma's basement where she had been trying to clean up some old dolls so they were all sitting out (some with missing limbs and mildew over their eyes). My mo...
  4. TopazStone

    Britney Spear - HIPPA violation?

    Sheesh-- I've been saying for ages now that the poor girl seems to be Bipolar and they should leave her alone. Can you imagine having your psychotic break publicized like this? It is unfortunate but I'm sure the media had access to a police scanner a...
  5. TopazStone

    Accepted nurse to pt. ratio

    Good heavens! I work at a psych crisis facility and have been complaining about the ten to 16 patients I've had to manage. Of course, our tech is not able to complete VS or blood sugars and I am the only medical staff available on my shift (free stan...
  6. TopazStone

    Got Beat Up Badly In Face By Patient

    This is one of my worst fears. It seems that psych is the bottom of the feeding chain everywhere as far as safety, staffing and funding are concerned. I worked nights on an in-patient unit and at change of shift, I had three patients. One of the med-...
  7. TopazStone

    Your in Charge of the staff and things go Bad!

    Another method to block the manipulation is to use a single cell phone/ pager for the manager on-call. This gets rotated to the person on-call and is the only number provided for CNA (heck-- and nurse) contact. No exceptions, substitutions or refunds...
  8. TopazStone

    Belly Piercing/Tattoo

    As far as working with visible body piercing, remember we work with the elderly (for the most part). There are clear "holders" you can purchase to keep the hole open when you can't wear the jewelry. For safety, I would NEVER wear anything that a pa...
  9. TopazStone

    What's your diagnosis?

    Wow, it sounds as if your neighbor has a lot of stress in her life! Sometimes when people refuse to address their feelings, they are turned inward and show up later as physical problems. Angina is a common reaction to stress. Also, I see a lot of ...
  10. TopazStone

    What's your diagnosis?

    OK, here's the psych nurse input. Thyroid levels need checked-- possibly hyperthyroidism. With the use of Zoloft, could she have had an anxiety attack? I frequently have pts who c/o the symptoms that I think are cardiac related. The absence of ches...
  11. TopazStone

    Missed visits

    We are mainly Medicaid. We manage meds and long term physical problems because the patients are constantly hospitalized if we don't assist (ie, check BS, apply skin treatments) and we do some social work as well. No, we don't decide when to D/C. I...
  12. TopazStone

    Hire a nurse? In Twin Cities, that's the $10,000 question

    I love how they keep saying that better bennies and salaries will drive up the cost of health care. If you pay well and appreciate your employees-- how much better will staff retention be? The cost of training new nurses and using agency to cover c...
  13. TopazStone

    Missed visits

    Now that the Summer is upon us, I have had an increase in missed visits. Either the patient calls to D/C or they just plain aren't home! The salary nurses have a weekly quota and visits are scheduled the week before. The missed visits do not count...
  14. TopazStone

    wound care formulary

    We just had an inservice from a wound care nurse. Some supply companies are hiring them and they will come and do consults and F/U. They even call the doc to ask for treatments. Check around to see if you can find one in your area. They will give...
  15. TopazStone

    Just Venting

    Hoolahan, Take a deep breath and let it go. It seems that many people in the system want to find somwhere to lay blame, and it is not usually on the patient. Most of our patients are sent to us for noncompliance issues. We try to call prior to ...
  16. TopazStone

    late charting in home car

    I have to take a notebook into the home with me to jot notes. You don't want your delusional, paranoid and agitated patient to see you document that they are "paranoid, delusional and agitated" lol. Our notes are due weekly and we are going to "off...