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I'm new here and just curious....Is it me and my group of friends or are there a lot of nurses (or medical professionals) that are married/dating people in law enforcement? What is the connection... Read More

  1. by   Kris10lp
    Where we live the main places to work are one of the prisons (we have two) or one of the hospitals (three in the area). Plus I think it is the shift work thing. My fiance (a CO) jokes that every prison guard needs a nurse.
  2. by   jenrninmi
    When I was in my first semester of nursing school, one of my instructors stated that the most common is RNs married to Engineers. Which is what my husband and I happen to be.
  3. by   Lacie
    Here's another twist, I was a PO before I became an RN. I married a PO (State Trooper) and was offered a ST position myself. My hubby didnt want me staying in the field so I went to Nursing School for my bsn. Well divorced him after 9 years and I'm still a nurse and he's no longer a PO (he's now working manual labor for $7.50/hr at 50y/0). Ironic isnt it lol. Now I'm trying to get into correctional nursing .
  4. by   2008nurse2b
    I am still pre nursing but my dh is a police officer. Most of his cop friends were married to nurses, my dh is afraid when I become a nurse we will end up getting divorced, because he has watched all his friends get divorced after thier wives become nurses. I keep telling them it is not what they are it is who they are.
  5. by   Ohmygosh
    I am a student and my hubby is not in law enforcement but....
    My sister is an RN and she is married to a criminal investigator for a local county sheriff's department.
    My brother was a police officer before going to nursing school...he met and married a wonderful lady in nursing school. She is now working as a nurse and my brother has hung up his stethoscope and picked his bullet proof vest back up---he is a DEA agent and a non-practicing RN.
  6. by   mommy2boys
    I'm not a nurse yet (still going to school), but I married someone in law enforcement (a correctional officer). Most of the people that he works with (patrol and corrections) aren't married to anyone in health care. We only know 3 other couples that are health care/law enforcement.

  7. by   Altra
    I think there are some connections that foster this: an understanding of what it's like to work shifts, a mutual understanding about dealing with the general public, the willingness to help others, and the personality traits that allow a nurse or an LEO to step into a life-or-death situation & do what needs to be done.

    Not married to an LEO, but I work in the ER, the nice little intersection of medicine, EMS and law enforcement ... :spin:
  8. by   StrwbryblndRN
    I have several friends in this situation. I have also asked if there was a link based on their crazy schedules. For some there was and others stated they met each before their current careers. I am leading to believe that much of it is personality.
    My husband and I worked overnight for non medical/law enforcement companies. (Not the same company) He is going to school to get his criminal justice degree and I will graduate with my RN this May. He is not exactly becoming a police officer but somewhat similar. (He originally wanted to become a cop).
  9. by   classicdame
    I know a lot of nurses married to nurses, police or firemen, or something similar. I guess it is because they are the only ones who will believe you when you tell them how weird people can be.
  10. by   RN4NICU
    I actually don't know any nurses married to police officers (and I work in a pretty big unit). Most of the married nurses I work with are married to other nurses/CRNAs/NPs/physicians/residents. Aside from them, I know quite a few who are married to teachers, some who are married to business-types (accounting, marketing, etc), some married to lawyers, and one who is married to a pastry chef, but none married to law enforcement.
  11. by   suehp
    I have been married to a Police Officer for 14 years (he is now medically retired). We are from Great Britain and a lot of nurses I know over there are married to Police Officers too
  12. by   buddiage
    I'm married to a fireman- he was 28 and I was 21. We met while volunteering on a fire department (he was ate up, now is down to earth).

    I am now a nursing student, with 3 more semesters to go.
  13. by   burn out
    I also remeber hearing (in some marriage and the family class) that nurses and police officers have the highest divorce rate than other occupations..hope that isn't the connnection.