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  1. mommy2boys

    Question about striking nurses?

    Our local hospitals nurses voted to strike because they are not getting what they want with their contract (a 11% raise and no more floating are the major reasons). I'm not a nurse so I don't understand their reasoning to strike to "protect their patients". Could someone please explain to me why striking will help protect their patients. I have always felt that there are some professions that shouldn't be able to strike (walk off the job), police, fire and nurses and doctors. My husband is a correctional officer and they had to solve their contract (which they did) without striking so I know it can and does get done. I'm not trying to start a huge debate, I just want to understand why striking will help the patients. I know that in the long run it will help, but what about the patients now? Let me finish off by saying that I feel that the nurses are not asking for anything out of line, I just don't understand how walking out is going to help solve anything. Thanks for your input Erin ps I think that nurses rock and that is why I am going to school to be one.
  2. mommy2boys

    What questions should I ask a surgeon?

    I'm starting the interviewing process to have a tummy tuck, and I need to know a few questions to ask the surgeons to get a better feel for their experience. I have 2 doctors in mind that both have recommendations from my PCP and my OB. (One has done work for my friend and she has recommened him). So if anyone has some questions that I should ask as well as other places I should look for recommendations please let me know. Thanks in advance Erin
  3. mommy2boys

    Have you seen late pregnancy turn women into monsters?

    I was the same way with both of my pregnancies. The sound of my husband chewing and breathing made me want to hit him. I agree with the other posters when they say it is probably just the the lack of sleep, hormones and anticipation. I hope you feel better soon. Try to make some time for yourself, that always made me feel a little better. Erin
  4. mommy2boys

    Medical charts- do hospitals keep them?

    If your films are digital, they can print them off and they look like regular films. I had to have a CT scan and my Urologist doesn't have the tech. to see the digital films so they printed off the films for me to hand deliver. Erin
  5. I'm not a nurse yet, but I've been a patient more times than I can count. The worst experience was when I was in the ER passing a kidney stone and the nurse had missed my IV twice (I usually have a 2 stick rule, but I was in so much pain all I wanted was my IV and pain meds). After yelling at me 2 quit crying, she started to take off my socks and poke around on my feet. After I asked her what she was doing, she told me she would have to stick my feet because she couldn't get an IV anywhere else. (she still had my other arm to try) After I begged her to try on my other arm and that I didn't want an IV in my foot, my DH had to "ask" her to leave and get another nurse. She left in a huff, complaining about how rude I was and how I was over reacting. The best experience came right afterward when another nurse came in to give me my IV. She said sorry for the treatment I was getting from the other nurse and got my IV with the first try. After she started my IV she stayed with my to make sure my pain was under control. She also rubbed my head and was very motherly (she was my age) until my pain was better. She was on top of everything and made me feel like I was being a trooper. She made a point of telling me that I had handled passing a stone seem like a walk in the park even though she know how painful they are. After I was feeling better I sent a note to the hospital telling about the care I had gotten from my second nurse and sent flowers and cookies to the unit as a big thank you for all of their wonderful care.
  6. mommy2boys

    How Helpful is Being Bilingual?

    Around here (Northern California) a lot of hospitals will pay you more an hour (not sure how much) if you bilingual. If you speak Spanish or Punjabi (East Indian - we have a very large east Indian community) you are worth your weight in gold. So my guess is that being bilingual is a huge plus. NOt only with nursing but with many other jobs.
  7. mommy2boys

    Frustrated! 6 year old will NOT allow exams!

    My boys go to an pediatic dentist and it seems to help a little. Our doc has tv over the exam chairs so the kids can watch them. When my oldest bite his hand (very hard) the doctor was very calm about it and he seemed to relate to him better than my dentist. With my youngest the I held him (more like layed on him) while the doctor did a quick check. Sometimes kids wont stop fighting the doctors and you just have to hold on to them with all you might. Trust me, doctors see patients like this all the time (not all of them are children). Just try to prepare her as much as you can (explain what they will do before she goes in) and just let her screem. IF all else fails, you could bribe her with a trip to the toy store if she sits still long enough to do the exam. Good luck Erin
  8. mommy2boys

    20 week twins PTL

    I'm not a nurse, but I went into labor w/ my second son at 21 wks. They did everything they could to stop my labor and luckly they kept my kid in until 35 wks 2 dys. I couldn't imagine me letting any doctor induce me at 20 wks just because of PTL, I would have left that hospital RUNNING if anyone even suggested that. Who knows why that mom let it happen or even wanted it to happen. JMO Erin
  9. I was how your ER/hospital would treat a stroke patient. What are some of the different treatments for a mini stroke vs a massive stroke? I'm not looking for medical advice, just on how different hospitals treat a patient that presents with a stroke. TIA ERin
  10. mommy2boys

    car seat safety

    Around here, the fire department and the police dept. have car seat safety workshops. I would try calling your local departments and see if they do it. Maybe they can give you some information. Erin
  11. mommy2boys

    Friend in Hospital

    I'm not a nurse yet, but I wanted to wish your friend to a speedy recovery. And even if you can't be his nurse, you can still be their for them. Erin
  12. mommy2boys

    Abuse cases in the ED. How....?

    "I don't think I posted anything that might lead to that thought, but it sure was in my mind that morning. Just from watching the 13-14 yr old interact with the baby. She showed more concern than mom, was more attentive to the baby, acted more like a mother than big sister. I have 4 children of my own, and though all of my older ones were concerned about the younger siblings, it was nothing like what I saw. She acted responsible for the baby, was able to give more concisde information than mom, etc. I really don't know if the 13 yr old was the mother, but thats what my gut instinct was telling me. And, though not a lot of yrs experience as an RN, have learned to go with my instincts, and am rarely wrong. Unfortunately, I cannot follow up on this one to see. " The 13 yr old could very well be the mother, but it could be a very concerned older sister. I have heard of siblings turning into "mother" figures when there is abuse in the family. She may have witnessed (or has been) abused and wants to give this child some sort of mothering. I have a friend that came from a very abusive family (drugs, very violent mother, etc) and she turned into the mother for her siblings. At 10 yrs old she did the best she could, but what 10 yr old really knows how to be a parent? After years of abuse, the state finally took the kids and she was able to be a child also. Either way, my prayers go out to this child and the other children living in that household. Hopefully the state will come in and help this poor inocent kids from their worthless mom. Thank you for being concerned about this child and showing her some compassion in her life. You are a wonderful person and nurse to care about her. JMHO Erin
  13. mommy2boys

    does the FOB really get cursed out????

    I'm not a nurse (so I don't know how often this happens)but when I had my boys I didn't yell at my DH. I did curse like a some, but not at anyone. I did tell him very matter of factly that he was not to come near me w/o getting fixed after having my 2nd son w/o pain meds (we had already choose not to have any more kids beforethe birth). I thought my nurse was going to choke from trying not to laugh. I also said "I quit, I'm going home." during both of my labours. My nurses told me that I could go home but they were positive that I would be back and that leaving would not make the pain stop. Erin
  14. mommy2boys

    YOU as a Pt-what would you allow a student nurse to do?

    I'm not a nurse yet (trying to get into NS) but I would let a SN do anything one time. If you can't get it on the first try, sorry but get someone else (it could be a different SN). Now if it was for my kids, sorry I only want experienced nurses and doctors working on them.
  15. mommy2boys

    The bigger they are, the more stubborn they are..

    And this is news to you? I found out many years ago that that statement is almost always true. I'm married to a correctional officer former Marine and he is the BIGGEST BABY know to man. He acts all big and tough but when it comes down to it you need a 2x4 to knock some sense into him. I can't speak for that man, but my guess is that he would have gone to the ER after the shock (and pain) kicked in. Sometimes "manly men" just want a little extra attention so they can show off "how tough they are". I'm glad everything turned out well for him and you were there to help his wife (because I think you helped her more than anything) as well as him. My bet is that he was "acting tough" but was really scared out of his mind. Erin
  16. mommy2boys

    Skeptical of Ultrasound at 12 weeks! Any advice??

    I had to have a series of US with my first pregnancy, the tech (licensed and someone who I had many scans with over they years) said that I was probably having a boy when I was 16 wks, but that I shouldn't get to happy yet (we wanted a boy first). I had to have 2 more scans later and they "showed" I was having a boy. The tech said that they really can't tell before 16 wks. At 12 wks I wouldn't believe it, I would wait until you get scanned later to start painting the nursery. BTW, Congrats on your newest family member!!! ERin