Non-Nurses calling themselves a Nurse

  1. The school district my child goes to has a CNA in the school clinic, who refers to herself as "The school Nurse". I thought she was either an LVN or RN until last week when she had me come pick up my child from school. She had a little nausea but, she said she needed to stay out for two days due to a small rash on her face that she diagnosed as "Wingworm"! She told me to get an over-the-counter anti-fungal and treat for two days when she would be allowed to return to school! (I think that is practicing medicine w/o a license?!) I asked did she mean ringworm-she said no,, I had her write that down on the standard form they use when children are sent hm. Maybe the school board is exempt from following the law?!
    Well, I took her to our family Doctor who said, she doesn't have ringworm-it's impetigo and prescribed bactriban.
    My beef is that the teachers even refer to her as the school nurse-I wonder if
    they even know the difference between an LVN or RN and a CNA? I sent a letter to the Assistant Superintendant for the district but, have not heard a reply. I think I am no different than most of you who have worked hard for your RN or LVN license and earn the respect of being called a "Nurse". I was a CNA before I was an LPN and have now been an RN over 20 yrs. As a CNA, I knew my place and my limits of practice. Any other parent or Nurse concerned about this?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I think there is a school district in TX that is looking for a lawsuit or two. I would not let this slide, if I were you. You can write a letter to the authorities who certify nursing assistants and to the Board of Registered Nursing, detailing this individual's lack of competence. If no action is taken, it wouldn't hurt to get the media involved. What will it be next time?
  4. by   Rme4life
    at schools i have also heard people who are there to help the teacher refer to themselves as teacher. i know this is not against the law, but i find it disgraceful for someone to let people think they have accomplished something they have not (like go to college to become a teacher).

    i would be very angry as a parent if this happened to me.
  5. by   NurseBranch
    As a CNA myself, I can not fathom the idea of taking on a position such as this one....very scary. As a mother, be a thorn in the school districts side and continue to follow up. If you don't get answers soon, go to the state. This is such an unsafe environment for kids. I am shocked.:uhoh21:
  6. by   grammyr
    It is probably against the BON rules. She could possibly be prosecuted as an imposter. DO NOT let this drop
  7. by   hogan4736
    "wingworm" - That's a new one...others I've heard from "nurses"


    "sugar diabetes"

    "O2 stats"
  8. by   TNNurse92
    Several states have statutes protecting the title "nurse". It appears that TX is in the process of enacting this law. I found the following article on the ANA website.
  9. by   sissiesmama
    THAT IS SCARY!!! My huband and I are both RNs,and we have 2 boys, one that's 8 w/ no medical history, and one that is 14 who has asthma. That is one heck of a lawsuit just waiting to happen, in my opinion. Ive never been a school nurse, but as an ER nurse I know that something critical could happen to a child, teacher, ect. while there.If the school board or sup. knows how she is representing herself, not to mention misdiagnosing a child,
    they will be setting themselves up for multiple lagal issues.

    Also, I didn't miss too much class when I was in nursing school, but did miss every bit of the lectures on WINGWORMS!! That's too funny, but this is a serious matter, one that could end up in disaster, Don't let it drop - you would be potentially saving a lot of innocent children.

  10. by   donsterRN
    Quote from hogan4736
    "wingworm" - That's a new one...others I've heard from "nurses"


    "sugar diabetes"

    "O2 stats"
    And these:

    Prostrate cancer

    Spinal Bifida
  11. by   Pumpkin1621
    When I was younger I went to school in Texas and a similar situation happened to me.

    I fell off the swing set at the playground (this was a good 10 years ago) I went to the school "nurse" and was crying about my arm. She told me I was just trying to go home and she wasn't going to fall for it. She sent me back to class. My arm was hurting so bad I went back again that same day and she gave me a Tylenol. Then after school my dad took me to the ER, and I had fractured my arm in two spots. My dad didn't make a big deal out of it, but she had this awestruck look on her face when she saw me the next day in a cast. Definately keep on top of this before something like that happens at your child's school!
  12. by   justme1972
    If that were me, I would go one step further, on a public arena.

    Send a letter of your situation to the Editor of the local major newspaper...I GUARANTEE they will print it....then sit back and watch the School Board's phone ring off the hook.
  13. by   Lisa CCU RN
    She must have not known you were an RN.

    At least she could have given the right treatment for the "wingworm".
  14. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]it is scary and infuriating to see non-nurses presenting themselves as nurses -- this often happens in the doctor's office. i make sure to inform them that it's illegal to present themselves as nurses if they haven't passed boards. what also makes me angry is the idea that if a nurse loses her job, she's a "former nurse." i'm sorry, mom. your friend's daughter lost her job, not her license. that means she's still a nurse, albeit an unemployed one at present!