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  1. grammyr

    California judge rules only nurses can give insulin to kids

    As the grandmother of an 8 year old diabetic I think ALL schools should have nurses. Not necessarily RN,but at the very least LPN. I don't particularly want anybody who isn't familiar with my granddaughter's condition or how she acts when she is hyper or hypoglycemic responsible for her care.
  2. What is this comment supposed to mean???
  3. I was fortunate to volunteer at the PMAC in Baton Rouge after Katrina. The evacuees there were truly grateful for everything that was being done. We treated about 5000 people while I was there. There was only one violent incident as far as I know. Fast forward to 2008. I live and work in NW Louisiana and while I didn't volunteer at the shelter being written about, my little town did have some evacuees. The only news we received about the shelters was the bad stuff that the evacuees were mad about. There wasn't anything about the behavior of these people. Maybe this nurse was attempting to tell the story from the other side of the fence and how some people can not be made content. Yes, there was a problem with showers, but in the face of disaster, is a shower tops your priority list of things to need? I would think that most people would be happy with a roof over their head and food on the table. They weren't happy because the kids didn't have something to keep them occupied. I wasn't aware that the job of the volunteers to keep your kids occupied. Lots of people I know have volunteered at shelters and the consensus among them is that there are a lot of good people at these places who are grateful for what is being done. But as with anything, there are those who make a lot of noise cause things aren't like "home". A shelter isn't meant to be like home, its meant to be a temporary place to stay until you can get back home. So, I guess what I am saying is that unless you have walked a mile in these volunteers shoes, you have no right to open your mouth and judge them. If you weren't there, you don't know.
  4. grammyr

    I am being written up!

    Why did your manager wait months to write you up and why were you written up? If the next nurse had checked her orders, she would have found the change and not made the med error. Yes, you made a mistake, but you weren't the only one. Don't beat yourself up over this, just take it as a learning experience.
  5. grammyr

    Can i get all of your opinions? Confused

    this type of behavior is not acceptable nor should it be tolerated and sets me on fire. by asking this question, deep down inside you know the answer. how long have you been there? run now while your license and sanity are still intact. you deserve better!!!!!!!!!
  6. grammyr

    Thank you notes to patients?

    Since your manager was kind enough to hand write 50, maybe she will volunteer to continue writing, handing them out, and collecting them.
  7. grammyr

    Drug rant: Legalized Dope Dealer, RN

    This is a battle no matter where you work. The difference is in admin's attitude. We have a new CEO and is 100% behind the docs when they determine that the patient is non urgent. If found to be non urgent, the patient is then asked for insurance copay or $75. up front. We do have people who pay $75 for that script for Lortab or Percocet. This is a new way of thinking for us because we have never had an admin who has the stuff to stick with the rules. One way to stop that buzz from the drugs is to give IM injuctions. We have done that if the patient has no need for an IV.
  8. grammyr

    Best Holiday gift given be your hospital

    What's a holiday gift???
  9. grammyr

    Gustav Roll Call

    Northwest LA here, just wind and expecting rain. The weather says 6-10 inches but as fast as it's moving, maybe just a good soaking. Keeping my fingers crossed because not only will my house flood, but our entire neighborhood will flood. Just pray for slow rain. UPDATE: Tornado watch area is one parish over (according to the weather channel). Just wait and see
  10. grammyr

    Hurricane coming: evacuate or stay and work?

    tell your mom DO NOT TRY TO HEAD TOWARD MISSISSIPPI. Tell her to head north. The contraflow has started and she may not be able to get anywhere except stuck in traffic.
  11. grammyr

    Differences b/w rural hospital vs. a large city hospital

    I have worked in both and work in a rural facility now. I wouldn't trade the experiences I have in the rural place for anything. There are definite disadvantages to working in small places such as not seeing the more unusual and critical patients. If they come to us, we ship them to the bigger tertiary care facilities. The smaller hospitals offer the opportunity to experience more autonomy at times. You really learn to rely on the skills and experience of your coworkers. I agree that the basic nursing skills are the same, but in a rural hospital there aren't separate units for everything. You may be taking care of a COPD'er in one room and a 1 year old with febrile seizures in the next. On a more personal level, the emotional support from peers in unbelievable in a rural facility. When one hurts, we all hurt. We cry together and we laugh together as a family. I have had the opportunity to work in large facilities but never got comfortable with it.
  12. grammyr

    Charting Wounds

    Go to www.npuap.org There is lots of helpful information on staging wounds on this site. We used it to revamp our wound care policy and protocols..
  13. grammyr

    How to dodge HIPAA?

    If he was there because of an auto accident, the police should have been aware or made aware of the accident. We have to call on all accidents,dog bites, crimes,etc unless the patient is accompanied by police or EMS. If I report an accident, I only tell them that there are accident victims in the ED and where the accident occurred. It's left up to law enforcement to followup. I just document that I called and what time they get here.
  14. grammyr

    Returning for my RN advice

    Why not try getting a job as a CNA and then work on going back to school? If you really did love it when you did it before,try it again. Then you can start taking classes one at a time and work toward your degree that way. Good Luck on whatever you decide to do.
  15. grammyr

    Is this illegal?

    In our state, it doesn't have to be posted and even if it is a relative of a board member will always win.