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Well I had a hell of a night in OB, a sullen rude labor patient even after the epidural, and whining about keeping the moniter belts on- yes they HAVE to be there. Her SO pissed and moaned about it... Read More

  1. by   EricaCCRN
    Our codes were called overhead (stupid though, cause in the ICU we ran our own) but anyway, a visitor in the waiting room came into the ICU, saw what room the code was in tried to walk in saying, "what's going on in here?". Then, after I told her to go jump off a bridge, she waltzed out to the waiting area, and said "anyone here for bed #11? That's where they have the code blue." Needless to say, that family freaked cause this dipcrap shot her mouth off before someone could speak to the family in a matter-of-fact manner. I swear some people were raised in a barn.
  2. by   canoehead
    Yep, all these things and more happen at our hospital. How about the HR decreasing to the 20's, ask the family to step out sowe can have room to work. Immediate family leaves, and becomes tearful outside which causes the girlfriend and neighbor to press noses up against the window to see through the crack in the curtains.

    And admin will not spring for curtains that close off the trauma rooms to prying eyes, not enough room to even transfer from stretcher to EMS gurney without flashing the hallway.
  3. by   nell
    Originally posted by Flo1216
    Also, what about the hospital employees who have relatives as impatients?

    What a great typo! :roll
    Ummmm, it was a typo wasn't it? :wink2:
  4. by   Repat
    I LOVE the 'I have time'. we even have a notice 'Remember, the doctors are our clients, too'. I want to tear that down every day I work!
  5. by   RyanRN
    THE DOCTORS ARE NOT OUR CLIENTS, we make their job POSSIBLE. And I choose to remind them of this in a ever-so polite way at appropriate points in time.
  6. by   SherRN
    Bless you all. I thought it was just me. Yesterday I was Float Nurse and happened upon a wife that was in the hall and looking harried. May I help You I say ? Yes my husband's IV "came out. ' This is the same one I just started 45min ago. Lovely 20 in the only vein he had. I enter the room look for another vein she says he itches I say he has an epidural and I will get his nurse and get him something for it. She is not happy she says he only itches at his nose from the tape from the ng tube. I explain that he was itching when I put his IV in. He was itching at the neck and chest and I had brought that to the attention of his nurse.
    Next thing I know I have found a new vein and she is irate with me. She does not appreciate her husband being medicated for itching since he is not itching. How dare I come in and take over. She is a nurse with 45years experience and a BSN. She is sorrry later if she "upset me. Perhaps she had had too much experience for me to deal with. "
    I just looked at her smiled slightly and left. I say "SHOOT MOST FAMILIES AND PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY."
  7. by   mark_LD_RN
    yes we have the doctors are our clients motto here
  8. by   Dr. Kate
    For awhile a place I worked had the clever motto, on a pin we were all supposed to wear, of course, "satisfaction guaranteed." Can't you tell someone in marketing came up with that one. Gee, you Dad died, hope you're satisfied. There are something I just won't do or say. One of the places I work also has that "I have the time" tag line. Dang fool thing to say to anyone for any reason. I just stop at "is there anything else I can do for you/ you need." No point in opening up something you can't close.
    When all else fails turf it to the house mouse, they have the time to deal with the fools who think the nurse is there for their convenience.
    I once had a dog guard offer to sic the [attack] dog on someone who was being a PIA. Turned him down, occ. wish he was around with that dog to take care of some people. I bet that doesn't qualify me for a mission spirit award in compassion.
    Most of the time it's not the patients, we have ways of dealing with them, it's the visitors. And heaven save you from the local celebs/politicos, there's entitlement and then there's, "well, do you know who I am?" I always want to say, whatever makes you think I care?
    Oops, my bad attitude is showing, better go back to work.
  9. by   RoadRunner
    What about the highly entertaining "other patient":
    "What's this patient's problem?" "Did he have an accident?" " Is he dying?"
    I work in ICU and I HATE the feeling that visitors came to see a reality show.
  10. by   K O'Malley
    On our unit a patient who had gone for a Thallium test came back to her room to find the husband of the patient in the other bed taking a nap in her bed!! The other patient explained that her husband was tired, didn't get much sleep the night before!!!
  11. by   fab4fan
    Originally posted by deespoohbear
    Visitors! My favorite subject. NOT! I could just scream sometimes. I work Med-Surg in a small county hospital. Everybody knows everybody (or probably related) and they call or visit often. It can get really messy with some of our Amish families who have upwards of 14 or 15 children/siblings who all come to visit at once. I had a pt one time who was given a pretty grim prognosis. This family hovered over this poor pt non-stop. I mean, they were in the pt's face 3 feet, 10 people at a time. The pt would then have major anxiety attacks that would require IV diazepam to control. After 2 days of this nonsense I kicked everyone out and put a sign on the door that said "2 visitors at a time, 15 minutes each." The son called the pt's family doctor and told the doctor that the nurses were taking over on the med-surg floor. (What a neat concept ). I got the funniest call from the doctor's office nurse. I told her I had taken all I was going to take and if the doctor would give me an order to limit the visitors I would be more than happy to write. The doctor thought the company was too overbearing also, and we compromised at 4 visitors at a time. At least I had a doctor who was willing to back me up and say that the visitors were too many and were distressing the patient (not to mention the

    Anymore, I pretty much do what I think is best for my patient and to heck with the visitors. I have a duty to take care of my patients first. If the suits don't like it, tough. Patients don't come to the hospital to entertain, they come because they are ill, need surgery, or they are having a baby. The best thing that could happen to these suits who are making up the rules is let them become a pt and then have the visitors come in non-stop 24/7. After a few of them get to experience the joys of open visitation, maybe things would change. I doubt it though.
    deespoohbear: Don't even get me started on Amish pts/visitors...I live smack in the middle of Amish country, and the visitors can drive you nuts...if the smell of the BO and barns doesn't take you out, first.

    They used to cruise the halls at the one hosp. where I worked, craning their necks as they walked past rooms...if you asked them if they were looking for anyone in particular, they always say "no, why we're just looking." Geez, that's what I say when I'm shopping.
  12. by   deespoohbear
    Fab4Fan: The Amish in our area are some of the most conservative around. I mean, these are old, old, order Amish. When they come to visit, they come in herds of 50 to 100 at a time. The smell can get pretty strong at times too, like you mentioned. The smell of kerosene and BO about makes me toss my cookies everytime. Ever try getting all those hair pins out of the ladies' hair before they have surgery? That is a treat! Fab4, where do you live? I live in Indiana. The Amish are definitely a sub-culture all of their own. Then with their limited education it can be a real challenge to do teaching. And, with most of them not having any kind of medical insurance it can get really touchy about treatment, meds, and such. Sometimes dealing with these Amish families just drive me right over the edge. (Which wouldn't be too far of a drive. ).
  13. by   fab4fan
    deespoohbear: I live in PA, right in the heart of Amish country. We have verything from Old Order Mennonite, Old Order Amish, MCC name it.

    Getting all those pins out can be a think you've got them all, and then the OR calls to bawl you out because there were still pins in the pt. hair.

    They do come in in packs...and then if they're in the ED as a pt, you're supposed to drop what you're doing and get that pt seen and treated first, because they have a "driver" and are paying for him.

    I don't mean to bash here, they can be really nice people, but they can try your patince to extremes at times.