No holiday pay!!??

  1. Hi all! I am an intern at a hospital and I just found out the other day that the nurses don't get holiday pay. They just get an extra day off sometime throughout the year. I wouldn't mind working Christmas or New Years if I knew I was getting time and half (or something extra)......but no extra money??? This shocked me!! Is this how it works at your hospital??
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    That's how it worked where I used to work. Oh, and some horrible (I wonder how legal?) penalties if you call in sick during the month of November or December.

    Burned myself out there, injured and lost my nerve. Went to another place, doing research and I have office hours! I have enough vacation days to take this entire week AND next for holiday! So I am! Yay! I've never had a 2-week vacation from work, ever before. I'm liking it!


  4. by   2ndCareerRN
    I can't beleive they get no extra pay for a holiday. For working
    7p-7a on christmas eve I got time and a half for the first eight, double for the next 4, and I still get 8 hours of holiday pay for christmas. I worked christmas night and got straight pay.

    If I were at this hospital, you can bet I would be sick on holidays.

  5. by   mhillsrn
  6. by   New CCU RN
    This is the first year ever that my hospital gave time and a half for the holidays and it is only for 11p-11p the 24th - 25th and same times the 31st-1st.....

    Ridiculous .... in my own opinion.... no other holidays do you get any extra pay.....
  7. by   Gardengal
    We have time and a half for working holidays and get another 8 hours off
  8. by   RNforLongTime
    At m current facility, we get an extra day off for the holiday and just get paid straight time for holidays worked. Last place I worked at, we got paid time and a half for holidays worked. Place before that was time and a half for Christmas Eve 3pm till 11pm Christmas Day and the same for New Years Eve 3pm to 11pm on New Years DAY was paid at time an a half plus we got an eight hour paid day off!
  9. by   Tweety
    We get a whopping $2.00 and hour extra! Woo hoo!!! We get presonal days off based on longevity. Vacations/holidays/sick days are all personal days.
    Sorry I dont work anywhere , that doesnt pay me for holidays. If others in the hospital get holiday pay then I shall as well. If not well I wont be there.
  11. by   plumrn
    Our hosp never paid holiday pay until this Christmas. Now, we will get time and a half for Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving. One step forward...
  12. by   itsme
    We get double pay for the holidays worked, or the option of a different day off with pay, if we choose to "save" the holiday instead.
  13. by   Little One2
    Where I work, we get paid time and a half plus get a day off (a stat holiday).
  14. by   cindyln
    We get double pay for working holidays.