New Year's Resolutions??

  1. Okay Guys, that time of year has come again. What are your new year's resolution and did you keep your resolution from last year?

    I'll start:

    To spend more time with friends and family
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  3. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    I don't remember my resolution from last year....if there ever was one.

    This year:
    - Take adult swimming lessons and learn how to swim well.
    - Get in kick-butt shape: rockclimbing, skiing, snowboarding & running.
    - No junk food in the house....healthy food only.
    - Finally knuckle down and get some first-aid/CPR instruction experience.
  4. by   RN ColbyJack
    Resolutions? Hmmmmmmm....

    Drink more water.
    Listen to more live music.
    Exercise: Endurance, flexibility, and strength.
  5. by   jimthorp
    Try not to make fun of the tourists at the gym
  6. by   Tweety
    I plan on sticking to a budget and saving some money. I have to work overtime to do this though, which is a bummer. LOL
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  7. by   bethin
    I resolved last year to resolve not to make any resolutions.

    It worked. I joined a gym, my jeans are looser, I'm moving out, I'm attending college (again) full time in Jan.

    I think this resolving not to do anything works better than saying you're going to do xyz.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    I don't make resolutions . . . . did I say that last year too?

  9. by   DutchgirlRN
    To not make any resolutions and I kept it... I think this year will be a repeat!
  10. by   compassion1
    My signature is my resolution, I guess. I don't do resolutions 'cause it sets me up for failure, I'm afraid. More power to those it works for.
  11. by   TheCommuter
    I hope to lose some weight for health reasons as well as for appearance.

    In addition, I hope to keep the weight off for good.....

    My most important resolution involves applying to local RN programs.
  12. by   donsterRN
    I usually don't make resolutions. This year, though, I'm going to make one. I resolve to be a better person than I was before. Kinder, gentler, with tons of patience and good humor and humility.

    I promise I'll try to remember this the next time someone really annoys me.
  13. by   CHATSDALE
    n o n e

    i am a weak-willed spineless person...if i had kept all the other resoultions i would now be perfect
  14. by   donsterRN
    Quote from chatsdale
    n o n e

    i am a weak-willed spineless person...if i had kept all the other resoultions i would now be perfect

    you are not weak willed and spineless; you are a survivor!!!