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I was a hospital volunteer at 14, a CNA at 16 and an LPN in '70. I'm a single mom of 2 adult "kids" (and one, waiting for me, in heaven). And I'm a committed-to-Jesus, redeemed Christian. Guess that about does it.

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  1. compassion1

    Use for Bugs and Suggestions

    I found where the kudos are located. It just took me a bit to locate them.
  2. compassion1

    Use for Bugs and Suggestions

    I'm probably missing it but we used to have a place where you could see who gave kudos and which post was thanked. I know it's a little thing but it's nice to know when your post is appreciated. Just a thought. Otherwise everything seems great. Thanks.
  3. compassion1

    Prayers thoughts check-ins re Gustav

    I'll be sending my prayers that God will keep you all safe in the palm of His hand.
  4. compassion1

    What kind of LTC resident will you be?

  5. compassion1

    Sleep Hygiene

    Good thread. Thanks for starting it, Zoe. I find that Benadryl or Dramamine can hang you over in the AM. My doctor gave me a script for prn Xanax but that usually works for only 4 hours. And I don't want to get stuck on it so I use it sparingly. I do keep the TV on, quietly, almost like white noise.
  6. compassion1

    Ways to Know you're Addicted to Allnurses

    You get on the site first thing in the morning You get on right after you get home from work You check out any extra posts you may have missed, just before going to sleep If you wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep right away, you visit AN again Yep! I'm hooked. I may not post all the time but I try to keep up on all the going ons and rejoice for those in happy times and pray for and sometimes cry for those in troubled times.
  7. compassion1

    New Year's Resolutions??

    My signature is my resolution, I guess. I don't do resolutions 'cause it sets me up for failure, I'm afraid. More power to those it works for.
  8. compassion1

    Happily Addicted to allnurses.com

    I love it and I sooo relate. Sometimes I wake before the alarm goes off just to check up on whats going on. Yah, I'm addicted.
  9. compassion1

    Have you meet Jnette: "Goody 1 Shoe"

    Jnette, you are one of the best. You care enough to lay your feelings on the line for your patients. I'm very glad you've been given this honor and I'm proud to know you. God bless you very good.
  10. compassion1

    Franemtnurse: Poet Laurette of allnurses

    congratulations fran!!!!! you are an inspiration and i'm proud to know and love you. may god richly bless you and heal you quickly as we need you around allnurses to mother us.:flowersfo :icon_hug: :yeah: :kiss :flowersfo
  11. compassion1

    Introducing Tweety & Trauma Nursing

    congrats tweety!! i'm so very happy for you. yeah! way to go!:balloons: :flowersfo :yelclap: :smiley_aa
  12. compassion1

    Good vibes and prayers for Fun2Care!

    Fun, I'm proud of you. I'll add my prayers to the others. God bless you!
  13. compassion1

    DH dying-need prayers

    Joey- I am SO PROUD of you! You made it! God wants you as a nurse for sure. And you have life experences to draw on that can be helpful to your patients. Nothing dealt with and/or learned is ever wasted. Your job prospect sounds great! If this is where God wants you, you'll get that job. As far as going for your RN, you've been through a lot in the last few months. Maybe you should give yourself a break, take a deep breath and get back on a sound footing. I think that spending some quality time with your DD would be good for both of you. When you feel ready you can always go back for your RN. All IMHO of course. I've often had you and DD in thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted. We really care. God bless you and DD. Marilyn
  14. compassion1

    DH dying-need prayers

    Joey, I pray in agreement with Cheer. I will have you in thought and prayer on Tues. Remember, God is your strength and He will never never leave nor forsake you. He'll be right beside you as you take the test. And we'll be here for you. Keep us posted, OK? Love ya! Marilyn
  15. compassion1

    DH dying-need prayers

    I agree with Tencat. Remember how you said Dan passed peacefully and that you sensed no evil in the room. I know that Dan, in his heart, accepted the Lord's gift of eternal life. God is full of mercy. And many prayers were said on his behalf. God answers prayer and is faithful to those that love Him. You will see Dan again, whole and in Heaven waiting for you. Keep faith, Sister, and don't let the evil one rob you of your peace in Christ by putting doubts in your mind. Marilyn
  16. compassion1

    DH dying-need prayers

    Dearest Joey, I've had you in my thoughts and prayers. It's good for youto get back to your normal activities, but don't spread your self too thin. You need to rest in the Lord and give your self time to heal. It's not in God's nature to give you a vision like the ones you had, to tell you that your DH was in hell. I think you're right in discerning that it was from the father of all lies. He loves to get people upset and their eyes off the Lord. As a King's kid you have the authority to get rid of him in Christ's name and have your peace. Keep faith and feel free to PM me any time. God bless and keep you. Marilyn