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post updated 9-13-02 we have concluded our testing, thanks for everyones feedback. after testing the new chat, we decided to stick with the previous chat program we have been using. for... Read More

    The first time I tried to get in my puter froze up for a minute. I was just about to restart when it kicked in.

    It's fickle-looking as it loads. The words keep changing rapidly at the bottom like it's trying to load something.

    But I hung in there for a minute, and it worked. I have cable too.

  2. by   Swiftee
    I have cable, a 1.6Ghz Athlon processor, and 256 megs of RAM. I rarely have problems with speed on my computer, but this whole chat thing bites the big one. On the first try, it took 30 seconds to load. That's a loooong time. Once it was loaded I couldn't figure out if I actually in a chat room or if I needed to enter one. Couldn't figure out how to change rooms. Tried to reload the chatroom and it locked up the window and very nearly locked my whole computer. Not very user friendly.
  3. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    I like the chat room...........I wish everyone had a time we could meet and chat with each other.
  4. by   cajnet
    for those that would like to try mirc which is a free downloadable chat client for pc users only (no mac or webtv) you can get it from my sister site at
    Look for the downloadable mirc midway on the page the is 2MG in size. Once you download it and connect to the net you will join a room called #coastguard, all you have to type is /join #allnurses
    we can show u how to rid the room called coastguard easily.

    While Brian is testing his chat client, we at cajnet are proud to be part of allnurses and hope that those that wish to come will.
    You can also access it from and click the java and access allnurses from there!

  5. by   BrandyBSN
    I think I might have a solution. I looked at the source code for the new java applet. It points to, but if that was changed to it should run through caj's server, while still keeping the new-java look.

    For those of you not able to connect through the JAVA, there is a way into the new area.
    the server is
    room is #allnurses.

    works the same, and if you are mircing, you can be in both at once.

    but, I really do think that redirection of the applet would work, and I would be willing to help!

    Just let me know
  6. by   P_RN
    Different network Brandy. Worldirc doesn't include which is another network. WorldIrc does have a few US cities on its map:
    | |-Bocaraton.FL.US.WorldIRC.Org
    | |-McLean.VA.US.WorldIRC.Org
    | |-Puntofijo.FA.VE.WorldIRC.Org
    | `-Powell.OH.US.WorldIRC.Org

    I'm fine w/ cajnet using mirc. There's ircle for Mac folks and Pirch as an alternate to mirc for pc people. Of course I'm just not a real fan of java yet.
  7. by   Mkue
    It says it takes one minute to download, I waited over 10 minutes and it didn't come up so I never got in. My computer is fairly new so it shouldn't be slow Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Brandy and PRN, you have LOST me completely.

    Have been going thru cajnet for past year with no problems and even get to laugh with Caj every now and then!
  9. by   Mkue
    Does anyone else get the Download Java machine? when they go to chat?
  10. by   cactus wren
    Hey Brian,
    Chat loaded, but sllloooowwww, had time to put a fresh pot of coffee brewing, but did load fine. Now, I have a puter sooo old it`s almost antique. Unfortunately there was noone in chat, maybe next time, Nancy