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Hi, everyone seemed to be enjoying the name your hospital and salary thread from NY and I noticed others would like to participate and know about other states. So everyone join in. Name your... Read More

  1. by   pedinurse05
    Inland empire southern CA...starting wage is around $25-26/hr new grad. I have 2 years RN & 10 years LVN experience (they give 1 year rn credit for every 2 years LVN experience at my hospital) my base is $32/hr and that includes my yearly increase I just received! This does not include the $4 noc diff or the $4 w-end diff either.
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  2. by   mommy2BCD
    All I have to say is WOW! That's an awesome salary regardless of the cost of living

    Quote from Miss Mab
    I started as a new grad at my hospital in the East Bay of SF in November of 2005. When I started it was $48.00 for night shift and by this last january 1st it was $54-something because of contract increases we got every six months and my one year anniversary. This month I went down to per diem because my boyfriend has me on his medical. Currently---$69/hr nights.
    I've said this on other threads but I could never do this gig for some of the rates I hear out there. I know cost of living is more here but come on! Maybe I don't like nursing enough. I'm not "in it only for the cash" but I do know I would not be in this field if we moved elsewhere. My own health is more important than to put up with alll the crap we do and then not even be paid well for it? Huh uh. More power to you guys....
  3. by   Morgan314
    Isn't it depressing to think with 23 yrs experience as an RN, in my current position I'm making less than the average new grad?
  4. by   Kashia
    San Diego, CA:
    Staff LVN : Sharp Hospital $15 hr
    Agency/registry: LVN $21-24 hr
    RN: med surg $28-32 hr

    Other parts of California:
    LVN: Staff $21-24 hr and kaiser is $ 25 hr
    agency registry: LVN $ 24-28-32 hr
    Staff RN: $30-40 hr
    Agency/registry RN: lots of money!

    moral of this story:
    If you are coming to California, San Diego is the LOWEST paying area and cost of living is HIGH
    Why? hospital reruiters tell me due to large military base, there is open door of nurses here, maybe wife's of military?
  5. by   lucylumps
    NYC average salary for new grads is 65-70k per year. Experience plus certifications increase earning potential. Where I work starting salary is 70K per year shift differential is an added 5K per year plus annual raises as well. Facility offers 12 hr. shifts.
  6. by   Leilah75_RN
    glad i found this thread. thanks everybody for sharing salary scales to us who needs information. i am a nurse about to take the scary nclex. had 6.5 years of nursing in London, england and know very little about the salary scale here in USA. i am currently in San diego and a military's wife. we dont wanna experience what he had experience when he was in iraq during the height of the war. soon my husband will go out of military and it is time for me to do my share. he will study and it is my time to work. thanks so much for bravely sharing the info. way to go guys.
  7. by   KellieNurse06
    I was hired at a hospital in RI.....starting at $21.74/hr & after 3 months it is $22.82 /hr + $1.05 diff for evenings, $2.25 diff for nights, & $3.50 diff for weekends. They have fantastic benefits too.....they give right off the bat 3 weeks vacation, 11 paid holidays, $4500 for school (already done) so $1500 per year for 3 years for already completing your education, then $1250 per yr for school if you are going back for a higher degree,& they pay 90% of your health insurance. I am actually waiting to hear back from them on when to go for my physical......then I start officially!
  8. by   NYRN05
    well i live on long island (NY)

    starting salary for new grad ranges from 28-32/hr. depending if you go into usuallly starting salaries in hospital is at least 60,000. i know some places that start at almost 70,000. and i know cost of living here is more than other places around the country but i would almost be insulted at some of the per hour rates i'm seeing, but then again it should equal out according to your economy in your state. anyways....:smilecoffeeIlovecof
  9. by   sandyis_me
    this discussion definately helps me. I am researching changing careers and going to nursing school. Salary is a big factor as I (and everyone else) have bills to pay and will be increasing my student loan debt in order to become an RN.
  10. by   oualie20
    :Melody: Boston Mass
    New grad 2 months exp
    1 st job Start Sal 26.00/ hr excluding diffs
    Major hospital
    2 nd job start Sal 29.00 / hr per diem excluding diffs
    community hospital.
    yep two jobs.:imbar ..student loans for two undergrad degrees, credit cards that paid for misc nurse related items, rent etc
  11. by   SillyLilly
    $24 - 25 starting in the Chicagoland area---base pay.

    I would love to move to San Diego, but it sounds like the pay may not cut it for me as an RN and my dream to live on/close to the beach..... At least not as I pictured it.
  12. by   EarthChild1130
    I just moved to SW Oregon from Mobile, Alabama, so I'll give both:

    I graduated in 2005 and went to work at a BIG hospital in Mobile, acute care psychiatric ward: paid $23.00an hour with a $3.50/hour night shift differential (I worked 11p-7a). COL in Mobile is wonderful, and I really, really liked the hospital and the area. I am from Alabama originally but I don't know how other places in Alabama pay.

    I moved to North Bend, OR last year because my husband is in the Coast Guard. I make $26.60 an hour now, on a medical/oncology floor (gosh I miss psych), which includes an extra $0.90/hour pay for having a BSN. There is a $3.50 weekend/night shift differential. There is a union here (not at the one in Mobile). I love the area and the COL isn't too's the real estate that is ridiculous here...we bought a house here for $226,000 that at home would've cost about $80,000, and that's the usual here along the coast of Oregon...further, our housing pay from the CG went DOWN $20! They go based on several things I have no idea how to explain, but to make a long story short a house here for $100,000 is a dump...but the people are nice and this is some of the most beautiful country in the world.

    wow...I think I gave more information than the OP wanted! sorry! LOL
  13. by   AsianspicyN
    0-6 months = 28.58 per hour
    7-12 months = 30.62
    13-18 months = 32.66
    19 months = 36.75
    job rate = 40.83

    I think most hospitals in Honolulu, Hawaii may pay the same rate according to the collective bargain agreement with Hawaii Nurses association.