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  1. hollyvk

    Idaho RN Accessory After the Fact in Colorado Murder

    I think many nurses are not aware that criminal behavior not related to their work as a nurse can land them in front of their nursing board. When I was in nursing school in Calif (many moons ago), we had to attend the Calif board's disciplinary hearings one day. I remember a nurse who had gotten a DUI being quite surprised that they were going to suspend her license. I'm not sure how the board was informed about this nurse's DUI. (I'm guessing either the district attorney's office informed the board, or that the board routinely runs a check for new criminal charges against currently licensed nurses). Here's a good overview of what the boards will look at: https://www.ncsbn.org/2016DCM_DJohnston.pdf HollyVK RN, BSN, JD
  2. On Thanksgiving Day 2018, a young mother was savagely beaten to death by her fiance' in Colorado. The fiance's married, long time girl friend is an RN in Idaho. He attempted to induce her to do the murder herself. She could not do it, but had multiple opportunities to report his plans to authorities. And while she didn't participate in the murder itself, she was tasked by him with cleaning up the murder scene in the young mother's condo--and again she failed to inform authorities about the murder. https://www.denverpost.com/2019/02/20/kelsey-berreth-murder-patrick-frazee-nurse-affair I am completely disgusted by this RN's behavior, as I am sure are her former coworkers, friends, and relatives. In addition to permanently losing her RN license, I hope she gets some prison time.