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Hi, everyone seemed to be enjoying the name your hospital and salary thread from NY and I noticed others would like to participate and know about other states. So everyone join in. Name your... Read More

  1. by   joymm24808
    Low starting salary for Rn state of west virginia state salary is posted on web wsaz channel 3 salary for all state employees
  2. by   tater.jake
    I'm an LPN in pocatello, ID and my base pay is $13.24/hr. I just started in January. I'm a noob. The good news is that I get a 15% diff for being PRN and 12% when I work nights. I also get an extra 50 cents on the weekends, so it adds up to just over $17 per hour if I work nights on the weekends. I rarely to though.
  3. by   RNinSoCal
    I just wanted to support and encourage all nurses who do share their wages and benefits with other nurses who are considering switching areas. I love teaching nursing students and precept whenever I can. My students always give positive feedback on how I help close the gap between school and real life nursing. I was fortunate to talk to honest nurses who let me know how much less nursing educators are valued. I can make a 6 figure salary as a bedside nurse, but to teach someone how to do my job would make me lose 35% of my salary. It is so sad for our profession that education is considered to be so non-important. I am not very compassionate toward those who complain of the shortage of nursing professors, who would want to teach under current conditions. I am willing and able to teach, but I always have and I always will "vote with my feet". I value honesty on this site and this thread because it helps us all to make honest decisions for our future. I rarely rant but this is one rant I must have!!!!
  4. by   HisHands
    I used to think I didn't make too much. Now I'm really feeling wealthy.

    I'm an LPN with 2 yrs exp. I work in skilled nursing in a rehab facility for a major hospital in my area. I make 24.50/hr with relatively good and inexpensive benefits.
  5. by   chelli73
    I am currently in the south subs of Chicago making $23.00 base pay with a $3.00 evening diff--no weekend diff...but I am planning to move to NWI for less pay but a better environment....
  6. by   Acey
    New grad in Fairfax, VA hospital - $24/hour. No sign-on bonuses.

    DC hospitals pay a lot more, have sign-on bonuses, more tuition reimbursements - better benefits.
  7. by   bill4745
    Philsdelphia suburbs (south west-Delaware County, 14 years, 3 -12 hour shifts a week=$70k. With OT about $115k.
  8. by   ranchwife
    Wow!!! After reading a few of these postings, it is now loud and clear why Montana cannot recruit and retain good, experienced nurses!!! I am an LPN with 14 years of experience in ER, Med/Surg and Geriatrics and am only making a little over $16 an hour!!! Course, they say that "what ya lack in pay, ya make up for just getting the privilege of living where ya do"...yeah, but the pretty scenery does not pay the bills and put food on the table!!
  9. by   dougledavies
    Great topic, I will be graduating in dec 07, at my current hospital in Charleston SC (Hot as hell) new grads are on $21 p/hr, however I will once graduated move to Knoxville TN, (Cooler) where wages suck at $17.75 p/hr, why is there such a range, on this forum ive seen upto $35. Crazy, I know cost of living is a key factor, but so is the nursing shortage. what can we do about it
  10. by   thomask
    I just hired in as a new grad at a large hospital in Indianapolis, base pay 21/hr I will be on nights so from 7p-11p 3.60/hr and 4.00/hr from 11-7a differential. time and a half for overtime. 5000 sign on bonus for 18mth contract and an additional 2700 for housing or student loans for 2 yr contract. The nurses at this hospital get like a dollar or more an hour every year. My house cost 60,000. 3 bedrooom 1 bath full basement and a little 1 bed 1 bath guest house on the property that brings in 350 a month in rent and my house is only an hour from my job. I hate indiana but it seems I am living pretty darn cheap!!!! I always wanted to move away from here but now I think I might stay. There are a ton of nursing jobs in the Indianapolis area check us out!! I can't believe how much higher the cost of living is in some of these other areas. Thanks for this thread I'm loving it!
  11. by   markas214
    Lehigh Valley, Easten Pa. I have 12 years experience, ER, Tele, M/S. Current base $27.75. No weekend or charge differntial. $0.75/hr nights and eves diff (what the hell is that?). I took the weekend option. $41/hr 7P-7A, Fri, Sat, Sun. Only required to work 3 of 4 weekends which is around $56k/ year working 9 days a month. I work nearly every weekend plus an 8 hour shift every other week (base+diff+$10/hr incentive+ 4 hrs @ 1 1/2 base = $400) which works out to 80 hrs every 2 weeks. I take off 6 weeks each year and make around $85k.A nice house around here is $300k. New grads here make $22/hr. M/S 5-6 patients. ER was the same. I left. ICU 2. In this area nursing homes pay better, $2-4/hr more. I definately believe I deserve a higher salary. I could make $10/hr more in Philly and our COL is the same.
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  12. by   mamason
    Southern Illinois, $28.55 an hour. Cost of living is low here. So, this wage is pretty good. I'm satisfied with my pay.
  13. by   NursefromNY
    Does anyone here work in Jacksonville or Orange Park FL area? Please post salary range TY!