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  1. What is the difference between the hospital CM and SW?

    So it has been a year since I posted on this thread. I can genuinely say case management is the worst job I have had in my nursing career. It is probably one of the least appreciated jobs. I don't feel good about what I do. I am the mean one who ...
  2. Pay grade: experienced nurse vs new grad

    Regarding the IV comments, as a diploma trained RN, we had a great deal of experience starting IV's in nursing school.
  3. How do you like case management nursing?

    Catherine, our expected caseload during the week is 1:25. On the weekends, it's closer to 1:40. The thought is that there is less to do on the weekends, HAHA. The only thing we don't do on the weekends is fax clinicals to insurance companies. We ha...
  4. BSN Only? Give me a break!!

    This is frustrating for me also. I have a Bachelor's in Psych, RN diploma, and a Master's in Health Administration. I have been a nurse for 20 years. I don't feel that another year of school and $15,000 of debt is going to make me a better nurse. (T...
  5. Is this the Job for me?

    I was a correctional nurse for a year and a half. I really enjoyed it. I left because I was the only RN working there, on call 24/7, and I was working all the time. I worked 8 hour days, and if I didn't have an EMT or CNA to pass meds in the evenin...
  6. What is the difference between the hospital CM and SW?

    Where I work, the nurse case managers don't do any patient teaching. We do initial assessments to find out what the patient's support systems are, what their baseline was at home for ADLs. We coordinate with the therapists and the physicians to dete...
  7. Magnet(TM) Certification- Cost-effective?

    Here is what I don't understand about Magnet. I took a job at a magnet hospital. Their requirement is that all new RNs must obtain their BSN within 3 years of hire. I have a bachelors in psychology, a diploma in nursing, and a Masters in Health Adm...
  8. What is it like to be a nurse in a prison?

    I work in a county jail. I love the job. It is very challenging. My biggest stressors are the fact that I am the only nurse working there and I am on call 24/7. I have EMTs and CNAs working for me but if I am short staffed I have to cover their s...
  9. A Time to Heal

    Thank you for writing this. I am 47, and guessing that unless I find a sugar daddy, LOL, I will be working for at least another 20 years. I am in a job now that I love, correctional nursing, but I am on call 24/7. My boss has been good about cove...
  10. Anyone here who hate the holidays?

    Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I grew up close to extended family. Spending time with my cousins was always so much fun. Also, I love to eat. :) I don't care for Christmas so much. It's the pressure of finding the perfect present...
  11. Real vs fake chest pain

    We have a 37 yo inmate who had a cardiac event (after running from police) 2 days prior to entering our facility. Troponin levels elevated. Tox screen negative. Heart cath negative. He has been with us 5 weeks and we have sent him out twice with c/o...
  12. sick call problems

    Are the inmates charged for each sick call? That seems to be a deterrent. Not that we want them to avoid seeing us if they aren't sick. But they are not going to turn in a kite every time they have a hangnail. Also they have to turn in the kites be...
  13. I have only worked for them 5 weeks. Small county jail, census in the 60s. So far so good. For me though it is the deputies that make. The biggest problem I have is the paper work. It seems like we are double and triple charting.
  14. I was wondering too. There was a job posted in our local paper, but I couldn't find it on their website. I emailed the HR guy yesterday. I will let you know if I find out anything about them.
  15. Does the thought of going to your job make you sick?

    What is it about this country and the work expectations. we are expected to put work before our personal life. That just isn't healthy. it's as if my boss says: 'she was able to get that assignment done in 8 hours, lets give her more work tomorrow a...