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heartlover07 is a RN and specializes in Telemetry/CCU/Home Health.

Very happily married mom of two boys

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  1. heartlover07

    How does one enter into this field?

    Thanks so much for the replies, that is very helpful. I will look into those companies.
  2. heartlover07

    How does one enter into this field?

    Hello fellow Nurses! I am posting this for my husband who is a RN at a major hospital here in sunny Philadelphia. He is very much interested in entering the correctional nursing field. We are sort of lost as to the best way to go about finding a position. Is this a very competitive field, or are prisons generally in need of nurses? Should we go through a temp agency? He filled out an application with the state today, but who knows how long that will take. Any information would be GREATLY appreciated
  3. heartlover07

    Swine flu raises fear of pandemic - Adults and Children

    "Are you thinking they are more likely to have family visiting and coming in and out from Mexico?" That's precisely what I was thinking. Of course I would not assume that just because they are of Mexican decent they are higher risk. Many of my child's classmates/teachers/teacher's aides are from south america and travel there frequently to see family members. I am just a little concerned about that. While I know that Mexico City is a big city, should we all assume that people that we KNOW have been to Mexico have never been around an infected person? I know my kids probably would not die from this, but they do need a mom
  4. heartlover07

    Swine flu raises fear of pandemic - Adults and Children

    Is anyone keeping there kids home till we see where this is going? Or am I in overreacting? I do not live in an area that has had any outbreak thus far, but my kids go to a school with a VERY high population of kids from mexican decent, which very much worries me )
  5. heartlover07

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    I work with an LPN who has been doing nursing for many years, she is a wealth of knowledge, especially about wounds. I think LPN's are great!
  6. With the very likely reality that universal health care is upon us, what, if any, role do you think home health care will take in the grand scheme of it? I am a home health nurse and I believe that home care nurses (NP's and docs too) have a unique opportunity help patients stay healthy, and out of the hospital. We can draw labs, provide medication teaching and "tweak" medications (with MD consultation) so that many needless visits to the hospital can be curbed. I think home health care nurses are a very cost effective way to provide preventive and even diagnostic ( to some extent) care without being a "drain" on the health care system at large. Of course, we do get paid but it has to be more cost effective than stepping foot in a hospital! We also have several house call docs in our area who give preventive care to the elderly in their homes, it really helps to cut down on the hospital visits. What are your thoughts?
  7. heartlover07

    New to HH Nursing, I need help with charting

    I have found that the 485 is where I really think about what I want to do for this patient. It gives me a "road map" to follow when planning my visits and which interventions/teaching I plan to perform in a logical sequence. In the beginning I would make a copy of my 485 (it takes a while for the "official" 485 to processed) and refer to it when I was going to do a visit. Good luck and stick with it!
  8. heartlover07

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    My name is Jamie, I have been working in home health since Aug 08. It has taken awhile but I have to say that I LOVE my job! I love my patients (the vast majority of them that is) and have never felt quite so "necessary" in any other job that I have performed. I of course don't love the paper work but have developed a "system" with my paperwork so that it is not so painstaking. It is a small price to pay for the freedom and enjoyment of the work that I do.
  9. heartlover07


    I have just started for this company recently, my preceptor was AWESOME! I have been on my own now for about 2 months and I must say the paper work is starting to be a real drag. I think part of the problem for me is that I am also in school for my BSN, which of course is a ton of paper work and being on the computer too. So in short I feel overwhelmed, but this is not necessarily the company's fault. I think the pay is more than fair, I work 3 days per week in the field (about 10am to 4-pm) and then I spend another several hours at home (prob about 10 hours per week on paper work). I make more than I did full time at a hospital for this. I do not need the bennies cause myself and my kids are on my husband's insurance. Right now i am frustrated because there is a QA nurse who works in the office who calls my voicemail/cellphone many times per day for a bunch of minor paper work corrections that I feel could wait until I make my weekly visit into the office. It is driving me mad.............
  10. heartlover07

    How many patients prefer no scrubs

    I for one prefer to wear street clothes. My patients don't seem to mind, in fact I think they like it. I actually see the fact that I can wear street clothes as one of the "perks" of this job! Wearing scrubs makes me feel like I am in my pajamas all day, and my attitude adjusts accordingly So, that's my 2 cents
  11. Hi all, I am new to home care and have a recently discharged from rehab patient who has a lot of adhesive left on his skin from telemetry monitoring. I know it has been there for awhile because last I checked they don't do tele monitoring in rehab, and he was there for two weeks! He is very upset that no one seems to be able to get it off. Apparently so far alcohol nor soap and water has helped. Does anyone know a good safe way to do this? The patient told me someone told him to use WD40! I could just imagine writing that nursing note. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated! Jamie
  12. heartlover07

    What exactly is Rural Nursing

    I know the camp that you speak of, I worked there for a summer doing the overnight horseback trial rides for the campers! Wow, I didnt realize there were that many injuries there on a daily basis! I know I was one of them, I ended up in the ER after one of the horses threw me on the ground and then proceeded to stand on my femur with all of her weight until someone pushed her off of me! Luckily it was not broken, but i had a huge bruise in the shape of a horseshoe for quite some time :chuckle :chuckle
  13. Hello all I just started with a home health agency and agreed to 21 visits per week. I live in a large city and my area is actually going to be the area I live in, which is about a 5 mile metropolitan area. I do not anticipate a lot of travel time since all of the patients live relatively close to me. What I would like to know is, when I was looking for this type of work i only wanted to work 3 days per week, if I have to take paper work home on my work days I have no problem with it. So my question is, how many hours, given this scenario, do you think I will actually be working? I am totally new to this and have no idea! Thanks a million! PS I know there are alot of variables, such as what type of visits, but a general idea would be great!:heartbeat:D
  14. heartlover07

    Interested in combining nursing with film, any thoughts?

    :yeahthat: I was wondering the same thing!!
  15. Hello all I am a CCU nurse and I love my job (at least now I do :) But I have always been interested in film/television too. Anyone have ideas on how to combine the two? I have been trying to brainstorm but I thought I would put it out here too. Thanks so much! Jamie
  16. heartlover07

    Fresh tidbits on surviving a cardiacstepdown

    If it's anything like the one that I work on, buy some roller skates! Very fast paced, lots of admissions and discharges, learn your cardiac meds (beta blockers, ACEs,CCB's, Anti-dysrrythmics (amiodarone, ticosin), learn how to interpret rythyms. Good luck!