How many hours do you work per week for 21 visits?


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I just started with a home health agency and agreed to 21 visits per week. I live in a large city and my area is actually going to be the area I live in, which is about a 5 mile metropolitan area. I do not anticipate a lot of travel time since all of the patients live relatively close to me. What I would like to know is, when I was looking for this type of work i only wanted to work 3 days per week, if I have to take paper work home on my work days I have no problem with it. So my question is, how many hours, given this scenario, do you think I will actually be working? I am totally new to this and have no idea!

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I know there are alot of variables, such as what type of visits, but a general idea would be great!:heartbeat:D


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40-50. I do 20 visits a week. Paperwork and charting has sucked up my life!


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It really depends on the paperwork your company uses. I have worked for companies that have streamlined the paperwork and others where it is a nightmare!!!

Another variable is whether you are doing starts or daily visits. Starts can take longer, but they count for more points. Daily visits sometimes can be done in as little time as 15 minutes, add the paperwork and it is much less than one hour.

Travel takes a lot of my time. If you are only in a 5 mile radius, and you can see all your patients one after the other, I would think 8 hours a day for 7 patients would be reasonable,,,after you have become accustomed to the paperwork.


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Until recently, I worked 32 hrs(paid by the hr)/wk and averaged right around 21-22 visits/wk. I worked 4 days, though.


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That would be 4 patients a day for a 5 day work week, or 7 visits a day for a 3 day work week. Visits alone, I would estimate no more than 24 hrs. An Lpn doesn't do OASIS packs, so you should be able to complete a note during the visit. This is all considering a 5 mile radius, spending 30 minutes with the patient.

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