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  1. JoycMarr

    Memphis Hospitals Starting Pay

    it does vary some, but average is about $23 an hour base
  2. JoycMarr

    Foreign Nurse need help to get a job in AZ!!

    well, it sounds like you're doing all the right things. I think even though you have experience in another country, some Recruiters may not take that into account and treat you almost like a new grad, so look for those type positions. Also, is your native language Spanish or something else?? I would keep taking the English classes and really market yourself as a bi-lingual nurse on your resume, which should be a big positive, especially for certain positions. Good luck, times are bad for everyone right now, especially new grads, and I really think they may be viewing you just from the time you passed your NCLEX over here.
  3. JoycMarr

    I finally got a job offer!

    I've seen rooms posted on Craigslist, I would just be very careful, and probably would see if there's someone at the hospital who will let you crash (maybe someone who works an opposite shift as you) and give them a little cash as a courtesy. Good luck and congrats on your position!
  4. JoycMarr

    Foreign Nurse need help to get a job in AZ!!

    Speaking from prior HR experience, look closely at your application and make sure you've explained gaps of employment (have you lived in AZ 1.6 years with no work at all?), make sure your references are excellent and can be reached (I've seen applications tossed before because they could not get in touch with any of the references) and I'm assuming you do not have a flagged license? If you do, most hospitals would not consider you. Now, on the other end, if you're actually making it in to the interview, and then not offered a position, then look closely (or study) on behavioral type interviews. Do you speak clear English also? And like the poster above mentioned, apply at places other than hospitals, but I would imagine if you have ER experience there would be hospitals that would love to have you.
  5. JoycMarr

    LVN jobs in Houston texas

    Have you tried at clinics, nursing homes, and retirement homes?? Also, look in the newspaper job classifieds if you're not already, because there are sometimes jobs in there you can't find on-line easily.
  6. JoycMarr

    New Grad needing a job anywhere in TX or any state

    If you're willing to move to AR, there are several hospitals that will hire new grads. You cannot have bad references, flagged licenses, gaps in employment (that can't be justified), so just be aware of that. Try these two that are in Jonesboro, AR (close to Memphis TN): http://www.baptistonline.org/careers/search/search.asp http://www.stbernards.info/html_careerop/jobs.php I've heard the Little Rock hospitals were flooded with new grad applicants from May, so they may not be hiring right now, but I bet it will pick up again in the Spring. Good luck!
  7. JoycMarr

    Best Memphis hospitals for RN's

    Is Methodist the only one that does the $40+ Weekend option?
  8. JoycMarr

    Need advice in NE Arkansas please

    Did you ever get a call? It's odd for either facility not to call and at least ask you a few questions over the phone when there are so many openings.
  9. JoycMarr

    PCT or CNA what's better to start out persuing?

    I would choose the CNA route, because PCT is really just a job description that usually requires you to be a CNA first, or be eligible to test for it. The PCT job description will vary from place to place (some don't perform lab draws for example) and in some hospitals they basically take vital signs, and provide ADLs. Usually the pay scale is exactly the same, but going the CNA route will make you eligible for more jobs in the long run. You might want to check with some of the nursing homes, they sometimes offer free CNA courses in exchange for your employment.
  10. JoycMarr

    Nurses Having Difficulty Finding Employment In Some Areas

    I'm just curious if those of you that are having difficulty finding jobs are willing to RELOCATE for a job? There are plenty of jobs still here in AR, and some for new grads along with more experienced nurses. Same things for TX.