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Hi everybody, I have a question and PLEASE dont anybody blast me for typecasting, this was not MY statement, it was a LCSW I was friends with. She claims that a huge % of nurses are first born... Read More

  1. by   celeste7767
    First born, Dad was a functioning alcoholic and probably drank as a buffer against mom who has severe personality disorder. I have curly hair, not married to cop or paramedic, but am married and will be 40 years this July 7. Not codependent. Cant remember the other things mentioned.
  2. by   RaElrA
    Firstborn. Both parents alcoholics. Hmmm...
  3. by   ern91
    First born,alcoholic father. Dysfunctional family, both sides with a side of mental illness thrown in.
  4. by   jmeador
    2nd girl born. Mom and Dad both abuse ETOH.
  5. by   samaletta
    First born, and father was an alcoholic. My mother didn't let me have anything to do with him. Thank God! I think he's on heroin now.....

    But I did take care of my sister while my mother (a wonderful single woman) worked all three shifts in a mill.
  6. by   Iluvhospice
    Middle child - second girl - first born girl is a doctor, youngest brother is a chemist. Alcoholic father/mother
  7. by   `seagull
    That's a myth not a fact.
  8. by   imtara
    I'm still in school, but I'm an only child. Father was an alcoholic, as well as maternal grandfather and aunt. My mother is an RN, 2nd born w/ alcoholic father.

    Yeah, this is an interesting thread. And my FIRST post.
  9. by   penguin2
    2nd born, oldest girl, and definitely not the family caretaker- my sister assumed that role since childhood & is an administrator (NOT in the healthcare field) & my youngest sis is a psychologist. There is alot of etoh in my family- and alot of denial; dad was a high-functioning alcoholic & quit when I was 12. However, many former alcoholics replace etoh w/other addictions! Also, I have been told by a counselor that most people in the medical profession are codependent, and I have found this to be a fact! Just b/c there is no family h/o etoh doesn't mean there aren't a multitude of other addictions & degrees of dysfunction out there! Some just aren't as obvious as drinking.
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  10. by   chickie348
    Yes i am a first born child. My father was an alchoholic. Mother had a co-dependent personality
  11. by   elizabeth321
    6th of etoh abuse....always the caregiver though.

  12. by   Cmariehart
    Quote from ortess1971
    Children of alcoholics tend to be good in a crisis and sometimes will create drama just so they feel like they are in a "familiar" environment. I know-I've done it!:uhoh21:
    Very very true.... Let's see.

    #1 & only female of 3 kids,
    oldest brother 4 years younger than me- a pain in the butt trouble maker
    youngest brother 5 years younger than me- smart as a whip & good kid

    I'm definetly the caregiver, have to make sure everything is done and things are paid for. Everything must be done, I know where everyone is and what's going on and even my friends and their friends come to me to vent and to fix their problems.

    My Dad was physically/verbally abusive my whole life he left us 2 years ago while I was in LPN school. He drank alot and smoked weed and did other drugs, we has never grown up & I don;t think he ever will. His dad, my grandpa, (who I haven't spoke to since I was 12) was physically/verbally abusive to all his kids 8 in all. My dad's mom, my grandma (don't talk to her either) is an RN-- My dad's family = DRAMA!!!!!

    Mom's family seems pretty normal, they're all southern and they seem weird to me and both my brothers because we're from NY and have always lived here. BUt we have my mom's sick/twisted sense of humor. Mom worked in a hospital when I was little and so did both her parents and her step mom.

    My family = DRAMA
  13. by   arita2
    first born of 2 adopted girls... family caretaker... father was an alcoholic. both parents were often sick or recovering from surgeries, so i took care of them and was responsible for my sister.