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  1. Riseupandnurse

    I pick the days that I'm dumped on....

    My hat is off to the float pool nurses. Floating is the absolute worst part about bedside nursing in a hospital, IMHO. Even when I was treated well, which was almost always, because there was so much about the floor and the doctors I didn't really know. I always treated floaters very well to the best of my ability because what goes around comes around.
  2. Riseupandnurse

    Habits you picked up from work...

    Thinking most of the people I see out in WalMart are fall risks and grading them as to that risk. Tensing up when I see someone start to cough because I expect them to aim straight at me and I will have to jump back. Letting the phone at home ring and ring without answering it...just because I can.
  3. Riseupandnurse

    I just can't do this anymore...

    In general I always thought people shouldn't comment on other people's marriages, because we can't see both sides. However, your story resonates with me because it has been mine. I agree with the poster who thinks your husband is seeing you as a meal ticket. So did/does mine. Now I am still his meal ticket while he uses his substantial disability check to pay for ONLY his own personal desires and indulgences. I have a disabled child to consider, no family support,etc. If that's not the case for you, get counseling and if necessary THROW HIS BUTT OUT and find someone who loves you! Or just throw his butt out and love yourself. Life is too, too short to be miserable and used. And I agree with the people who are telling you to bide your time with the job while pursuing something you would like to do. Those jobs are out there for you. I did do that with the nursing job and eventually got a nursing job that makes me want to go to work everyday. I only wish that part of why I want to go wasn't to get away from Mr. Selfish.
  4. Riseupandnurse

    False accusations.

    Capp---you did the right thing. Please don't listen to people bashing you about your attitude. We are human and can think whatever we want to as long as we don't act out all of our thoughts or verbalize them to patients/families etc. Thank goodness for allnurses where the majority of the people who we vent to understand how very trying and impossible a situation like this is. The ability to control your actions is what makes you a professional, not the ability to control all your thoughts. We would all need lobotomies to be able to do that. And I don't want one.
  5. Riseupandnurse

    Well, it is what it is. Just a revelation.

    After many years of nursing I took a career aptitude test just to see what would happen. I found out my dream career would have been as an architect. :) But I also got a lot clearer on what I liked and didn't like. That helped me come up with an exit strategy WITHIN nursing (but it could have been outside it as well) that helped me face each day. Just a suggestion.
  6. Riseupandnurse

    Med Surg Nurses: How many patients do you care for?

    Five is ok IF they are the same 5 at the end of the shift that you started out with. Unfortunately, that is very often not the case. An admit or discharge is often like having 2 patients instead of 1.
  7. Riseupandnurse

    Angry Nurse here!

    Many years ago I was chatting with an RN I knew who worked OR in a different facility. She said she couldn't stand one of the doctors and a big reason was that he felt free to take anyone's food out of the fridge in the OR break room. She said he would come straight out of surgery without washing his hands and paw through the lunch bags. I thought she had to be mistaken but her OR nurse friend was nodding her head "yes" while she was talking.
  8. Riseupandnurse

    Computers that don't work

    Lots of problems with barcoders. A student figured out to take it into the room still in its charger and then plug it in in the room while scanning. Only way to keep the charge long enough to get through the meds.
  9. Riseupandnurse

    A Call to Action from the Nation's Nurses in the Wake of Newtown

    I agree there is a lot of bias in the poll questions, but I am used to it. I am a member of 3 of the organizations calling for all this stuff. I object to what they do and have told them this numerous times. Have stayed in them despite the cost trying to enact a little change from within, but it's about impossible. Sure we can vote for officers but you can't find out their political opinions from the voting info you're sent. Just knee-jerk liberal stuff from them every chance they get and then they wonder why the average nurse doesn't want to pay big bucks to join their groups.
  10. Riseupandnurse

    Nurses, what is on your Santa wishlist?

    I wish for a job or help with school for everyone who replies to this thread with these needs. My heart goes out to you. For those in practice, I wish that managers could work December 26 in the staff's shoes and then rethink some of the policies. And just to go right over the top: Would it REALLY be that hard for the cafeteria to serve turkey and dressing for those who have to work Christmas instead of the usual hamburgers? (And 15 minutes to eat in peace would be the star on the Christmas tree.)
  11. Riseupandnurse

    Visitors who stay overnight. Vent.

    It is great when a family member understands that nurses are only human and the great majority of us are doing the best we can. The family member that is just there to help the patient and is friendly and a partner to the nurse can be a huge blessing. But as society gets more demanding and hostile there seems to be an ever increasing number of very unhelpful people who want to jam up the patient rooms and use the opportunity to demand red carpet treatment not only for the patient but for themselves as well. We are not staffed for this. If the facilities want these people there then the hospitals need to hire hostesses and life care coaches etc. for the family and let the nurses get back to trying to nurse the patients. Sure it's rough on the nurses when the hospitals put "customer" satisfaction above patient care but it's even worse for the poor patients.
  12. Riseupandnurse

    A Call to Action from the Nation's Nurses in the Wake of Newtown

    I really don't like it when organizations I belong to take detailed stands without consulting their members. The fact is, it's not just access to mental health services that needs improving, it's the commitment of society to protect itself from the mentally ill. Now before you jump all over me: Two years ago the man down the street from us was repairing his roof. When it got dark he quit and went inside to spend the evening with his wife and son. My own son was friends with the older brother, who had moved into his own place as he and my son were both in their late 20s. The younger son, who I will call Cameron, had a history of mental health problems. He got plenty of care and attention from the mental health professionals and his parents, who were educated and caring people. About 1 a.m. Cameron, who had just quit taking his antipsychotic medicine, realized his parents were actually demons. He picked up his father's hammer and killed him. His mother escaped by hiding behind cars parked in our street. It was Cameron's choice whether to take his medicine and everyone had to live with it. Where is Cameron now? Living in a halfway house in town free to meet and greet you and me. Another case in point: A good friend of my son's was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and received plenty of care and attention from his own educated and caring family as well as many mental health professionals. As long as he took his medicine he realized government agents really weren't after him and led his life. He too decided to quit taking the pills and was arrested after flooding a commercial building which housed some government offices, among other tenants. Caused hundreds of thousands dollars worth of damages. Luckily nobody was hurt. My family and I are average ordinary people and other people could tell similar stories. Neither of these cases involved guns. But we just let the (literal) madness go on and on, pretending that people should be able to choose whether to be psychotic and run riot or not. The violence will not stop until we get serious about what free choice really is.
  13. Riseupandnurse

    What's the weirdest thing management has said to you?

    So many choices..... one that sticks out in my mind: Every year there was an employee picnic. One year the powers that be hired some buses to transport the nurses who were working that day out to the fields (about a 5 minute bus ride) on their (nonexistent) lunch breaks so they could frolic in the open air too. Who was supposed to be watching the patients? Never enough staff to run to the cafeteria, let alone do something like that. It was a real slap in the face to see how very little management knew about our actual working conditions. I think 2 or 3 nurses did get on the bus, but I'm sure they were supervisory quality :) so free to be playful.
  14. Riseupandnurse

    Win CASH! Christmas Nursing Caption Contest - $100

    "Since you guys come in here every hour begging for something to do because 'I have the time', I signed you up to make 100,000 toys and ride with Santa. Get cracking!"
  15. Riseupandnurse

    Can I be terminated for this mistake?

    Good grief; stop worrying. I know of a nurse who forgot to get the consent signed, hung the blood and had a family member walk in and hit the roof. Seems they were all Jehovah's witnesses. I also know of a recent case where the wrong blood was hung on a patient. Does that help to put it in perspective?
  16. Riseupandnurse

    Do you cut corners in your daily nursing practice?

    How in the world do you not cut corners?? I am a perfectionist; it has slowed me down all my life. But NOBODY can follow all the rules in a typical shift. Another thing about all that hand-washing; if you don't get them perfectly dry (who has the time), then you have trouble getting the gloves on for the next patient. Since nobody can handle the patient loads we get, staff get cynical and get slacker and slacker until they hurt someone or break some huge rule and get caught, then they're fired. How about some reality in the mix, management?