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  1. i dont know if there is a LOT of slackers - i know we have some but the majority of nursings problem is not slackers so much as management plain and simply not giving us enough to begin my opinion ayhow.
  2. boss took away pts o2

    k checked some facts - 88 % was sao2 - however pt has significant history of copd and chf- was reporting he cuoldnt breath ( also sinificant anxiety problems which have often set him off in attacks) as well as many other significant history of illnes...
  3. boss took away pts o2

    thanks. yes he is well bullying an she has it well documented. my concern is i was taught that no matter what it is our pt it is us who would take the fall.( matter of fact there were 3 nurses whi just finished winning a lawsuit that took over 3 yrs ...
  4. boss took away pts o2

    unfortunalty it was the boss ( read manager ) of the unit and he is an RN - however i contend that it isnt his pt so we would still be liable shoudl anything happen when he did it , when we are fully aware and when he takes over our pt. howwever - st...
  5. boss took away pts o2

    scenario - pt was a friends pt. she had to send him out for an xray of his hand per doc order when he bashed his hand againts the wall and made obvious defomities. he did not wish to send him off stating he didnt see a deformity though doc said it is...
  6. Bed Baths, I dread giving them.

    awesome post :)
  7. Bed Baths, I dread giving them.

    great pet peeves!! as are between toes ( especially on diabetics ), and behind the ears and in ears, as well as any folds if any and higher up crack of rear , and contracted hands - the palms and between fingers are often not done well probably due t...
  8. Dealing with The Yellers

    just tell your patients you are sorry for the noise, that the person is not trying to annoy them on purpose they cant help it and offer the complaining patient some suggestions that may help - offer to shut thier door, get them ear plugs if feasible,...
  9. Drug Testing At Hospitals

    I did not mean to offend you- I was simply stating my opinion and some possible alternate solutions to the meds - I have had some experience with it due to 2 children ( one now an adult herself ) and was trying to help you. sorry if you took it as an...
  10. Drug Testing At Hospitals

    I have 2 kids with adhd . one with meds one without- you should never have tried them meds without getting a doc to check you out. there are a lot of things can be done besides meds that can help depending on the severity. if you already made it thro...
  11. Is it true that a BSN will be mandatory soon?

    this just popped in my head - with more bsn's could it end up that the wage they make could then go diwn ? if ya think about it - if there is more competition in the field wages could actually drop simply by the normal way of supply and demand works...
  12. Is it true that a BSN will be mandatory soon?

    i am quite well rounded now-whole mind:banghead:, soul:saint:, heart :heartbeat, AND body - i dont need a BSN to tell me that. ( before flaming see laughing face ) but serious;ly - i dont need a BSN to feel better.
  13. Is it true that a BSN will be mandatory soon?

    many places have done that in the past in regards to lpns and even cnas cutting them out and only using rns - or only using rns and lpns - but they alwasy bring the jobs back eventually. and it doesnt last long - five yrs down the road and they end ...
  14. Are 12 hour shifts safe?

    i must be tired causethis just blew me away in confusion - when we worked 12's we also were req as was everyone else to wrk everyother weekend ( which is 4 weeknd days per pmonth) but it sure didnt sound like yours. they scheduled us - and if it was...
  15. good for this belief - it is as it should be. as others have pointed out - if its YOUR doc and you are working with him or her, and they happen to have an avaialable min - id say it would be ok ( i did have this once hppen - his nurse made a note to ...