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Hey, just logged on and there are 2000 plus new topics, no way i am scrolling through, anything importan/relevent/fun i NEED to check out? Promise I'll be around more. It's too friggen cold outside... Read More

  1. by   RNforLongTime
    Hey Kewl, welcome back! We missed you!
  2. by   Nurse Ratched
    Very nice to "see" you again!

    (Don't ask about Bob.)
  3. by   prmenrs
    BUBBA--howzit, bruddah!!? Ya'all come back, now!
  4. by   RNFROG3
    The boy is back and you're gonna be in trouble...All right so I'm showing my age! Welcome home!
  5. by   kewlnurse
    thanks for all hte welome back, just pooped in for a second, gotta go back to sleep, tonight is my 3rd of three in a row,
    I'll be psoting soem of the stuff that has been going on in the past 6 months or so, soon
  6. by   Mkue
    welcome back !
  7. by   prmenrs
    You definitely need some sleep, you can't even spell!! You just pooped in?? lol!!

    Bubba--go check those eyelids for leaks and get back to us--we want to hear your tale!!
  8. by   kewlnurse
    well, I am now officially divorced, I live with a very sexy woman 10 years my younger, like you guys expected anything other than the best. Anywho I am extremely happy with her. There aer still some issues with the wife, but thats to be expected. SOn is dealing ok, daughter is too young to care.

    Work has started to suck mostly cuz i work with a bunch of whinny, back stabbing b@tchs, for the most part, we have a new manager and she sucks. I still love nursing but it's getting hard to go to work with these jerks. This is part of the problem with nursing, if this were a male dominated field, and a cooworker pulled some of the stuff these women do, we would have a little "party" inthe parking lot and the situation would be over with. getting on my nerves.

    It may be a littel easier to move now but i don't know what to do about the children, men get screwed in custody battle, period, so i have no chance of getting the kids and moving them with me, not even going to piss money away on a bottem dweller fighting it. Plus if i go before a judge i will end up in jail, as i have littel to no respect for them.

    Anywho thats whats new with me
  9. by   Jenny P
    Kewl, you GOTTA get out of Buffalo! We know how much you hate snow and cold and Buffalo; there are other places to work in this world that are better than what you are describing.

    Welcome back, Fella; we did miss you.

    Jenny P
  10. by   adrienurse
    Glad to hear you're doing okay. Good to have you back.
  11. by   WalMart_ADN
    Kewl it's good to hear from you again. Come out to strong with me, we've got lots of ICU units to choose from, and less snow than in Buffalo....
  12. by   cmggriff
    Welcome home Kewl. Glad to hear the happy lilt in your voice again. But I warn you to think long and hard before moving. Been there and done that and it was a huge mistake for me and my kids.

    Good luck and all the best and be sure to check out Heather's Nightmare the thread, Gary
    All the things of mine to "check out," and you suggested a thread????