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Hey, just logged on and there are 2000 plus new topics, no way i am scrolling through, anything importan/relevent/fun i NEED to check out? Promise I'll be around more. It's too friggen cold outside to do anything.

Welcome back, Bubba Kewl! It's cold here, too! Tennessee Plus snow = SCARY




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Welcome back! :D

aimeee, BSN, RN

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Well, whaddyaknow, a blast from the past. Welcome back, Kewl.


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Alright, glad you haven't frozen! ;) Good to see you back!


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welcome back ...was wondering about ya.


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Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

Welcome back! :D

I missed ya, Heather. Love the new pic and hairdo! :)


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Welcome back cuz...missed seeing you around...but then again where the hell have I been ??? I aint tellin' !!!

micro, RN

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the bubba is kewl and back.....

buffalo is cool, you say.........

well, what have you missed........

good nursing discussion

song/lyric writing.........

a bit of flaming and much fun threading........

come on in

allnurses.com is on



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welcome back my fellow buffalonian.

you've missed lots of dead kitties while you've been away.


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Dood...you don't even know...


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Hey....I am a former Buffalonian. Born and raised.....but now in Fla

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