Methods of Dealing With Stress? - page 2

Hi All, I realize that I post rarely in this area. But I wanted to get as much input as possibile from people in this community. Anyway, how do you all deal with stress? Sometimes, I find it... Read More

  1. by   Lausana
    Sitting on my patio in the dark (to avoid bloodsucking mosquitos too!) watching cars, critters, and the stars....

    coming to here and zoning out in allnurses land...

    Tae's like working out with old friends because I know the tapes by heart, and the exercise makes me feel great...
    I like to tickle my son. I tickle him until he laughs those really deep belly laughs. That sound is the best therapy in the world

  3. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    I like to tickle my son. I tickle him until he laughs those really deep belly laughs. That sound is the best therapy in the world

    Yes it is, Heather. The laughing and giggling of children is wonderful! :angel2:
  4. by   Gomer
    A Bloody Mary (exta spicey), a pack of smokes, chocolate, sex. (Not necessarily in that order)
  5. by   nrw350
    That is one thing that I forgot to add to the list. Kids.

  6. by   Ted
    Cuddeling with my wife. . . for hours
    Compose music
    The computer. . . work with graphics, music, internet, etc
    Sitting on a sea shore and listening to the waves
    Pet my 135 pound dog, Bubbles. . . for hours. . . .
    Going for walks with my wife and Bubbles the "dainty dog"
    Playing musicals as keyboardist/soundman
    My small entertainment production company
    Watching cartoons. . . for hours
    Going to the movies

    Peace, folks!

  7. by   soon2bLPN
    Reading is a good one for me and the computer...
  8. by   cargal
    A really cold Straub, a great Pa beer from the springs of St. Mary, Pa. Best beer in the world.
  9. by   Aussienurse2
    I know this sound sad, alright pathetic but if I get ten minutes....................O.K.......I read.....Star Trek books...
    I like to think we might just make it that far. Recently took up kick boxig, The moves work in with the Thi-chi I do and kicking is Does it make up for the star Trek????? I think I might need help.:imbar
  10. by   nrw350
    nothing wrong with those stess relievers. Everyone has to have something that will help them relax ya know.


    PS: Nothing wrong at all with Star Trek.
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ALL the above. The BIGGEST stress-buster for me is going out on our boat in the evenings and sitting there while the kids and dh fish. just staring at the sky, and doing nothing. it sure is a wonderful way to destress. how CAN i be stressed on the boat?
  12. by   moni rn
    1) schnuggling & talking with my husband
    2) schnuggling with my 2 fur babies
    3) meditation
    4) yoga
    5) reading
    6) sitting on my back porch with a glass of good chardonnay watching the traffic go by
  13. by   semstr
    a good book, good glass of wine, hot bath, nice music, going up a mountain (can do that here, not where I was born), walking on the beach ( this is difficult where I live now), cuddling with husband (but why is it men (or at least, my man) always want "real sex" after the cuddling?), shopping with my daughter and snoezelen (=schnuggling) with my old cat.
    The latest thing here, I had 5 tennislessons and I love it!!

    Take care, Renee