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I am a nurse in aged care in Queensland, Australia, currently completing my degree.

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  1. Aussienurse2

    American - Australian Translations

    See! now, all my life I have wondered how to make my hair into "Bangs" and now I know...I have noooo life.
  2. Aussienurse2

    Medicare package

    Wouldn't the smart thing to do be to cap the insurance payouts, give docs in hospitals shorter hours and provide more nursing places? Oh no wait, then admin would have to do without the three secretaries each and the private use of the hospital cars. Ever noticed that when a hospital gets hold of some money it gets spent on the admin staffers first?
  3. Aussienurse2

    is it oriented or orientated?

    I have a friend who constantly says " Happy mediocre" I have no idea what that is. It's used as in, during an argument we couldn't reach a happy mediocre. Any ideas?
  4. Aussienurse2

    greet n meet/cheese n wine

    Ya shoulda seen me trying to ask the shop girl in Sydney for some "Bauple" nuts! "Oh" she says, after five minutes explaining I wanted the ones in the front " The Bauple nuts, round white thingys, right there!". I'm from Queensland. sigh, have pity on me.
  5. Aussienurse2

    Anyone got a good chilli recipe?

    I am crying! What a craic!!!:roll :roll
  6. Aussienurse2

    Help - I got savaged by the tangle Fairy

    I have been a victim of the " Phantom of the buzzer" When I walk all the way down to the last bed of the last room, where the call light is still on and the patient currently occuping bed three billion says " Oh ! No I didn't press the button nurse." Of course this is the bed furthest from the loos where I was heading before the phantom played its wicked trick. Am going to kill Pandora when I find her!
  7. Aussienurse2

    Dealing with the Prejudiced (long post:sorry)...

    I once had a patient come out of ECT into a room full of Vietnamese nurses that didn't end too well. Course he was ex-SAS in Vietnam, little bit more thought could have happened there methinks. .As to the other stuff, well, the mind becomes boggled. To refuse care because you don't like the colour of nurses skin seems to me to be just a little......hmm, to say this nicely.......stupid? dumb? idiotic? mind power of a newt? ( the kids are away and I'm just a wee bit under the weather, my powers of verbage are limited...can ya tell??)
  8. Aussienurse2

    Old fashioned nursing uniforms

    Nah! You get to WAX baby!! Just like the rest of us:D I remember wearing a SHORT purple and white pinstriped dress when I did my training!!! And I'm NOT that old FYI!! What is wrong with scrubs? I think the theatre nurses like to be the only ones who get to wear them and I say it's time to revolt! I'm going into CSSD ( have I told everyone yet?) just so I get to wear scrubs!
  9. Aussienurse2

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    Sometimes you just have to go home, look your kids in the eye and tell them how much you love them. I would want everything available to continue my life drugs, blood, vodka...But sometimes I have to take a step back, breath a little and then keep going. Working in aged care is very different to acute care. We deal with death a lot more and sometimes even wish for it. Nursing is a continual learning curve, just look at the stuff we have learned here, but sometimes there just isn't a "right" answer, no matter how hard we look, how much we know. Sometimes people die because of what they believe, they "know" that it is worth dying for. Just look at how many people have and are dying in Iraq at the moment because it is worth dying for, freedom, faith, love of country. I think that we need to let people die with impunity if it is important to them not to accept certain medical interventions. ( Not children I agree!!) I really do fell so bad for you Deneen, but guess what? Emmas mum would move mountains for her and that (IMHO) is the most inportant thing to remember at times like this.
  10. Aussienurse2

    Am I dreaming?

    Hey! The whole reason I'm going into CSSD is so I can wear clogs and scrubs!
  11. Aussienurse2

    Air Force Flight Nurse

    Please keep very safe, look after yourself and let us know when you get back!! Will be worried!! ( Do I sound like Mum? " Just ring twice and hang up O.K.?) :kiss
  12. Aussienurse2

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    :roll :roll I am a missionaries kid!! Maybe that is why I feel so strongly that religious beliefs be upheld though. I nurse with empathy, not a widely held belief these days I know because of the problems of transferrance, but I do try to stop for a minute when I nurse someone whos beliefs get a rating on my " What the?" meter and think, well if it was me and I have so little control in these walls and I'm scared to death that I wont enter Heaven what would I want to happen?
  13. Aussienurse2

    morning sickness remedies

    Give birth:D Of course them you have to deal with periods again:o I never had any luck with getting rid of the nausea, but a nice cold piece of watermelon took the foul taste away.
  14. Aussienurse2

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    I have had several JW clients in the past and have always felt that advocating for them was a privilage, just as I would expect a nuse to advocate for me in particular beliefs that I have. I want to donate my organs, my family are very much against this, I would expect any one of you to facilitate MY wishes. Clients have the right to their faith, if this involves death then so be it. I cannot change their faith to suit my own, only offer kindnes, freedom from pain and a hand to hold. We always want to save everyone but if through saving them we condem them to a life that they felt was not worth living have we really saved them at all?
  15. Aussienurse2

    New to the website

    Just felt that was worth repeating! We are an integral part of the nursing team and have many pathways of opportunity open to us! Good luck with your studies and welcome to the board!:kiss
  16. Aussienurse2

    What your computer icons do after you go to bed...

    Awsome was the general consensus in my house. Very good!

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