men in nursing degraded on "Scrubs" tv show?

  1. I didnt see it but I heard about it....

    <ANA President Barbara Blakeney has sent a letter to the
    producer of NBC's Scrubs television comedy series
    regarding the Jan 30 episode's negative portrayal of male
    nurses and the nursing profession in general. Nurses are
    encouraged to send their comments to the show's producers
    via e-mail at

    view a copy of Blakeney's letter at
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  3. by   fergus51
    I wish people would develop a sense of humour. It's a comedy. It also portrays doctors and administrators in a negative light.
  4. by   Stargazer
    Discussion already taking place in this thread:
  5. by   sjoe
    People who take this stuff (television in general) seriously are simply asking to be upset. There is one very simple solution--KILL YOUR TV.

    Too bad all our problems don't have such easy and quick remedies.
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  6. by   panda_181
    I have to's a TV show! If it were a drama doing that...maybe you can get upset...but it's a comedy and it's supposed to look like that. And those people who think nurses and doctors are really like that have no clue anyway...

    Originally posted by fergus51
    I wish people would develop a sense of humour. It's a comedy. It also portrays doctors and administrators in a negative light.
  8. by   kmchugh
    I don't like it when male nurses, or any nurses for that matter, are portrayed in a negative manner. But, as others have said, this is a comedy. I just don't have time to get all that worked up about it.

    Kevin McHugh
  9. by   Furball
    I've only watched a few episodes but one scene stands out in my mind. A young MD is fooling around with some defib paddles and the RN yanks them out of his hands because he doesn't know how to use them. They do poke fun at MD's too.
  10. by   BBFRN
    They poke fun at residents and attendings more than nurses- that's why I like the show. Nobody would blame M*A*S*H for the continuing downfall of nursing. How many administrators has the ANA sent letters to?
  11. by   studentOH
    They poke fun at MEDICINE in general...hardly just male nurses.

    TURN OFF THE *******' TV!

    As for me, I'll be a murse with a man purse when I graduate.

  12. by   mattsmom81
    Sometimes I get ticked at the ridiculous portrayals I see on TV too.

    Sad thing is..the public DOES get it's ideas about us from these shows! <<BIG sigh>>>
  13. by   debyan
    Okay what about the female nurse protrayal, come on, you know that cute little blonde with the nursing uniform so tight and short that she could never bend over without showing everything God gave her. Sure I know that's how I dress when I go to work but its not right to stereo type all women that way. Why some people would think it downright negative too
  14. by   Furball
    What annoys me is the nurse who DOES go ino work IN REAL LIFE all gussied up, too small scrubs so the cleavage shows when she bends over. Flirts with the docs....Ug.....