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  1. I worked at wal-mart for a year and a half. 10/hour (not bad when you're nineteen in a small town in the middle of nowhere). Moved to Columbus at 20, worked at Kroger for a whopping three months. On top of my 6.25 an hour I was paying union dues out the arse...I'd *much* rather work for wallyworld if I had to go back to one of them. Can't shop at wal-mart though, too crowded, too loud, and it *smells*. Had NO complaints against them as an employer. And as for layoffs, they happen, that's why we go to college and develop skills to make us more marketable. My parents struggled constantly when I was kid, if they had just waited awhile to have children and gotten an education first they would have had it a *lot* easier. I can't imagine trying to raise a family working an entry-level job at *any* grocery store. Brian
  2. studentOH

    LPN's are Nurses Too? Aren't they?

    You'll have that no matter what in nursing...do what *you* want to do and don't look back :) Brian
  3. studentOH

    men in nursing degraded on "Scrubs" tv show?

    They poke fun at MEDICINE in general...hardly just male nurses. TURN OFF THE FRIGGIN' TV! As for me, I'll be a murse with a man purse when I graduate. Brian
  4. studentOH

    STNA? Anyone?

    Here in Ohio it's STNA...my friend in Indy is a CNA...exact same thing :). Brian
  5. studentOH

    Family Members: Do you get along with all of them?

    Mattsmom81: I think it's society in general. I headed 1000 miles away right out of high school, it was great!! Them: You coming home for Xmas? Me: Do you have $400 for my plane tickets? Them: Well.... Me: That's what I thought. Come visit anytime. Now I live one hour away, have yet to have anyone drive down here to visit. Get cranky if I don't huff it up there on my one day off each month :) Brian
  6. studentOH

    Family Members: Do you get along with all of them?

    The ones I really like live too far away so i only see them once a year at the family reunion. Get along with most of the locals, even though my relationship with my mother gets more strained as time goes along. I think I remind her too much of her husband *sigh*. Haven't seen my grandfather since I was 4. 22 now, he called me last year and said he wanted to visit. Explained to him that I'm a devil-worshipping as#-pirate and that we probably wouldn't have much to talk about. Haven't heard from him since . Brian
  7. studentOH

    Atkins Diet

    Fruits+veggies+whole grains+legumes+WAAAATTTERR+exercise. Works for me everytime. I don't get thirsty, and I look and feel great. Good luck, whatever you decide. Brian
  8. studentOH

    Worth getting PCA or CNA before RN????

    Helpful but not necessary. But if you want to I say go for it, it'll be great experience for you. Also check out the student thread and go back, they've had several good threads on that topic. Sbic: I *love* that signature line. Brian
  9. Still a student here, and I've had a mix of comments. SO's mother forbade her children from becoming nurses (she was an air force RN...vietnam vet). My own mother has been pushing it since I first mentioned it because "I know this LPN that makes almost 18/hour" which is wealth in my hometown . I've had mixed responses from the nurses, and I take every single one of them into consideration. I politely dismiss the ones who don't know what they're talking about--but when you're a leftwing overly political unreligious vegan who loves to listen to Marilyn Manson all day you get used to unwanted comments . Follow your heart and pity the person that tries to stand in you're way--if they were happy with their lives they wouldn't dream of telling you what to do with yours! Brian
  10. studentOH

    hospitals not hiring students?

    I had a hell of a time--finally gave up when I accidentally found my current job. I'm not messing with it until I get close to actual nursing classes (I'll be unable to work my current shift). My current job is EASY and pays a ridiculous salary for what I do. I'll be keeping it until next fall...then off the the job apps!! Good luck!! Brian
  11. studentOH

    Questions About Aids From A Student

    Start with about.com, you can find ANYTHING from there...or you could the last time I checked. Also check your library, should be plenty in there these days..and it will be more in-depth than anything on a website. Brian
  12. studentOH

    any POSITIVE comments????

    We had to have a bio, chem, cna course, and a class called "Patient Care Skills" done before we could apply...and that's for the class that starts in six months :). I failed a class and ended up waiting an extra two quarters!! Don't let it happen to you. Make school your first priority and do well in your prereqs...you'll be glad you have them done! Brian
  13. studentOH

    I have gotten myself into a job that I

    I'd go with long term care. It's hard work but it will make you stronger and will look great on your resume the next time you go shopping for a job. And you can always come back to the hospital after you graduate :). Brian
  14. studentOH

    I Quit!!!!

    Yay!! My grandmother just quit last year (at 80!!) after 60+ years of 4 packs/day. Got mad because they put another tax on them and just quit cold turkey out of protest!! Her house smells 100% better and she looks and feels great! Congrats!! brian
  15. studentOH

    where do you want to work when you graduate?

    ADN: medsurg, psych, corrections BSN: Try management, research MSN/JD: Sue them all! hehe, actually will be looking for a governemt job in w. va. with that one. Brian
  16. studentOH

    Pissed Off!!!

    Calling someone old is not defending yourself. Politely telling her that it was none of her business would have been the mature way to defend yourself. I doubt the woman turned around and asked her the question out of the blue. Probably trying to fit in instead, and tried to join the conversation. Age is only a number, how we think and feel is what differentiates us between "young" and "old." Step back and give yourself time to cool off if someone is bothering you. That lady is nothing compared to what you're going to have to deal with down the road. People will be yelling at you, calling you names you've only heard on tv, throwing things at you, and maybe worse if you're one of the unfortunate ones. Their family members will join and make your life miserable if you let them. And to top it all off management will expect you to deal with it with a smile on your face to help their "customer satisfaction" scores. Good luck in school, keep a cool head, don't party too much, and study hard. And keep an eye out for those "old" students, their life experience will prove valuable to you if you get to know them. Brian