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I was wondering if anyone saw "Meet the Fockers". Apparently it's funny to belittle nurses, especially the males. Why do people still wonder why no one wants to go into this field?... Read More

  1. by   Antikigirl
    And if you paid attention in the first movie as to Greg's (Gaylord's) opinion as to why he went into nursing instead of going to med school, it's great.
    I LOVED that line!!!!!! I so agreed to that, and could really relate to his thoughts!

    No I thought his parents were cool, they put up that wall of Gaylord to represent that they were proud of him no matter what he did! And really focused on the pride of him being a nurse! It was only Jack that had the puns and quirks about it..and it was protrayed as silly and stupid of him to feel that way...made him look like a bigger tight arse than before! I thought it was just fine...make someone that feels that way look like a fool!

    I liked the movie, although it wasn't quite as good as the first..but close enough. I just wanted to hug Barbra and Dustin..they were so cool! And all my hubby wanted to do was find the 'liberator' pads! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   johnnrachel
    I just had to put my two cents in. I just saw the movie today and LOVED IT. I was a huge Meet the parents fan and thought this one was better. :chuckle Dustin made the movie. I brought my 12 year old daughter and I thought the humor was a bit much but none the less we loved it.
  3. by   ldkrn
    Quote from VickyRN
    I saw the movie yesterday, thought it was hilarious, and actually discussed the way "nurse Focker" was portrayed in the movie with my grown daughter. We both agreed that the Ben Stiller character was a central positive figure, and therefore, nursing, by association, was portrayed in a positive light. The struggles he encountered (ridicule, put-downs, not being appreciated as a professional, misconceptions about being "gay," should have been a doctor, etc.) are everyday things (unfortunately) most nurses encounter all of the time.
    I agree. I saw the first movie, actually, and hated it, only because the situations were so contrived. The entire nursing profession wasn't put down, but the stereotypes of male nurses being somehow unworthy was-as I recall, his future father-in-law asked him if he wouldn't please consider another profession and he said "no." It was nice to see him portrayed as comfortable with and enjoying his profession, but the fact remains that it was a pretty accurate portrayal of how men in nursing are perceived. In the second movie, it was much less of an issue, and I really enjoyed it. Barbra Streisand's character was having such a good time it made me consider becoming a sex therapist!!
  4. by   RE Agent
    Quote from MikeyBSN
    I was wondering if anyone saw "Meet the Fockers". Apparently it's funny to belittle nurses, especially the males. Why do people still wonder why no one wants to go into this field?
    The movie was great. I did not see the male nurse as being belittled. He delivered the baby, and it is good to see male nurses on T.V. As long as nurses think in the negative realm, then the negative will come thier way. If more nurses think and act in the positive than good things will happen to them. It is this way in all things in life.
  5. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from Biffs25
    I'm a male in nursing, and I think it's hysterical. And if you paid attention in the first movie as to Greg's (Gaylord's) opinion as to why he went into nursing instead of going to med school, it's great. He got in the high 90 something percentile on his MCATs and decided that being able to relate to his patients is more important than being called Dr.

    So lighten up, listen to the positive side of things, and have a Happy New Year!!

    Another Focker, RN

    But unfortunately, here's one of the things I HAD to face till now::

    (scene at a typical party)
    Stranger: Hey, so what do you do?
    Me: I go to school here.
    Stranger: Oh? So what's your major?
    Me: Nursing
    Stranger (a bit taken aback): Really? Oh wow! err... ummm... Hey, have you sene the movie "Meet the parents?"

    Now, instead of "Meet the Parents", they now ask me if I've seen "Meet the Fockers" As if these movies are required learning for all male nurses in school.

    I sometimes feel like screaming bloody murders the next time someone asks me that question but I look and say "Not really, but they pay all us nurses a settlement fee from the movie proceeds. Straight dope! You can ask any DON you want" before walking away with a smug expression
  6. by   pinoyrn
    I saw the movie. I thought it was hilarious. I was entertained, well worth the matinee ticket. I'm a nurse and I wasn't offended. Anyone who can use a good laugh should see it.
  7. by   Roy Fokker
    Not really offended by the movie.

    Just tired of that same old, question....
  8. by   Sweetness
    who has been "fockerized". I thought it was absolutely hilarious. the movie pokes fun at everything, eg greg's dad was a stay at home mom in the 70's, the mom is a sex therapist, jack byrnes is obsessive compulsive and is convinced greg has a past, I could only reccomend watch the first one and then the second and you will die laughing, you will be "FOCKERIZED".

    by the same token, it also has greg delivering a baby independently without an MD successfully and depicts a family very grateful to him
  9. by   Reborn
    Quote from goodknight
    IMHO, This kind of movie explains why teenagers are the way they are.
    I agree, but don't leave out the part about their PARENTS allowing it ( the REAL problem)
  10. by   brent
    I haven't seen it yet but I loved the first one. If teeituptom endorses it, that's good enough for me........I'll go see it.
  11. by   DDRN4me
    saw it last nite with a friend..both of us loved it..its not the kind of movie you go to for mental stimulation....more for "fockerization"! One woman stated as she left the theater.."i'm stopping at the grocery store for some whipped cream!"
  12. by   kwalker5
    I'm a male nurse, and I never laughed so hard in my life. People need to stop trying to be so politically correct and just lighten up a little!
  13. by   InService
    I thought the movie was funny, too. If I remember correctly, there was only 1 mention about him being a nurse and the only bathroom humor is when the cat flushes the dog down the toilet. Quite funny. They even show this part on the commercial. Babs and Dustin are great together and Babs is a sex therapist--this is where the sexual humor comes in--nothing too risky. I liked it and recommend it.