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SO as a Male looking to become a Nurse one day... Is what they say true? Can a Male Nurse really find better jobs with better pay much easier than most Women Nurses? Are the amount of Men in... Read More

  1. by   karenG

    sometimes I think patient remember the nurses who happen to men because they do stand out!! no offense meant.....used to work on gynea ward with a nurse called Moses. He could have been a model, he was stunnning.....also one of the best nurses I have worked with! The women on the ward knew his shift pattern better than he did,and used to make sure they were all dolled up when he came on duty!! I guess if you are on bedrest for weeks, then any distraction helps! he did play up to them!! Moses is now a senior nurse at Great Ormond street- cos the babies dont answer back!!

    so whether you like it or not- gender does have a part to play! I get remembered for my accent- not because I am good nurse! people need something to remember you by, sometimes accent, hair colour etc. my patients refer to me as the short cuddly nurse.............not sure if i like that!!

    and I have had male patients refuse care from me because I am female.......thats fine, I dont have a problem with that- especially when they think they have genitial warts- dont even go there!!
    we are all nurses. end of story!!

  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Originally posted by Token Male
    I am not a Male Nurse; I am a Registered Nurse who happens to be male. My wife, thankfully, happens to be a Registered Nurse who is female.
    I see the old furphy about males in nursing all being Gay is still about; that's great but don't tell my kids.
    The original point was about better pay and promotion; I am no longer the only (Token) male in my department, the new boss is a man and he did not get the job because of his gender - the interview panel thought he was the best Nurse for the job. One factor that does make promotion more certain is that men do not take maternity leave so are often around when opportunities come up. It depends if you ladies wish to care for your own offspring or have some-one else do this while you work. My wife chose to raise our two kids ; others do not.
    In Oz, at least, most responsible organisations promote on merit not sex.
    EXCELLENT POST......You are a man after my own heart. A nurse who is MALE, I like the sound of that so much better than "male nurse". And I agree with you; If I am not promoted or moving up quickly it is because my FAMILY does come first. My husband is military; HIS CAREER comes first by demand of the US Gov't. But I resent anyone saying a man will advance faster in nursing based on gender alone. If he does, it may be due to MERIT, no? Oh well, in my unionized environment, it does not happen anyhow. I put my kids first, job second so I dont' expect to rise in the ranks too fast. More power to those who do, be they male or female.
  3. by   hogan4736
    I just accepted a baylor plan (2 days per week) so my wife AND I can stay home to raise our kids...It's both of our responsibilities - male AND female...
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    yes it is both parents' responsiblity but not all have the option of a baylor plan and the military does not really put family first,'s a way of life and it works for us. When he retires in 3 years, it will be "my turn"...and our kids will have been raised by BOTH of us since they are still quite young and will be when he retires.
  5. by   hogan4736
    Originally posted by Token Male
    It depends if you ladies wish to care for your own offspring or have some-one else do this while you work. My wife chose to raise our two kids ; others do not.

    my most recent post was in reference to this post...that's all...nothing more...
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  7. by   karenG
    hey Mark
    I am not deaf!! nor did I mean to offend you. why should matter if your patients remember you because you are a man? I was not insinuating anything. when i worked in hospital, there were so many nurses the patients found it difficult to tell who was who- especially when you all wear the same uniform. I am not offended if my patients remember me because I am small/ fat whatever. its who I am. just as my Jamacian friend finds it funny to be referred to as the rasta nurse- thats what he calls himself!

    I have not questioned the care you give- nor have I suggested that nurses who are male give any better/worse care than nurses who are female. All I said was that we are nurses. we care for people. I see no difference between the genders.
    I dont think I am small minded........just think that we should remember that sometimes our patients need labels to hang on us, to help them know who is caring for them. If you were the only nurse who was green with red spots, then i guess thats what the patients would call you. Or are you lucky enough that you care for the same people all the time and they know you by name? I work in general practice and care for 9000 patient who all know me by name-but I dont remember all their names. I need tags to hang on them. what do you suggest I do?? I wil admit that some of my tags are to do with colour, sex and personality. but not sure how else to remember who they are when I meet them in the supermarket. I am open to suggestions.

    going to stop now before I dig a very big hole for myself.

  8. by   Anabolic_One
    Hello to all... this is my first post on the forum so I thought It would be appropriate to post on this thread seeing as how I am a MALE.... I have been here off and on , but decided to go ahead and register and stop lurking in the shadows.... I am currently in my second year of Nursing School and I have enjoyed everything thus far... I am also one of those on their second careers.... My first degree was in Chemistry/ Biology and spent 7 years as a Chemist (3 seperate areas)...
    Anyway this forum is pretty nice...
    I will say the guys here get a little defensive about
    Too Funny....
  9. by   Dayray
    I will say the guys here get a little defensive about
    Anabolic_One hehe just wait buddy =) you'll understand where that knee jerk reaction comes from.

    Im sure it varies from area to area and between speacilties but where some of us work it's pretty bad. I can admit to being overly vigilent when it comes to this subject but I hope you can understand where that comes from. After you are put threw the ringer based on your gender a few hundred times it makes you that way.
  10. by   mark_LD_RN
    one may be defensive but it is for good reason it's not as if it has not been thrown in my face and other males a millon times already!

    KarenG no matter how you try to rephrase what you said, it is still taken the same way. especially when you her it from nurses you work with. to say "the only reason a patient remembers me is because I am a male " is an insult no matter how you phrase it. some may remember me because I am male, but that is not the only reason, I can promise you that. It tok a while for others I have worked with to admitt it,but finally they see the light and admit it,that the real reason is the superior care I provide and how I fluffy and puff my patients as they say

    like I said before it is high time gender stops being an issue. it should be of no concern for employement,patient assignments,advancement or pay.

    I can tell you from experience being a male who is a nurse has been more of a hinderance than an advantage. still to this day I can not even get interviews at some hospitals because of my gender. I have to work twice as hard just to prove my self because of my gender. not once have i benifited from being male. unless you consider being called evertime a heavy patient needs to be lifted or moved ( even if on another floor i get called), or when they call dr strong or dr door only males are to respond. why heel we got some women in our hospital that could kick my but but again it is only based on gender not qualifications
  11. by   Anabolic_One
    Have to say, I agree with Karen_G.......what does it matter if they remember you because you are a big deal..they might just as easy remember you if you wore neon green scrubs to work everyday...right ?
    And although I am no vet in this field, only beginning my venture...Gender will always be an issue.....just the way things are......let it slide off your back bro.
    As far as being a hinderance because you are a male....I dont feel that is true in my Geographic area...Most of the nurses that work in ER in two near by hospitals are male.....very obvious.....I am taking a guess -does the LD in your name stand for Labor and Delivery--if thats the area then yeah I could for see you having problems getting interviews (but Im sure thats a whole seperate thread)..... I have been told that I should have no problems getting interviews when I complete my program
  12. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Ya'll
    From deep in the heat of Texas

    I've been an RN for almost a 1/4 of a century now. And I don't mind being referred to as a male nurse, or a nurse who is male or a nurse who happens to be male. Tltles don't bother me. I don't let misconceptions bother me. If people like to think male nurses ar homosexual let them, what they tink doesnt bother me one iota. BTW I am heterosexual. Im raising my 7th child. I have another one in oklahoma and I just discovered I still have another one all grown up now. So I think its safe for me to say Im heterosexual.
    I also dont cry when my charge nurse chews me out or when she praises me or whatever. I just move onwards and upwards. I make actually quite good money, considering. But thats not because Im male, but because I have always represented myself well.
    I dont mind one bit being called to lift patients or to help settle combative patients in the least, in fact I kind of enjoy those little breaks in the routine of a shifts work. I must admit though at my age I dont mend as quickly as I used to. Maybe now they will refer to me as that older male nurse hahahaha. I dont even mind being called to do foleys on male patients after all I generally call females to female caths, alls fair isnt it.
    I have never been made to feel as if this has been thrown in my face a million times. And even if it had been, I wouldnt even begin to care about it. I am a Male, I am a Nurse. I am happpy and content with who and what I am. I have made my own way, and have no qualms or reservations whatsoever. I dont whine and moan like a few I know about how unfair it is being referred to as a male nurse. I actually have made a good life for myself and my family. Granted we dont drive BMWs and Jaguars but then again I dont like them anyway. Prefer my Hyundai Accent, and my Mustang 2+2. circa 1965.

    Well thats about all ya'll

    Doo Wah Ditty
  13. by   mattsmom81
    Tom I think that's the longest post I've ever read of yours. And it was a good one too...!