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nowplayingEDRN specializes in Step down, ICU, ER, PACU, Amb. Surg.

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  1. nowplayingEDRN

    Do You Have a Bad Back from Nursing?

    Tait, The 50 lb weight restriction shouldn't have been an issue as 99.9% of all job descriptions I have ever seen say that the nurse has to be able to lift 50 lbs with assistance! I'd give my eye teeth for a 50lb weight restriction as it would make it easier to find a job. I am not suppose dto be lifting over 10 lbs on a regular basis and only up to 20 on occasion...that lift restriction screams damaged goods and makes finding work difficult at best.
  2. nowplayingEDRN

    Do You Have a Bad Back from Nursing?

    Never heard of that! interesting... Tom, I won't knock your copper and magnets. I know people that have swore by them too. My theory is, "What ever works for you"....I went for some rolfing sessions(once a week for 10 weeks) when I sustained my first back injury in 2004 and it worked wonders along with diet modifications and some specific vitamins and supplements. Unfortunately rolding(a form of deep tissue massage) is not cheap or I would give it another whirl. Slowing making the transition back into the diet modifications to see if they will help this time around with a different type of injury.
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  4. nowplayingEDRN

    Do You Have a Bad Back from Nursing?

    I'm beyond flexeril and naproxen....I miss those days!
  5. nowplayingEDRN

    how to get started in CM

    I would love some tips on how to get into the CM field. I have 15 yrs experience in step-down, ICU/CCU, ER, Amb-surg and PACU. I am enrolled in a CM certificate program. I had a vocational counselor take a look at my resume and tell me that people are afraid to hire me because they think I will get bored and leave! I need to reinvent my nursing career due to a back injury and and that seems to be the most logical move for me at this time. I sure could use any pointers anyone has. Seems like any CM jobs here in NY all want someone with a BSN and experience. I went to 1 interview but they didn't tell me that I would be working as an intake nurse as well as CM for their home care angency. I have sent my applications in to other places but I never get a response or I hear, "Your resume and skills are impressive but we are pursuing other candidates that better suit our needs..." Thanks, Christie
  6. nowplayingEDRN

    Kaplan's program for Case Managers

    I have not found any other school that offers this particular certificate. I am currently enrolled in the course. You have a max of 1 yr to complete the course but you can complete it sooner, if able. With your BSN you should find it relativel;y easy to get into the CM field. I am taking the course as I am not in a position to go for my BSN yet and need to reinvent my career due to a back injury. As an ADN nurse, I am going to be challenged as here in NY it seems that in order to get a CM position you need, not only the BSN, but experience too! Rare is it to find someone willing to train. Good luck.
  7. nowplayingEDRN

    Do You Have a Bad Back from Nursing?

    You are fotunate that topicals, like icyhot, and OTC POs still work for you. My injury happened in February 2006. I had a previous, similar injury in 2004 but I recovered nicely, not this time. And the injury was different in all ways. Ah, well!! C'est la vive!
  8. nowplayingEDRN

    Do You Have a Bad Back from Nursing?

    I have Facet Arthropathy with DDD and ? herniated discs. I go to the chiropractor twice a month, sometimes more, primarily medicate at bedtime with Percocet, Valium and Zanaflex. Tried 2 rounds of PT(the 2nd round was in a nice, toasty pool) with no improvement. I have had multiple trigger point injections, 3 facet joint blocks and 1 median branch nerve block in my lumbar spine. I am now looking at the possibility of radiofrequency therapy. I have been told that I should never return to bedside nursing because of my severely limited ability to stand or walk for a lengthy period of time as well sit(that just about interfers with everything in life, huh?) and was sent to a state vocational program for people with disabilities to attain help in reinventing my nursing career. It has been a bitter pill to swallow and I can not honestly say that I have completely accepted this.
  9. nowplayingEDRN

    any nurses out there with back injuries

    I would strongly sugest that if anyone is planning on applying for SSI/SSD that they get themselves a lawyer as well. They usually take no fee if you do not get awarded SSI and if you do get the SSI, they take between 10-15% as their fee and it is well worth it in my opinion. Also, having a doctor with with you have a good rapport, that keeps excellent records and is willing to assist you in attaining SSI is also a plus. The urged my hubby to apply for it immediately in 2000 but he had hope he would get better but he didn't, he applied for SSI on 2006 and was awarded a retroactive award to 2004. The judge asked why he did not apply sooner and when we told him, he shook his head and said amazing! Each state has different programs for Medicare drug programs.supplimental insurance, for the best assistance, your local office for the aging can assist you in choosing the plan that best fits your needs. I wish you the very best of luck in this venture. Be advised that if during the hearing for SSI/SSD, the judge rules that you can do some sort of work, you could be sent for career retraining(that's how it works in NYS).
  10. nowplayingEDRN

    any nurses out there with back injuries

    :balloons: Hooz.. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am blessed that I do not have that sort of pain in any of my extremities, nor do I have any symptoms of RSD. I have intermitten pain down the back of my leg(from the sciatic) and intermitten pain running down the outside of my left leg into my foot. My toes pretty much stay numb as well as the bottom of my foot which is why they keep looking for herniations but they can't find any! I am a medical mystery!! Hehehe!:monkeydance: No, surgery is a last resort treatment for facet arthropathy, which I have decided is a fancy name of pack pain that they can pigeon hole under any other diagnosis!! And so I pop my percocet with valium and zanaflex(for the spasms) and plug along! It's horrible to feel betrayed by the very profession you devoted your self to and gave 100% to. It's like the minute they know you are hurt, they don't want to be bothered with you. It's my back, not my brain that's hurt!:angryfire I just hope and pray that the end result of some of this retraining is a job that will allow me to pay my bills and have health assurance!
  11. nowplayingEDRN

    any nurses out there with back injuries

    Hooz...I don't know what state you are in but in NY state they have a program called VESID(Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities) they help you try to find something that you can do so that you can return to work and be more productive. When trying to stop a stretcher with a fresh post op patient from smashing into the wall and some equipment in the hall (my transport attendant decided that they did not need to help anymore at this point and walked away! yes, they still have their job and I am sidelined from the work I love) I developed Facet Arthropathy at L4-5. While i realize that this is not as serious as herniations and the like, I do have hronic back pain and it interferes with my ADLs, standing, sitting and laying. i can not lift more that 10lbs on a regular basis and ocassionally I can only lift up to 20lbs, so of course I can no longer go back to working in the recovery room. In NYS the max worker's comp pay out is $400 bucks, of oc urse I am down to 300 a week and now they want to cut it even more. I don't know how I am supposed to survive on even less when my poor hubby is on disability and has to take most of him money to pay for his medications! Of course comp pays for my medication. I had 3 facet joint blocks, which helped a little, I did PT is 2 6 week increments 3xweekly but that didn't do much for me at all except fire up my sciatic nerve from the intake exam! My next step is a median branch nerve block at the L4-5 level (I am currently awaiting authorization, something I won't get till I go to court at the end of this month.). I have trouble walking for longer than 5-10 m inutes and standing becomes aproblem usually after 5. It makes doing things around the house interesting and I don't dare take the jug of milk out of the fridge with 1 hand. In addition, non work related I have severe herniations at C5-6 and C6-7 but being out of work for as long as I have, I have no benefits to get that fixed...but I ramble..... Back to VESID....they are helping me get a certification in case management, not exactly what I want but it will give me a pay scale close to what I am used to and I will have access to health benefits and it will be easier to keep the physical restrictions my doctor has set for me. They do also send people on for BSNs or MSNs as well as other continuing ed courses things that have good marketability to get you back into the work force. To the young lady that started this thread....I take it that when you suffered all those herniations that you were not a surgical candidate? I realize that surgery is not the end all and be all of pain management and I know that most folks that go through back surgery still have pain but is it an option? Acupuncture is just a pain management tool and does not solve the whole picture. Maybe you should try to find the best neurosurgeon or orthopod specializing in spine surgery in your area for a consult. You may have to go as far as 2 hours from your home, if you are able to travel that far. I worked in an orthopaedic specialty hospital in NYC when I sustained this back injury (ironic, isn't?). My heart goes out to each and every one of you that have had such injuries. And I look forward to discussing this further with you all. ~C
  12. Definitely ask for orientation to the basics and do a rotarion in general surgery so that you get a grasp for all the different instruments. I hope that you make out well. As for 37/hr for a FT slot for a BSN, I believe that is the basic starting salary in the NYC area but it is also dependant on how many years of experience you have and how many years of experience the facility is going to give you credit for. I hope that this information helps you.
  13. nowplayingEDRN

    Have you meet Jnette: "Goody 1 Shoe"

    Jnette is a wonderful friend and a kind, compassionate and dedicated nurse. Her advice given over the years, taken from her experiences in life have always been appropo, delivered with love and kindness and have always brought a ray of hope into the world. Although I have been on hiatus from allnurses, my thoughts have always been with this lovely lady with the propeller beanie!:roll
  14. nowplayingEDRN

    regarding agency??

    I do work for Medical Staffing Network and they try very hard to get you in for at least one day of orientation so that you have some familiarity with the facility that you will be working in. I have found those orientations to cover primarily the most important things you will be seeing in the area you are assigned to. For the 13 week assignments, you should be getting a regular hospital orientation except that you will not spend very long with a preceptor (usually just a couple of days) as the idea is that an agency nurse is supposed to be flexible enough to rapidly adapt to any scenario and be ready to fly by the seat of your pants so to speak. Not always the worlds most comfy situation, to be sure! Like Triage said, shop around. Agency nursing offers a variety and flexibility that you will not get in a FT position. It could be a fabulous step in your career.
  15. nowplayingEDRN

    MSN Staffing......

    I work for MSN(Medical Staffing Network) doing per diem work. I did a 13 week assignment with them, which is how I landed my first FT PACU job. When I did the 13 week assignment, I was paid weekly, opting to take and use the bank card to access my pay. They always were concerned about how I was making out or if I was running into any problems and if there was an emergency that I required same day pay, they were excellent about taking care of it for me. As far as per diem goes, that has been a different ball of wax than a 13 week assignment. I found that they did not look into a facility when they were notified of bad situations or poor treatment of agency nurses. They tend to treat the per diem nurse more like you are on call and I found that the facility that I was doing the most per diem for did a lot of last minute cancelations. Over all not a horrible experience. I would imagine that each regional office operates differently. But over all, I would have to give MSN a favorable report.
  16. nowplayingEDRN

    Welcome, New York Nurses!

    Jasmin, I know that there are a few hospitals in Manhattan that offer internships. You might try contacting the Nursing Recruiters for several facilities and let them know that you are interested in applying for an internship and could they provide you with the information fo rthe application process. I believe, just to get you started, but do not hold me to it, that Mount Sinai Medical Center and NYU Medical Center have internship programs. Good luck in your quest and let us know how you make out.