It's CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

  1. :Santa1: A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to allnurses and their families!!!Hope Santa is good to you all! XC
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  3. by   semiller36545
    Happy Holidays , Everybody !
  4. by   caliotter3
    Yeah!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!:Santa1:
  5. by   khuship
    merry christmas & happy new year to ya'll...:icon_razz:
  6. by   JennaRN1006
    ho ho ho!!! merry christmas to all!!!! hope everyone enjoys the holidays!!!! be safe! xoxoxo
  7. by   stuffbubby541
    merry xmas, happy kwanzaa, three kings, hannukah, all that good stuff. be safe, stay positive.
  8. by   mercyteapot
    Its still Christmas Eve here, but Merry Christmas to all and to all... well, you know...
  9. by   pagandeva2000
    Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and loved holiday season! I will be visiting my mother in law tomorrow. What are you guys doing?
  10. by   SuesquatchRN
    And all of you, too!
  11. by   Justhere
    merry christmas. hope everyone has christ in their life this new year.
    :xmas_smilies_daz::xmas_smilies_daz::xmas_smilies_ daz::xmas_smilies_daz::xmas_smilies_daz::xmas_smil ies_daz::xmas_smilies_daz::xmas_smilies_daz::xmas_ smilies_daz::xmas_smilies_daz::xmas_smilies_daz::x mas_smilies_daz::xmas_smilies_daz::xmas_smilies_da z::xmas_smilies_daz::xmas_smilies_daz:
  12. by   bellcollector
    Merry Christmas to all. My oldest, his wife and 4 boys came over tonight. Traditionally we all go to Christmas Eve service together and then back to our house for hot beef sandwhiches and such with egg nog and they all open the gifts we got them. It is my favorite part of Christmas. I thought we weren't going to get my youngest grandson for Christmas Eve this year and I was heart sick. My son is not married to his sons mom but she and I have always gotten along well and she promised me when he was born we could always have him for Chistmas Eve because of our tradition. My son has always had my grandson full time but this year it was made official legally so she decided to take him for Christmas Eve. I was so upset but then at the last minute she remembered her promise and called and made arrangements to drop him off so he could have Christmas Eve with all of us. It turned out great everyone had a great time. Soon our youngest who is 20 but mentally retarded will wake up and we will have our own little family Christmas morning along with our traditional Christmas breakfast. Life doesn't get any better. God has richly blessed us this year and I pray he does each of you as well. Merry Christmas
  13. by   TazziRN
    merry christmas, happy holidays, whichever greeting each of you prefers!

    this morning we'll let monster open her presents from santa, and the rest will wait until this afternoon when the grandparents are here. we're having a ham for our christmas dinner. while we're waiting for dinner my dad will watch a game with hubs, ds will be putting his new x-box to use, dd will be playing with her new ipod, monster will probably be zooming from one toy to the other (including a 3-ft-tall dora doll my parents got her...that thing is bigger than she is!), my mom will be playing with monster, and mil will be acting as a buffer so my mother and i don't ruin the day with me getting hauled off for killing her.

    there are extra presents under the tree that we weren't expecting: dd has a new boyfriend, raised in a home where the boys were taught to bring the host/ess a gift when invited for dinner, etc. he bought each of us a present, including one for ds, whom he hadn't yet met at the time he did his shopping.
  14. by   Tweety
    I hope all my Allnurses friends have a great day!