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Nursing, for a long time was a career that I tried to avoid because I had a very weak stomach. I feel like I made the right decision in deciding to become an RN because I am a nurturer. There... Read More

  1. by   nservice
    The only time I've ever gagged or thrown up at work was when I was pregnant. At that time, anything would make me puke. Normally, that only thing that I can't handle is cat or dog vomit. Everyone in my house knows I can't clean it up and they give me grief over it. It's just so......fuzzy. bwuuuuuck!!!
  2. by   jackson145
    Hairs bother me. Not a head of hair or dirty hair but, like, one single hair that gets stuck on your skin and you can feel it but can't find it right away. Or finding a hair on your work surface or stuck to your equipment.
  3. by   lil' girl
    Had a lady once in respiratory failure in horrible distress and she had this slimy yellow sputum come up in her mouth, well they (I was in clinicals in nursing school) weren't getting the suction hooked up fast enough so I stuck my GLOVED hand in her mouth and pulled the mess out. I almost lost it. Had to turn my head away and swallow many times. Instructor standing there with a screwed up look on his face. Later he told me I was going to make a good nurse. Yeah right, I almost lost my cookies.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from cammy429
    I just wanted to see what other nurses felt about this and if there was anything within the profession that they felt they could never do or watch.
    I have difficulty handling my sanity when I see family members or patients throwing temper tamtrums, and generally treating the staff horribly for no valid reason.

    I can handle poop, urine, blood, sputum, sweat, mucus, wound drainage, and all of that good bodily stuff. I cannot handle abusive visitors and disgustingly selfish patients who think we are their personal slaves.
  5. by   fronkey bean
    Nothing much ever did make me gag (it's only happenned 3x's in 13 years) but dirty bath water gives me the heebie-jeebies. I never have figured out why.
  6. by   APBT mom
    Quote from nservice
    Normally, that only thing that I can't handle is cat or dog vomit. Everyone in my house knows I can't clean it up and they give me grief over it. It's just so......fuzzy. bwuuuuuck!!!
    I'm the same way my husband laughs at me because I just cover it with a paper towel until he comes home. It's even worse when it's a hairball.
  7. by   sharona97
    I've handled everything that has come at me, (sometimes almost puking, but never did and thank God not on the patient),

    Presently, I can't handle the physical demand needed due to disability, and that is killin me. Parish nursing, volunterism, anything to bring me closer back to patients is all I want and for my body to work and my lungs to function.

    I have been unsuccessful in completing higher education, the brain is still way there, but my respiratory system is not.

    I envy all of you for working.
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  8. by   athena55
    Hello All
    Okay, my big confession is this: I can handle just about ANYTHING, open, draining, infected abdominal wounds; vomit; greasy, foul-smelling stool; copious thick, green sputum; open fractures, ANYTHING.....EXCEPT a simple dislocation. I am not sure why, but you come in with your little finger slightly deformed r/t a simple dislocation and you will find me feeling dizzy with black spots in front of my eyelids, hyperventilating.
    Have a safe, peaceful, healthy New Year 2008
  9. by   ilda
    i don't really have the stomach for anything,not the poop,not the sputum,not the vomit and especially not for the candidaisis, oh my god!!!
  10. by   I love my cat!
    Fecal matter......and no, I haven't "gotten use to it". And no, I won't ever get use to it. I tolerate it because I HAVE to because it is part of my job.
    I have a very, very sensitive gag reflex (its a reflex...I can't help it!) and I have even vomited from the putrid smells. I can't help it. I've tried.
    Gosh, I will even start gagging and retching just thinking about the colostomy bag that I am about ready to change or thinking about the catheter that I have to insert on the homeless individual that doesn't wipe properly and hasn't bathed in a few months. Not gonna apologize for it. It's just the way I am.
    KUDOS for all you Nurses that can handle every situation with a calm and pleasant manner.
    I envy you!
  11. by   ilda
    i had a homeless guy once sooooo dirtyyyyyyy fwhe, told him go take a shower ,and he did not even want to,well i did not force it it was change of shift anyway already,i just gave him the hibicleanse solution and endorsed it to the next shift
  12. by   Martinette
    I'll come in from a different angle here because I have a strong stomach.

    I cannot handle anything sad involving young mums and their babies /children. We have a very young single mother with young babies dying of ovarian ca at the moment on our floor. She has metz. everywhere. Her ex-husband is AWOL and she has no family so the kids are in foster care now and she is going to hospice. Merry freaking christmas. Seeing this kind of stuff makes me want to throw in the towel and sit in a corner and weep.