In praise of men in nursing

  1. I think we're all due for this thread.

    At the risk of encouraging a great deal of sexist comments, I would like to propose that we all share how special male nurses are. I would like to appologize in advance to anyone who resents being singled out.

    To anyone who knows me, it's no secret that I am a fan of the male form. But I also have to say that I am a great fan of my male co-workers abilities. I have always felt that when you are working with a nurse, who happends to be a man -- you are dealing with someone who is truly serious about their craft. I think that it must have something to do with the fact that males face so much more opposition in the workforce and from society for their choice of nursing. Female nurses who probably aren't so well suited (temperament or ability-wise) for nursing are a dime a dozen. It is my theory, that because Men in nursing school have to face so much flak and so many more challenges, the ones who make it have to truly want to do what their doing. This has got to make a superior nurse.

    I invite you to share your views.
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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    I agree; the men really get the short shrift when it comes to colleague support.
    I've seen some excellent males in this profession, gentler than a lot of the women, and certainly kinder.
    In nursing school, there was one teacher who especially "had it in" for males. But we students made sure that he got the support and encouragement to get through.
    Score one for nursing!
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  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    Great post idea, Adrie!

    I have to respond to this because my dear brother is a nurse. His example is a large part of how I decided to go into nursing. They are not just handy to have around in a lifting pinch lol.

    They also provide an excellent balance to what can be a very catty environment (ladies - admit it - a bunch of us working together can cause problems!)

    A male nurse I worked with came to the rescue of some beleagured female ED nurses. They were dealing with yet another presentaion of a male frequent flier who c/o urinary retention in need of catheterization. Problem was, he did this all the time because it was sexually gratifiying to him (for some reason I will NEVER fathom!) He would get.. aroused... when the poor nurse was trying to do her job and cath him as ordered. The call went out through the house for a male nurse. "Jim" to the rescue! He marched into the ED room where the patient waited with pants already off. By all accounts, the look on his face when he realized that he was going to be cathed by a male was something to behold. He suddenly realized he was just fine! He was told as he was signing out that "Jim" or another male nurse would be available to assist him if he had a recurrence of the problem. Guess who has yet to return?

    I say, come on in guys!
  5. by   live4today
    bravo and hats off to males who are nurses! :hatparty: :blushkiss

    i absolutely adore working with males who are nurses! to be honest about it all, i prefer working with males period! anyhoo...i have never worked with a male who is a nurse that i would not choose to work with again. they've all been super, and i'm glad they are joining the nursing profession more and more. the more the merrier...ihmo! oh...speaking of nurses...i am also married to one of thee finest nurses of all times...again...imho!
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  6. by   noty
    I agree with you all. I too got into nursing because of a man. He just happens to be my husband who not only worked two jobs to put me through nursing school but has served all this time in the ER. Last year he received his 25 yr service award from the hospital we both work at. Even after all this time I still see him treat people with respect and show a very caring attitude which I see new nurses who loose this aspect of nursing in a very short time. So I too salute all those male nurses out there.
  7. by   Figaro's Mom
    Three years ago, my brother suffered a gunshot wound to the head. (Yes, he survived, no brain damage but he did lose an eye. Reconstructed his face. So when people ask about him, I refer to him as our family's walking miracle. He is currently working on a kinesiology degree at University of North Texas.)

    He was rushed to BAMC (Brooke Army Medical Center) in San Antonio, one of the best trauma units in the country...

    He endured seven surgeries before he was released to rehab at a civilian facility. And while he was at BAMC, he was cared for by several male nurses, who were excellent in their care and skill. I know because I practically lived at the hospital while my brother was healing, and saw first hand how professional and competent his nurses were (male and female). Perhaps because it was an Army center, there were more male nurses there, than there would have been in a civilian setting.

    But I will FOREVER be eternally grateful to those nurses (and doctors). Thanks, guys.
  8. by   Anagray
    Male nurses and techs on my unit
    never complain
    - that they have too many patients
    - that they feel like crap, because they have a PMS induced migraine and therefore their snappy attitude needs to be excused
    - that they can not lift, because their backs are out

    Even the most annoying and demanding female patients smile and flirt with them.
    They say something playful to make us laugh.
    When they are ticked off, they are quiet, instead of gossiping or doing passive-agressive things to the co-worker who caused them some negative feelings.

    They are able to walk out of a room, where a particulary demanding patient just ripped them apart and forget about.
  9. by   slinkeecat
    I loooove Male Nurses!!! I have to say that I enjoy working with most but I did have one male nurse who thought he was a doctor and would wear a lab coat to confuse the newbies..... but he was afew fries short of a happy meal anyway ....... I love working with male nurses it is nice to have variety.....
  10. by   NurseDennie
    I have to say that I think the guys on THIS BB are wonderful. And it seems like "our" guys have had a rough couple of weeks here - Mario being accused of inappropriate touch and Norbert being so ill and fired on his birthday.

    Here's hoping that things look up for our men-folk here on the!!


  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I said this in another thread...but here goes. The BEST nurse I had caring for me when pg w/my daughter was male. His name was Kent and he was a top-notch, gentle and kind professional Air Force RN. I will never forget him. He brought such wonderful qualities to the field and shattered any stupid notions that men can't do OB nursing. Hats off to all nurses, men and women!
  12. by   kelligrl
    HOORAY for men!! All the male nurses/techs that I've worked or gone to school with were consistently helpful, rarely found attitude. There is definately an uphill battle for them in school, which I think is a shame because sometimes a man's viewpoint and experience is exactly what's needed...(sometimes just a man is exactly what's needed, but that's a different thread... :chuckle )
  13. by   Aussienurse2
    Oh I agree, give me a male nurse to work with any time, mostly because they're taller.....and I'm 6'2".......They don't often get into b****h sessions about other staff members, they laugh at my jokes, and they are gentler and quite often more compassionate and have to go through so much more than we do to get where they are going. BRAVO!!!!!:hatparty: :kiss :kiss :kiss
  14. by   semstr
    The greatest male nurse I know, must be my brother in law.
    He is a psych. nurse in the Netherlands and just got promoted to nursing supervisor/ director of the youth-addicts-centre in the Hague. (Addicts of all kinds, from alcohol, drugs and slotmachines)
    He is the most thoughtful human being I know, and I'd like to say thank you to him for all he did and will be doing for these kids and their parents.

    As for the others, great guys most of them, although I don't really like managers who prefer the male and promote them, just because of the fact the have XY.
    Happens quite often here, unfortunately!

    My male students are great, no difference between the girls and the boys.
    Although one of them is having a fight at the moment, well actually he put in an official complaint, with the director of nursing, because he feels mobbed, because of his homosexuality.
    (honestly I didn't even know about that until I read the letter he wrote. Couldn't care less what human being he prefers)
    But ok, he is a nice guy and I really don't know what happened. hope everything turns out right.

    Take care, Renee