I'm so glad I'm getting out!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I have been here reading posts for quite some time now. I have only posted maybe once or twice to this forum because it has the tendency to get mean !!! I just finished reading posts about bullying in the workplace and let me tell you i would be afraid to work with some of you nurses.
    The bottom line is this, yes, bullying happens in all sectors of the working world, but I am convinced that nurses are the most vicious, mean, uncaring folks in the world.
    I have come to hate the nursing profession over the years. The atmosphere is depressing and negative. Not from the patients but from the nurses, the administration and the conflict that seems to always be present between the two!
    I am 41 years old and have had enough. I am outta here! No more nursing for me.
    So, go ahead nurses eat your young, eat each other, fight over the internet(!) and good luck to you. I simply can't take it anymore.
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  3. by   colleen10
    Dear Dlgg,

    I certainly hope that this bulletin board wasn't the only thing that turned you away from nursing but that perhaps where you have been working was not a good place to be and that also turned you "off" from being a nurse. I can only help but think that if you had possibly changed jobs you might not be feeling so burnt out.

    Good Luck in your future endeavors. I do not know what your financial situation is, but I would advise you that if you must work to make a living you don't quit your present job before finding another one. Pennsylvania is not the best place to be living and out of work looking for a new job. It could take you literally years to find a suitable position unless you can find something low wage.

    Good Luck and while it is sad to see a nurse leave the profession it is often best for everyone.
  4. by   green16
    I am starting a BSN program this fall. When I hear posts like this I get really irritated. I am changing career paths from IT to nursing. Posts like these get me discouraged but I have to remember there is no perfect job and no perfect people.
  5. by   kdo6905
    I hope you realize that you can work as a nurse in other atmospheres other than a hospital it that's where you have been working. There is so much more out there for nurses other than at the bedside. For example: a clinic, dr's office, etc.
  6. by   Nurse Ratched
    Dlgg - I'm sorry that you no longer feel able to handle the pressures of the health care environment. It's not an easy place to work, I'll be the first to admit. I wouldn't last long if I continued to work in the hospital setting fulltime.

    I hope you find peace whatever you choose to do.
  7. by   BadBird
    Everyone has a breaking point and you have obviously reached yours. If leaving nursing is what it takes to make you happy then it is the best move for you. I love being a nurse, have no other career goals in mind reguardless of the obstacles, I think you will find that in all business there is a certain amount of conflict, as the saying goes " same stuff, different address". Good luck to you.

    I have to strongly disagree that we nurses are mean, I think I am extremely kind and compassionate as are many nurses I work with, I guess that is why I choose to remain at the bedside.
  8. by   MandyInMS
    dlgg...Let me start by saying..I KNOW how you feel as far as being to the "I've HAD it stage" ..I think everyone who has been in nursing for a good period of time has felt that way at one time or another...the stress can be unbearable at times to say the least...as far as ALL nurses/posters to allnurses being 'mean' I have to disagree ..like some above posters mentioned ..there are good and bad in all aspects of life/work..I'm still a compasionate nurse (of 14 years)..sure I get sick of the silly BS like everyone else..I'm only human...As far as this forum getting mean..well it gets a little heated @ times, but for the most part I think we all come here to vent/share our experiences...who better to understand than someone in our shoes...what is your work situation? hospital? what exactly is it that has you so frustrated with nursing? we are here to help each other...and I've found that 'getting things out' helps me soooo much...this is a wonderful outlet for me to express concerns/fears/feelings...so many times I've TRIED talking to friends/family r/t work stress...they just don't 'get it' cuz they aren't in a nurses shoes...I've taken a 'break' from nursing a few years back for a few months and that helped greatly...have you considered taking a little time off if you are financially able to? acksssss @ my long post...sorry for babbling on ..I wish you the best in whatever you decide hun (((hugzzz)))
  9. by   babs_rn
    Good luck and God Bless. I'm not about to stand here like a lot of nurses would and berate you for making the choice to leave...it's exactly that attitude that sends the good nurses out looking for something else (better?) to do with their lives. Hold your head high and move forward onto something that will give you the fulfillment that I'm sure nursing once held for you, before managed care, before for-profit healthcare, before, before, before.... When it all comes down to it, and what lots of nurses forget (which administrations count on us forgetting)...you can't forget to care for the caregiver. A social life IS important. A family IS important. YOU are important. Godspeed.
  10. by   Tweety
    I hope that whatever you do, you loose the negativity that you are heaping on nursing, because you obviously are looking at the dark side. Because as BadBird says, you are going to find mean people, bullies in the workplace, negative people, everywhere you go

    By concentrating on the FEW bullies and the FEW threads in this BB that are mean, and the FEW trolls that are mean on this BB, you are missing out on some wonderful people.

    I'm lucky to have found a unit full of happy, nice, positive people that care about their work. There of course if one bad seed. A lazy, uncaring and selfish person, but I can't concentrate on her or I'll loose my perspective.

    Good luck to you in all you do.
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Yes you are missing out, as 3rdshift said....

    I am afraid you will find a lot of so-called "young-eating" all over the place. Nursing is not my first career; in all jobs I held, I found a lot of evil people out to hurt others in their day-to-day living. Many people do this for many reasons. There are a lot of passive-aggressive and just plain angry people out there in the world. What I said in the other thread works here.

    You can run away and say "no more" all you want-----

    Or you can grow a thick skin and go with your business. Sjoe's tagline is so right: "we get as much crap as we will take". Don't take it; make it known you won't and you won't get it. If you do, you move on. But don't expect all the grass to be greener out there. It's a dog-eat-dog world, especially with our down economy. Nowhere is it easy, I have learned. Also remember:

    We often make our own luck and goodwill and many times, we get back what we put out in the world. (karma)----Sometimes, the ugly and undesireable traits we see in others are nothing more than a reflection of our own. It takes a real soul-searching and taking personal stock sometimes to change things to our favor. It' s not always about what others are doing to us...but what we are doing to ourselves.....anyhow.....

    I wish you well. It sounds as if you are very bitter and angry. I hope you find peace and relaxation whatever you decide to do. Good luck to you.
  12. by   renerian

    how long have you been a nurse? I am just curious-don't get hurt or defensive.

  13. by   gwenith
    dlgg - I have been where you are now and it hurts.

    I decided to fight but to choose my fights. What we here are exploring at the moment if you look at the right threads are ways and means we can not only "deal" with workplace bullies but to stop them from being bullies in the first place.

    Your enemy is never an enemy in thier own eyes and so a bully is never a bully in thier own eyes. This gives you leverage to help them alter thier behaviour to a better more rewarding behaviour. It can happen.

    Dlgg if you choose to stay help us in this quest. Seek ways in which we can make life better not only for us but for the bullies whose own personal problems drove them to behave the way they have in the first place.

    I found that one of the greatest hursts I suffered from bullying was walking away knowing that I could do nothing about the situation. It left me with so many unresolved issues. In helping others work through thier problems I feel as if I am addressing the underlying hurt I felt.

    The choice is yours - Go and always feel as if you have left a job undone or stay and make it better for everyone.

    YOUR choice!

    and to quote Jnette "Change your thoughts= chnage your life."
  14. by   sjoe
    dlgg, I can only agree with much of what you have posted. Where now? What field or what kind of job are you going for next?
    Best wishes,