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  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    You're right. I know I'm in the right profession. That's the point that the PPs were making. A student telling nurses to ask themselves if they are in the right profession. Were you there with me last week when I was working with a young kid with 20 feet of dead bowel? Did you see me juggle the multitude of doctors and rush him off to surgery-safely? How can you possibly tell what kind of nurse I am? Ignorance.....
    Talk to us when you actually get out of school and into the workplace.

    My opinions are as a result of living 60 miles from the Mexican border. I don't withhold care or treatment to ANY of my patients. Otherwise, I'd be without a job, being that a lot of my pts are illegal.

    Your statements are naive.

    Agree totally. I have worked six miles from the border. Working conditions are terrible. I rarely had an english speaking or citizen pt the whole time I worked a surgical unit near Brownsville, TX.

    The huge financial burdon contributed to super-short staffing, non-existant supplies, very low pay for nurses, and very frustrated nurses unable to even comminicate with their pts. It was generally miserable.
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    I agree. We should take care of our American citizens first.

    Does anyone remember the 17-year old illegal immigrant, Jesica Santilan, who received organ transplantation in 2003? It was big news because a major medical error was made during the surgical procedure. I felt bad that she was so sick, but those organs should have gone to a deserving American first.
    Quote from SharonH, RN
    So Americans are more deserving of a chance at life than other nationalities? If there is one thing Americans are good at, it is taking care of themselves first even if it is at the expense of others.
    First of all, I would not be able to obtain a free organ transplantation surgical procedure in Mexico. Tens of thousands of gravely sick American citizens are awaiting organs, and I personally think they should be given priority instead of having illegal aliens bumped up the waiting list.

    Finally, Americans spend entirely too much money on other nations. Other nations are being cared for at the expense of the working class Americans.
  3. by   TazziRN
    Quote from CeCiRN
    the wealthiest in our nation not having to pay any income tax whatsover and can really afford the best medical care money can buy and guess what, we pay for that too!!!:uhoh21:
    At least they're legal and working!!! If not having to pay taxes is a perk of their jobs, right or wrong they've earned that right. I stand by my opinion. Which, by the way, is my opinion. Never asked you to agree with it.
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    Quote from Arwen_U
    I don't think there is any easy answer.

    However, I believe that there are a lot people who don't realize how frustrating/expensive/time-consuming/difficult to understand our country's immigration system is. Should people come here legally? Absolutely, if they can. I worked (not too many moons ago) in a community health center where one of the things we did was immigration physicals. There were people from Mexico who began their immigration cases in 1988 that were just getting them processed in 2003! Those were people already in the US. Trying to get a visa from Mexico to the US is virtually impossible, upwards of 10 years and even then you're not guaranteed entry. So when I hear people say, "They should just come here legally!" I cringe because I know I sure wouldn't wait 10 years to go someplace legally and my kids are starving today, now.

    My husband is Mexican. I am a US citizen. We have been married almost 5 years. We own a house together. We have a child. Our vehicles, bank account, church tithe account, all of it is in both our names. He has no criminal record. We pay taxes. Do you know that he still does not have his immigration stuff straight? Do you think it frustrates the life out of me? (the answer is yes, by the way.) Do I think there ought to be grace shown? (not just for me, but everybody in similar situations...)

    I am not in agreement with people coming here to pop out babies just so the kid can carry a US passport. I'm not in agreement with anyone coming here -- legally or otherwise -- for the sole purpose of taking advantage of our system. Or US citizens who do the same thing for that matter. But I think there is a tendency -- and I mean nationwide, not necessarily on this forum -- to attribute to "illegal aliens" what is true of humanity in general.

    In this neck of the woods I hear about drunk driving, pedophilia, working the system, not paying taxes, etc., all with "illegal aliens" somewhere in the same sentence. As if there were no good ol' home grown folk who drive drunk, molest children, and sit on their butt collecting disability when they're healthier than I am.

    I realize everyone may not agree. But as someone who is right smack in the middle of the issue, I think it's far scarier from far away than from up close. I don't feel threatened by "illegal aliens" and I don't think they're contributing to our country's downfall.
    The fact of the matter is...your husband is trying to become legal. What I have a problem with is the ones who don't even TRY. I know it's a long drawn out process. but, at least start it and carry it through. Getting my BSN is a long process because I have to work and take care of a family while I do it. Does this mean that I should just get the beneifts of having a BSN because I don't want to take the time to do it? No.

    It's getting increasingly hard to take care of a family on ADN's wages so I am bettering myself (just as those who come here from other countries are doing) for the sake of my family. Why should they get a free handout while I have to wait until I go through the entire process?

  5. by   texas_lvn
    Quote from rach_nc_03
    America's first responsibility is to take care of Americans. Mexico's first responsibility is to take care of Mexicans.

    It's not working that way, and I completely empathise with the OP.


    When my MIL came over from Thailand 35 years ago, she did it the legal way, "payed her dues" LEARNED TO READ AND WRITE AND SPEAK English, became naturalized, and PAYS TAXES. She also votes, volunteers, and much more because she is grateful to be in America. She did not come over to live off other people like so many ILLEGAL immegrants are doing nowadays.:angryfire

    Ans I have to admit I have always wondered if these people are willing to go against our laws to get here, they are more probable to go against our laws while they are here. Send 'em back!!!
  6. by   CIRQL8
    If it weren't for this wonderful country of ours, accepting of all nationalities, races,religions, and creeds (melting pot), my family would have perished in the Holocaust, and I would not be able to write my thoughts to you all.

    Rather than try to make it more difficult to enter this country (which makes it easier to get in illegally), how about making it easier to get folks in. In order to keep our homeland secure, a way would need to be devised to do background checks, etc. But, we could make work permits, temporary resident alien status, permanent resident alien status, and a special status for permanent aliens married to Americans. Give them 'work social security' numbers. Require income taxes, health insurance, etc. Make it less attractive to those wanting to hire illegals under the table, and more attractive to enter the country in a legal manner.

    Lots of work, red tape, and politics, but it could work... The taxes that is brought in from those programs could pay for it...

    Not a great set-up, but at least an idea.... (Then again, no policy would be perfect, or please everybody)
  7. by   texas_lvn
    Quote from ylbourda
    Does that make me idealistic and to have blinders on? I have my eyes wide open and I live in area with a large hispanic population (many of whom are undocumented).. ?

    I love how you wrote "UNDOCUMENTED" instead of 'ILLEGAL".:trout:
  8. by   Antikigirl
    It is just fine to be angry or upset at is a hot button topic! I too get very angry at this, however I do treat all my patients to the best of my ability (biting my tongue many times) and asking what more I can do to stop this from happening. hospital has opened up urgent/emergent and primary care facilities for the many field workers that come up from Mexico to start a new and better life...some are legal..others aren't. This has helped a great deal in making the ER and hospital far from primary care! Our community voted on this because it was a huge probelm, and continue with fund raisers to keep it going. Huge sucess!!!!!!!

    But what I would like to know whom you tell if you suspect they are an illegal alien? Will anything be done? Can you even tell someone under HIPAA?

    And what can really chap my hide about this...what if the person was Muslim or Arab? Do you think they would investigate more so and quickly vs some other race/creed? Proably! And a pat on the back for being "patriotic".....hipacritical huh and wrong in my book!

    There should be in place at all medical facilities a protocol on what to do when you suspect your pt is an illegal matter what race/creed/color!
  9. by   augigi
    Well, flame away because I'm an experienced nurse (10 years) and I think it's disgusting to have the attitude that someone who is sick should be sent home because they are illegal. Not to mention commenting on illegal immigrant birth rates.

    What's next, you can't have a CABG if you were a smoker? I mean, hell, why not ration the operations for those who DESERVE them! No liver transplant if you were an alcoholic - leave it for someone DESERVING!

    Honestly. Being frustrated with systemic or social problems is one thing, and sure it's frustrating to slog your guts out and see others getting a free ride. But to say someone in need does not deserve aid is just terrible.
  10. by   SharonH, RN
    Quote from SMK1
    Can we please not turn this into a student vs nurse thing. THere are other LICENSED NURSES on this same thread who are basically expressing the same opinion as the student that people are quoting. It isn't about the title, just because you aren't a nurse doesn't mean you don't work in capacity to see the same abuses, misuses of the system. Some people just don't view it the same way as others. Personally I think there needs to be reform as well, but I do think that a lot of the ire could be directed at other forms of welfare as well.

    Isn't that the truth? The whole blame it on the student thing is just a way for people who don't know how to respond to attempt to discredit your opinion.

    For the record, I am a licensed, experienced(15+ years) nurse who has worked in a county hospital in a border town (El Paso, as close as you can get to Mexico without being there) and I currently work in a county hospital in a large urban city. I have also worked in rural hospitals, surburban hospitals and small community hospitals if there is anyone there who thinks I have limited experience dealing with less than affluent populations, immigrants or with sick people in general.
  11. by   P_RN
    Please try to stay on track here. The OP wrote she suspects someone of having false social security and wage records. The responses have gone very far in both directions. Having or using a false social security number is FRAUD. I don't care if it's your dear Aunt Lucy or your gardener. Nowhere is it said that emergent care should be withheld. However while the US is a "great melting pot" those elements who go into the mix are people who followed the rules, learned the language and got a job and paid taxes.

    I am second generation American. My Grandparents did all of the above and proudly stood up and took the oath of allegiance to America.

    So dear hearts.......stay on track and keep this thread flame free, and if anyone thinks they are being flamed......hit the and let the staff here handle it.
  12. by   cardiacRN2006
    That's not what I said. I've never advocated stopping treatment on an illegal patient to send the home. I wouldn't allow it. I've had several pts in the ICU who I know are illegal (hello-border patrol at bedsides). That doesn't mean I don't treat them or advocate for them. That's not what anybody is saying.

    We don't LIKE the situation that we are in. And I don't HAVE to like it. I don't like having only one trauma center for almost 1 million people. I don't like seeing $40,000 trucks parked outside of the welfare office/DES office, people in the office on their razor cell phones and wearing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry waiting for their welfare. I don't like hearing about WORKING, TAX-PAYING AMERICANS being denied healthcare!

    This election, the majority of our propositions are related to illegal aliens. I will vote today. That's one way to change it. It's absurd and easy to assume that just because I don't like the way things are done in this country, that it means it will influence who I am as a nurse.
  13. by   Katnip
    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    Today, voting day, we here in AZ must show 2 forms of ID to vote.
    But it's not true in most states at this time. and therefore, indeed a problem. But not just from illegal residents, but from those who vote under grannie's name who is 90 years old and in a nursing home with severe dementia. You do know that a many dead people have voted in the past.