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  1. That's scary. Even when I wan't a nurse, I would hve never thgouht to take someone else's medications. :smackingf
  2. See, that is what I love about this site. :redbeathe I learn something new every time I get on here. Thanks for the reply!
  3. I know this is an old (very old) reply to this thread, but I have to ask how a person would start an ANTIBIOTIC before consulting with the healthcare system. Are there antibiotics sold OTC in other states?
  4. My ex-MIL got to where she would not call me at home when she was SOB. She used to call, I could hear she was have a very hard time breathing, yet she would say, "Hold on" and I could clearly tell she was lighting up a cigarette. She would exhale into the phone and go back to complaining. After the first few times of telling her to put out the cigarette and fire up her nebulizer machine, I got to where I would tell her that if she wasn't going to listen to my advice, then what she should do is to light up another cigarette and wait until her sats were so bad she passed out.
  5. tvccrn

    Personal info was shared -HIPPA violation?

    she is involved because this was her father as stated by the very first sentence of the op.
  6. tvccrn

    Please help Failed Nursing Classes

    I understand you are not an English major, but the spelling and grammar are important in charting and it's never too late to start. If you were to go into court with charting like your original post, you would be viewed as incompetent and any testimony viewed as suspect. If nursing wishes to be viewed as a profession instead of "just nurses", then we must demand professional behavior from the start.
  7. tvccrn

    Ativan...do i hold or give?

    I'm glad you are thinking about these things instead of blindly giving the med just because it is an ordered med. HOWEVER, I have to ask why you didn't ask your precepting nurse? You say this is you 4th day on the floor, please tell me you aren't on your own yet.
  8. tvccrn

    What Is It About The Number "Ten" and Dosage Errors?

    This simply outlines the importance of the nurses knowing the correct dosage for the medications they are giving. Whether it is the amount or the form (mg vs. mcg), if you know what the normal dose is then you can clarify an order that is incorrectly written.
  9. tvccrn

    What paraphernalias a nurse must always have?

    Here in the US we are not allowed to carry meds in our pockets. All meds have to be under lock and key even if they are OTC in the outside world.
  10. tvccrn

    Nursing Informatics info

    Thank you very much. I am starting a course this week that is sort of an introductory course in the use of informatics and technology in healthcare. So, I may take you up on your offer in the future.
  11. tvccrn

    Get through it without laughing - dare ya

    We have AIDET as well. matter of fact, if I let this computer go icle for a few minutes. I have three screen scrolling reminding me to Acknowlege, Introduce, tell them the Duration, Explain what I will be doing, and Thank them. The problem I have with all this is not doing it, I have been doing it my entire nursing career. It's telling me how to do it word for word.
  12. tvccrn

    Nursing Informatics info

    Yes, I did. Matter of fact, that is where I learned to back up my comments with proof. I'm in going into the second part of the first semester and have learned a lot in my foundation courses so far. I cannot wait until I start into the informatics courses!
  13. tvccrn

    Nursing Informatics info

    That's funny, I just checked the site using the link you have here and Walden is on the list. See the attached screen shot for proof. Doc1.doc
  14. tvccrn

    Get through it without laughing - dare ya

    Ok, I have to keep this for viewing at home later.