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  1. Your impression of a nurse working on an ambulance

    RN's routinely staff the air ambulances. Why not one on wheels??? I'd prefer a CCRN working in tandem with a paramedic versus the paramedic alone. Both bring valuable experience and knowledge to the table and I'll bet increase the odds of a meaningf...
  2. Are You Really a Nurse?

    I, too, believe that one should be a licensed RN or LP/VN in order to call oneself or be referred to as a nurse. But after almost 20 years of practice as a nurse and prior to that being a pharmacy technician I am accustomed to most anyone who is not ...
  3. Euthanasia! your opinions needed please

    Assisted suicide generally is such a sensitive subject for what I believe to be two major reasons for against: the religious generally believe that it is only for God to decide who dies and when and my second reason can further be split into two as ...
  4. Choosing a Specialty

    Had a 3 week rotation in surgery in nursing school. Knew right then and there perioperative nursing was for me. Fortunate enough to get into the OR right out of school! Been there ever since.
  5. Ask a CRNA any question you want

    Comment is late, sorry.... But.... I'm not an NP but the reason surgeons like PA and NP asissyung is because they can dictate the procedure, write post op orders, and assist with pre and post op clinic visits. For some, assisting in the OR (which m...
  6. Severe doubts about being a nursing major

    All i can tell you is that I absolutely love nursing. There are so many different areas of nursing to choose from (and you get a little exposure to lots of the areas in school; but not all). Just look at all the different forums here. The anxiety yo...
  7. New grad interested in operating room nursing

    It is much more common today than just 10 years ago that the OR is both able and willing to accept a new grad to the department. As an OR nurse (lifelong) i encourage all student nurses preparing to graduate to apply to the OR if that is where you f...
  8. MD: "Are we on a 30-degree down scope?" CST: "Ya" MD: "How do you know?" CST: "It says on the console" MD: "Ya, I know but I'm not sure" 😳
  9. L/D RN learning to scrub for c/sec

    Don't personally know of any but some hospitals, especially in large markets, offer a PeriOperative training course. Some charge. Come provide entry level pay. None guarantee that you will find a job in an OR arena. But those that perform the best ma...
  10. L/D RN learning to scrub for c/sec

    I am a PeriOperative nurse. While I freely admit that routine c/sects are done in the birthing unit we do the occasional c in the main OR. For high risk mothers. Cardiomyopathy, full blown eclampsia, etc. (Anesthesia wants them near the equipment and...
  11. Blood color with IV starts

    Excellent points.
  12. Can some one help me out with this question

    ABC and D. Temp does not contribute to b/p. Stress can elevate b/p. Heart rate and b/p can be related to compensate for each other. Appetite .... Hmmmm. Maybe not. But hunger can lead to stress can affect b/p. Especially if malnutrition is a factor....
  13. Length of employment

    18 years. Same hospital. Same department. Since passing NCLEX. Today's grads are more ME focused. They expect good hours and good position. No one graduates anymore expecting and accepting entry positions. They tend to bounce around looking for tha...
  14. Lab Values Help

    Holy cow Going way back here. But speaking as an OR nurse, why get a lab to see if there's post op infection? I wouldn't worry about an infected wound unless there was heat and redness, maybe accompanied by purulent drainage and/or fever. However, ...
  15. Nursing Pins

    The pin was a part of senior tuition when I went. We all got a pin. Our pins are (were? This was 1997) quality jewelry. 12 karat gold I think. Expensive. And our initials were stamped in the back of the pin. Some of my coworkers place their pins on t...