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Only the O.R. and proud of it!
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CIRQL8 has 13 years experience and specializes in Only the O.R. and proud of it!.

Perioperative nurse

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  1. CIRQL8

    Which specialty in the OR?

    Funny. Different peole find different things more or less challenging than others. You'd never tell a patient that the same procedure goes exactly the same for each and every person. The same goes for individual nurses and techs. I personally think that robotics is quite challenging to master; but I've never scrubbed or circulated a near, spine, or total. Now because I don't know those, I bet they'd be the most challenging As far as pay goes, ya, CVOR gets paid more around here, but with call every service has opportunity for OT.
  2. CIRQL8

    First Assist Class Grants

    There is an excellent surgical technologist that I work with who is looking into a first assistant program (I do not know which one). Unfortunately, it is pretty cost prohibitave to her right now. I suppose that they are all expensive. Other than PELL grants, does any one know of any grants available from public, private, or governmental entities that are open to any one? I'd love to be able to tell her about something good. Our hospital does not provide grants or tuition reimbursement for first assist programs, classes, or clinicals. Thanks, Dave
  3. CIRQL8

    Required to watch circumcision?

    It doesn't reduce the size of the penis. The foreskin retracts with erection. Which can be painful with phymosis. And if the foreskin is really tight, it can tear somewhat. A foreskin that is not returned to place after cleaning, catheterization, etc. can lead to a paraphymosis, which may require surgery. We get alot of kids in for elective circumcision due to phymosis, recurrent infection, etc. Also many elderly men for a dorsal slit.
  4. CIRQL8

    Required to watch circumcision?

    yes, That's what I was referring to. I write what I feel. If it's not legal documentation, I just word it the way that I want.
  5. CIRQL8

    Tell me about CALL

    We take about 3 weekdays of call per 4 weeks (end of shift until 7 in the AM) and about 1 weekend day of call every 4 weeks (7 AM to 7 AM). Call pay to carry the pager is 2.50 hourly. Time and one-half when called in while working. I've worked 20 hours straight before, but until two days ago, I went an entire year of not getting called in once I made it home (usually after a couple of hours of OT). That was a GOOD YEAR. Very VERY unusual!! Especially for me. I've always been a sh*t magnet. Two nights ago I was called in at 1AM and worked pretty much until my shift started. Then I worked some more. I had to be let off early. I was unusually exhausted that day. I was truly a danger to myself and to my patients. Went home and passed out for a couple of hours. Luckily, things like that do not really happen very often. most likely, I'm here for 2 or 3 hours after shift, go home, maybe get called back around 10 or 11 when 2nd shift people go home, and finish a case then go home again. Usually don't get called in like that in the middle of the night.
  6. CIRQL8

    Hand Reactions with Gloves~~~Need ideas

    I agree with trying powder free, latex free gloves
  7. CIRQL8

    Required to watch circumcision?

    I work in the OR and the circs we do there are done under anesthesia, so not really comparable to you in OB. But as a urology surgery nurse, as rare as penile cancer is, there is NO documented cases of penile cancer in a circumcised male. Also agree with the cleanliness thing. The smudge in the foreskin can be terrible and also will increase chance of infection with catheterization. By definition, a UTI / bladder infection in a male is a complicated infection. All this from the urology residents and attendings, or from articles, not only from me. Also, some do it mainly for religious purposes. Who are we to judge that?
  8. CIRQL8

    do you prefer long or short surgeries?

    Nothing beats a nice long case. but i like a day here and there with shorter cases to remind me of my previous statemnt! The grass is always greener....
  9. CIRQL8


    CNOR exam is completely based on the recommended policies and procedures. boring read but helps 2 pass! I really like having my CNOR.
  10. CIRQL8

    New grad OR RN to surg tech school??!

    ive been loving it for 13 years. hope u do 2!
  11. CIRQL8

    "blame the nurse" in the OR??

    From an annual premiums point of view, OR nursing is one of the least riskiest for malpractice claims. BUT!!! We are not immune!! Advocate for your patient, follow policies and procedures, and document, document, DOCUMENT!! (Physician aware... skin integrity if compromised before your care begins... etc.) I agree to carry your own malpractice insurance. You never know when your own institution may throw you under the bus. We ARE human, you know. We make mistakes and learn things new every day. better lucky than good, they say.
  12. CIRQL8

    2009 On-Call Pay Scales

    Central Illinois: 2.25 per hour beeper time, time and one-half when called in with 2 hrs. min. pay.
  13. CIRQL8

    speeding while on call

    Agree that speeding is a safety risk. I had a Pt that was/is a cop, and he said that he's pulled over speeding nurses before. When they say they are on the way in for an emergency, he lets them go with a warning; but if they claim they are on their way in for an emergence at 6:30 AM, he knows they are simply running late to work and writes a ticket because they lied. When the truth was told, he let them go with a warning. I think that nurses, docs, etc. that take emergency call should be able to place a blue or green dome light on the car like volunteer fire fighters do!! It doesn't give one the right to speed or break laws, but it requests of other cars to provide the right-of way to the responder.
  14. CIRQL8

    New grad OR RN to surg tech school??!

    Waste of time and money to go to Surg Tech school. OJT by a really good scrub in your institution is the best.
  15. CIRQL8


    Best practice - clipping in the pre-anesthesia holding or prep area. Unfortunately, we clip in the OR after induction.
  16. CIRQL8

    Tell me about CALL

    Out of every 4 weeks, we average 3 weekdays of call (after shift to 7 AM) and one weekend day of call (7 AM to 7 AM) FYI: weekdays are Monday through Friday and weekend is Sat and Sun. We have 16 rooms and alternate Trauma every other year with a neighboring hospital. We are a teaching hospital.