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I have been working for an agency as a home health aide supervisor. Yesterday a memo was placed anonymously on my desk, detailing concerns of staff who are organizing a union. One of their... Read More

  1. by   Huganurse
    Hi again Hollahan,
    I'm glad you've CYA.... and I didn't mean to imply that you hadn't done the right thing. So sorry. I wish you the best through this ordeal and offer you my full support.
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  2. by   CATHYW
    It may have been traumatic, but I sure am glad that you are out of that environment. Your butt might have been tagged (until you could clear it) if the Feds caught wind of falsifying timesheets, and heaven knows what else!
    I remember that you mentioned how frustrated you were, before. I am glad that they saw the backside of you!
    I, too, have a case of compulsive honesty, and am very frank and forthright when dealing with anyone. I have never aspired to management because I can't eat s**t, smile, and pretend I am happy. It just isn't in me.
    Good luck with your new job. It sounds like you've got your ducks all in a row, as far as your paperwork (toilet paper?) with the HEATHERN company you left!
  3. by   Jenny P
    Hey, Hoolihan! No wonder you've been stressed out lately! Take care of yourself; and I'm with Julie on this: get up and DANCE with your daughter! You need those endorphins flowing and dancing with your daughter (try to do her routine with her!) should give both of you the giggles.
    Thank goodness you are out of there. If you don't absolutely love what you are doing; change it; if you can't; shake the dust from your shoes and move on. Life is too short to waste being unhappy and stressed. I'm glad you still have your day job; but how much were you working for this place? Relax and enjoy life for a while.
    Take care of yourself.
  4. by   kids
    Been there, done it...seems like it only happens in Admin...

    You gave proper notice of your resignation, THEY have elected to do a pay out of your notice rather than have you work it.

    I worked for a company that made a practice of doing it to avoid the possibility that the departing staff might "steal" privilaged info.

    Still hurts bad tho.
  5. by   hoolahan
    I just had a nice cup of coffee and I feel way better now.

    Anyway, hugs, I didn't take it that way at all!

    kids...interesting. So, maybe they will say I am not terminated after all, that covers them for the wrongful termination charges by the others involved. Well, that was the purpose of the rigistered letter, so if I have misunderstood, I want it in writing, so it's clear. The if anyone ever says I was fired, I will have the paper which says I wasn't. Hhhmmm. I am not so devious to think of these little things. And ya know, in order to "beat" these people at their own game, and it is a game, you almost have to be one devious step ahead of them If you are not a devious person by nature, it is rather draining to do this. Groups of us have met at many lunches and tried to calculate every angle, but I'm not sure honest people can ever figure out dishonest people.

    So yes, the stress I alluded to before was all about this, and YES I am glad I am out of there!!! Woooohooooo!!!

    I'm going shopping for new scrubs, to get my dtr's B-day present, and I'm gonna go get my hair done! Time to celebrate my release from prison!!
  6. by   kaycee
    Hey , enjoy your new job and don't look back it's not worth it. Happy Birthday to your daughter and remember:

    If life deals you lemons, make lemonade;
    if it deals you tomatoes, make Bloody Marys.

  7. by   aimeee
    What an ugly situation! Glad you are outta there! Just keep focusing on the fact that you did what you knew to be the right thing and move forward with the new job. Hope you find the new job to be enjoyable and rewarding.
  8. by   stevie b
    I am so glad you are out of there.I was once in a similar situation in a ltc.Very shaky on M'care reimbursment.They taught us "legal" terms to enhance their rate of return. Had many sleepless nights after reading about the situation in Fla. with nursing home admins. and Care Pla Coordinators(my position) being led away in hand cuffs.
    I left that job after weeks of harrassment over my decision not to comply(I didnt give them an inch to fire me). But.....
    Peace of mind Aint it Grand.
    Enjoy your new freedom.Get your nails done to,try a pedicure. Have a drink on me. And good luck. There are many opportunities out there just looking for you.
  9. by   nightingale
    You enjoy this extra time off! You have your head pointed in the right direction!!!

  10. by   CEN35
    hey.....i'm not sure whether to be sad, mad or happy for ya? i hope everything works out for you, your in my thoughts.

  11. by   nur20
    Hi friend, shake it off. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It seems to me that you should have fired them, which you did with your resignation. No one wants to get caught up in a foul situation.Bottom line: Protect yourself in the clinches.Move on and be happy. I believe it is donmurray's quote that says "Some Days It's Just Not Worth Chewing Through The Leather Straps
  12. by   nicola
    Tanta mierda! (So much shyt!).... Linda, I got your email this AM just before flying out the door to work. I"m sorry it ended up this way, esp. when you had such hopes!

    Alcohol and endorphins, with a hot bubble bath and mani-pedicure chaser will cure most ills!

    I'm glad you have a f/t job lined up and that it'll be no problem to just slide right in... But this really sx! I'll pray that you're able to stay ahead of the vultures and that things work out well for you...

    Keep us posted!

  13. by   hoolahan
    Thanks everyone. Today, despite the gloom outside of my window, looks bright. I feel lke I have cut the string to a big balloon and I am watching it go way up into the sky until it becomes a little dot and then disappears. I guess that is a weird way to describe it, but as each hour passes, that "balloon" gets smaller and smaller. I hope it does disappear, but not sure it will if investigations open up. I'll just deal with that as it comes.

    Hey nicola, is that what Speedy Gonzales would say. I make it a point to learn all the bad words and expressions in every language ya know! In my area we have a very high Polish, Russian, Ukranian immigration, and my son has learned some lovely expressions in those languages. This is what boys share on the bus to school. What an education. Funny, I don't know where he gets it from!