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I have seen TONS of people who have said "nursing is my second, third or fourth career." As I have become more and more curious I was wanting to start a thread to see what areas and walks of life all... Read More

  1. by   tkane
    I was a CNA for 20 years & raised 2 children before going to nursing school. That experience has certainly helped along the way. What a wild ride it has been.:spin:
  2. by   Mamassage
    15 years as a massage therapist
  3. by   marikabw
    I was a Prep Cook, Secretary, Baby Nanny, Photographer's Assistant, then CNA while in nursing school. I've also been a mom for 13 years.

    I graduate next Friday!!!! 12/14/07 with a BSN and plan to go back to my babies in neonatology!

    We all do better with more nurses who love their patients - congrats to all the new RN's!
  4. by   mcknis
    Waiter, high school student, eBay business owner (not owner of eBay), volunteer firefighter (still do).
  5. by   adawg67
    I worked as a grassroots campaigner for the Human Rights Campaign and other civil rights work, esp for Gay/Lesbian/Transgender rights, then several years as a union organizer for Service Employees Int Union-helping healthcare workers form unions. From that work I became inspired to become a nurse and now I understand why so many of the nurses I worked with thought I was crazy to become a nurse.

    Thank goodness I'm in California with ratios.
  6. by   I-12-to-think!
    I was a Navy Corpsman, and for a long time did not want anything to do with health care. I wanted to be a car salesman. I went to take care of a hospice patient that was dying at home. (I was a volunteer for Catholic social services). The appreciation I received from the family and patient was overwhelming. I decided to start from scratch as a cna and now am within 6 months of graduating if I can get someone to sign my excelsior Health Status Form, I might get to be an RN. If The folks that gave me my physical won't sign my form, I might switch to something else.[S][/S]
  7. by   mb1949
    I was a paralegal for a major beverage company, I hated it, so boring no autonomy, I just sat at my computer and read, revised and wrote contracts all day, but I made good money and had three kids to support, now I work part time and go to school full time
  8. by   GaCorc
    In response to LuckyMe2G .... I have an engineering degree and worked in the field for almost 7 years before deciding to stay home with my children. Somehow I ended up starting an an on-line retail business that has now turned into owning a local gift and monogramming store. I just recently started taking some pre-reqs (A&P) for an entry-level MSN program designed for career changers. The program starts this fall so I'm going through the admissions process now. How has the career change been for you? My family thinks I'm nuts. My grandmother actually said to me at Thanksgiving that I'm overeducated to be a nurse. I'm trying not to let comments like that get me down about going into nursing. I think the nursing field is a good fit for me. I'm trying to balance finding a career I will be good in, as well as a career that will be good for me (i.e. back to having benefits and job security as well as maybe even some schedule flexibility which is what I was completely lacking in engineering). I'm curious about your experience so far. Thanks!
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  9. by   lifesacomedy
    "My family thinks I'm nuts. My grandmother actually said to me at Thanksgiving that I'm overeducated to be a nurse. I'm trying not to let comments like that get me down about going into nursing. I think the nursing field is a good fit for me."

    Good for you! I get that a lot too! I'm only 27, but went to what some would consider a somewhat 'prestigious' University (whatever) for Undergrad., was half-way through a Masters Degree...

    I'm not sure where that perspective comes from. Maybe I don't understand Nursing fully, but it seems to me that it's a field where entry-level education may be low, but the opportunity for skill and knowledge acquisition are nearly ENDLESS! That is the exact thing that DRAWS me to Nursing. I can get in quickly because of the low entry-level education requirement and then LEARN and GROW for the rest of my life. No two days will have to be the same!!!!

    Good for you for putting the family comments aside. Of course, everyone means well, but sometimes are not as helpful as they think!
  10. by   TwinStars
    * Bartender - 8yrs* went to school for culinary arts* Deli owner 10 yrs* Bartender for another 5 yrs* Medical assistant for 2 yrs* went back to school for nursing at 42. Happy working as a school nurse!
  11. by   awk5
    Bag boy
    Auto parts delivery driver
    Scuba gear repairman
    and 18 years as a proffesional cook
  12. by   KatieM123
    I have a 4 year degree from a prestigious business school as well as an MBA from a well thought of university. And I get the odd looks and comments about it being almost a step down from the business field I'm currently in. And I haven't said a word to people AT work because I don't want anyone to know I'll be leaving in a few years. but the looks I get then will be classic I'm sure....
  13. by   NICU_nurse2b
    I worked at McDonalds
    Office Manager
    Marketing Support (secertery)
    Stay at home mom and in home child care
    graduate from Nursing School Dec. 15!!